Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weight Loss Anagrams

In case you’re mixed up about it, anagrams are words, phrases or names formed by rearranging the letters of another, such as melon, formed from lemon.
  • Weight Watchers – We Watches Girth
  • Diet – Edit
  • The Fast Food Restaurant – Do Feature Hot Transfats.
  • Slimfast – Slam Fist
  • Jenny Craig – Jean Crying
  • Richard Simmons – Him Crass Nimrod
  • I’m On A Diet – Amen, Idiot
  • Frito Lay – Oily Fart
  • Biggest Loser – Bite Less Grog
  • Fat Free Ice Cream – Fierce Face Tamer
  • Green Monster – Greenest Morn
  • McDonalds – Damn Clods
  • I Am Loving It – Ailing. Vomit.
  • Hateful Diet – Futile Death
  • Dreaded Weigh-in – We’re Dead, Hiding
  • Unwrapped Foods – Drop A Few Pounds
  • Eat Less, Exercise More – Extreme Scale Soiree
  • Weight Loss Blog – Bowleg Sh*t Slog
  • Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit – Jack Fine Tight T*ts


  1. Hey, great post again! However....more important, did you loose 6.5 lbs this week, or did I miss a post where you bragged about that...cause I would be braggin about that!

    Stiil, I can't believe that you work, sleep, eat right and excerise and you can still come up with thoughtful, funny, insightful posts. Are you even human?!

  2. Tight tits eh? Care to share ~eyebrow waggles~

  3. Is it just me or does anyone else sneak an L in the word anagram? AnaLgram. There I go again, Jack. Sorry!

    I can't help it. Really!

  4. Too, too funny. Glad I had fresh underwear again.

  5. Hilarious as usual. I think next time a cheese doodle craving hits, I'm going to think of your anagram for "Frito Lay"...LOL!

  6. LOL :) Great morning giggles from you as always! I just got smart and stopped sipping my HOT coffee while reading! :)

  7. lol--Frito Lay has to be my favorite.

  8. Tight tits? Sounds painful to me.

  9. GENIUS as per usual. Man, how long can you keep this creativity up for mister? hmmmm? I got my eye on you!

  10. Amazing...I even double checked a few and you didn't cheat!

  11. Anyone with tight t*ts and oily farts needs to see a doctor...immediately.

  12. Very interesting……I’d love to be slim and fit……. Main reason is there is no time for us….please blog about how to get more time…

  13. Nice. You are a genius my friend.
    Except for the Richard Simmons entry---You know how I'm in love with him! LOL

  14. It's funny, Sean. I almost (and probably should have) struck that one because I know a lot of folks I respect have a lot of respect and admiration for Richard Simmons. It's not even that clever, but I'm a sucker for the word "nimrod." I'll go with the David Letterman defense: "In was in bad taste, but it was just a joke."

  15. Hey, I heard you are giving out MOJO. I need some bad :0. Please send some to me.

  16. Oh man, those are awesome.

  17. My favorite - Dreaded Weigh-in – We’re Dead, Hiding



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