Sunday, June 7, 2009

More Comments You Really Don't Want to See On Your Weight Loss Blog

  • “Great post. BTW, you’re fired for working on your blog on company time.”
  • “So how many points are in a whole tube of frozen cookie dough?”
  • “They talked about your blog in my Abnormal Psychology class today.”
  • “Didn’t you read about the potential side effects?”
  • “Worst. Post. Ever.”
  • “According to, your meal had 8,985 calories.”
  • “Open this file for a laugh:”
  • “So sorry about the chaffed thighs. Hope you feel better soon.”
  • “Look on the bright side: now that you’re laid off, you’ll have more time to exercise.”
  • “LOL at your “before and after” pictures”
  • “Nice try, but I don’t think you can staple your stomach with an office stapler.”
  • “I didn’t know Weight Watchers had a ‘Abandon All Hope’ badge.”
  • “It’s your mother. You’ve got time to write a fancy blog, but not to call?”
  • “Congratulations on the big weight loss; sorry to hear about the weeklong spell of diarrhea.”


  1. LOL @-“I didn’t know Weight Watchers had a ‘Abandon All Hope’ badge.”

    If they had SLOWEST WW LOSER Id win that hands down!

    hey Ive had amazing Weight loss after some tummy problems! lol Dont knock it till you try it! HAHA!

  2. The "lol at your before and after pictures" is not a nice comment to leave? My bad.

  3. "According to, your meal had 8,895 calories."

    Buzz kill.

  4. This list is hilarious! I love it! lol

  5. I live in constant fear of number one.

    Also, speaking of work, I can never comment you from my job. What's up with that?

  6. I pretty much got that last one last week, lol! Too much Kashi.

  7. HO HO HO!! I have gotten a few of those!! Lost 177 lbs so far, down to 245 and counting!!

  8. Eek... that blogging on company time thing hit home, lol

  9. LOL Those are great.

    I'm just getting caught up with the posts from the weekend and I really appreciated your list for the 100 calories packs. I used those packs religiously at first.

  10. Best. Post. Ever.


    Love it.




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