Friday, June 5, 2009

No Sh*t

Since this is supposedly a weight loss blog, I should probably include some tidbits on what I’m eating, what workouts I’m doing and what feelings I’m feeling. Okay, here goes…

  • I’m eating food.
  • I’m doing workouts.
  • I’m feeling fine.

More specifics? C’mon, this is the place you come for sh*ts and grins, not recipes and workout schedules. Okay, okay… just this once, more specifics.

  • I’m eating regular foods, just less of them than my brain thinks my body actually needs. I’ve tried to slow down my eating, and I’ve tried to listen to my body tell me when it’s full. It’s difficult, because it talks like this: “Okay, that’s enough for now. Thank you very much.” I’m trying not to eat out so much because I know I can make better choices at home. I’m trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies, and I’m drinking more water (no diet sodas or coffee, for the time being). I’m doing well, because I’m hungrier for a life-change than a bowl of chips.
  • I’m working out, in some form or fashion, every day of the week. I don’t schedule “off days” because life generally has a way of forcing an off-day on you every so often. Some days I don’t wanna get my sweat on, but I know the weight won’t come off without the “exercise more” part of the equation. The body can adjust to less food; it has no defense for you burning calories.
  • I’m feeling fine. Really. I think I’m through the worst of the “crazy thinking” that led me to Obese City. And I give a lot of credit to these blogs… mine and all the other interesting voices I follow. Everyone’s got their own style, their own secrets for getting through the day, their own stories, both boring and fascinating. As for me, I may not always have something important to say, but I find I always have something to say.

I have so many great people providing me support along the way that I forget one of the main reasons I’m writing this blog: to serve as a reminder of all the hard work I'm putting in, all the hours of sweat and dedication I'm putting myself through and all those bitter battles with my pesky inner demons that I'm at least winning my fair share. I want to remember what I was like before (miserable), and just what it took to get me on the road back to where I belong (healthy, happy, wise… well, two out of three ain’t bad).

It’s funny (and not the ha-ha funny you came here for, I’m sorry to say), but, in all kinds of ways, I expect to be a bigger person when I finish this journey than when I began it.

Here’s to wise choices, good friends and (at least) a little love from the scale this week.


  1. Wow! Thanks for this post! I love this line:

    "I’m hungrier for a life-change than a bowl of chips."

    It's this kind of thinking that helps keep me motivated. Keeps me moving forward.

    Wishing you much scale love!

  2. I love it! Good post. Here's my fav line: "I expect to be a bigger person when I finish this journey than when I began it."

    Perfectly put. :)

    Happy Friday!

    ~ Wendy

  3. This is a great post.

    Thank you for the kind and supportive comments on my blog. Life is a roller coaster, and when we're down it really helps to have great support. It helps when we're up, too, but you know what I mean. =) Well, I think you know what I mean.

  4. I love a post like this from someone who usually finds the humor in weight loss.

  5. I just found your blog... looking forward to reading more. =)

  6. You will be a bigger person in the end- but with a smaller waist. :)

  7. You are absolutely right on about not needing to schedule rest days from exercise as life takes care of that.

    I enjoy your blog even if it's kinda shitty. ;)

  8. sounds like you are in a good place.

  9. Even though I love your funny posts, it's nice to get a 'no sh*t' one once in awhile. :) Sounds like you've got your head in the right place about this.

  10. Great post, Jack! Keep up the hard work... because it is really paying off! Congrats on your weight loss so far!

    And... thanks for the comment you left today. I really appreciate your support! :)

  11. it will be worth it.. because when you reach your goal weight.. I think thats when the work really begins.. learning how to cope and maintain in world that often does not cope or maintain...
    Best to u!

  12. I too, expect to be a bigger, better, person.

    I loved your shoe scale idea. I know lots of people who would go for that. How very "Jetson's" ! I appreciate your comments.

  13. P.S- You HAVE to stop mentioning smores in your comments to me...or I'm going to get a full on craving for them ;-)

  14. Laughter and being funny is great ... being serious occasionally is always a nice change!! Keep at it!

  15. Very well-said, as usual!

    I can't even tell you how anxious I was to get back to the gym after a week away! I don't really schedule "off-days" anymore either!

  16. It's funny isn't it, how when someone's humorous most of the time, you sit up and pay more attention when they do have a serious moment. Although I love the humour too - it keeps me chuckling when I'm ready to throw things out the window.

    Glad you're head's in a good place, and this is clearly dragging your body kicking and screaming along with it. As for not scheduling "off-days" - too right!! My body's just scheduled itself an off-week by spontaneously knackering my ankle - too bad it didn't think of swimming as I can do that anyway!! In you face, Body!!! I win again! ;O)



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