Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nowhere To Go But Up... No, Wait... Down!

Weekly weigh-in: 231.4

Loss: +5.9
Total loss: -60.5

Emotion: Overwrought

The bad news is that I stumbled all over the place over the last couple of weeks and the worse news was… ummmm… there was no good news to offset the bad news.

Yeah, it was a one-step-backwards, two-steps-backwards kind of week.

Mojo’s a funny thing, isn’t it? You tear out of the starting gate with all the best intentions and sometimes you trip up over that first hurdle.

And while you’re beating yourself up over your misstep, you realize you’ve just tripped over the second hurdle and are about to plow through the third one.

And then you think, “That’s it! I’m clearing every hurdle for the rest of the way,” after which you sprain your ankle, limp home and eat a carton of Häagen-Dazs.

But here’s the deal: I’m not giving up.

I may stumble a few times, may even sprint backwards from time to time, but I always try to keep my eyes on my goal.

I’m gonna keep moving forward.

For me.

For my family.

For my future.

Even for you, because you stop by here from time to time and check on me and my progress.

Here’s to fresh starts and doubling down on our commitment.


  1. Too true dude. I'm starting again today. See you next week.

  2. Perhaps "Doubling down" isn't the best phrase to use. It reminds me of Super sizing.
    Anyway, You'll be back on track in no time, the last two weeks were no more than a blip on your road to fitness. (Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have used the word "blip", it sounds too much like blimp.)

  3. The road to success has many tempting parking places. It's time to get things back into drive and out of park. It seems things have to run their course and then we snap out of it as quickly as we start. We all know what we have to do it's just hard to get the head and the heart together sometimes. It's like herding cats.

  4. You can DO this! As is often said, "Weight loss is hard, being fat is hard, you have to pick your hard!"

    Go! Fight! Win! and we'll all cheer you on, up AND down the field.

  5. The thing that's kind of funny to me, most of us that struggle with weight loss, that constantly trip ourselves up, could write volumes on what to do to lose weight. We literally know it all, yet its still hard.

    I have faith in you that you'll do this. It's sure not easy, but you know you can do it. :)

  6. Thank you for the pep talk Jack! I needed it!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  7. Well this post hits me today like the hurdle on my way down! Yep, I've been struggling too. Ever since I took a trip. Love the analogy. Today is yet again a fresh start for me.

  8. When I stumble and fall I stop trying to jump over the hurdles and take the time to walk and evaluate my physical and mental condition, I usually find it was worth the time to pause and examine where I am at that moment. Then I can continue.

    We are each running our own race and sometimes people in other lanes cheer us on. Sometimes they stumble and we help encourage them to get back up. Sometimes they encourage us.

    Together we get better.


  9. That's the best part about a weight loss journey - you always have to look at the big picture and not keep your eye off the goal. No one is perfect, and life is too short not to endulge every once in a while. :D

  10. Tomorrow is a new day, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, reevaluate and move on. You can do it.

  11. Jack, we are gonna get to goal, both of us, in this century! Cheering you on :)

  12. Jack, I am so glad you are not giving up - PLEASE DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!! Get back to it & stay to it!!! Hey, ya want to fly me out. I will take you to the gym & show you what it is all about & then walk around & watch the food too! ;-) Just kidding. You know how to do it so the key is to do it!

  13. I'm in the same place. I'm ready to get that motivation back that I had a year ago. You can do it, Jack. I'm on that fresh start with ya!

  14. Forward and downward Jack!!!

  15. Hang in there, Jack! I've been there done that with regained pounds. We lost the weight once, we can do it again!

  16. Jack todays a new day! You can do this!

  17. I'm loving the attitude, because this is where I've been the last little while. Urgh! But damn it if I'm not going to keep going. Because I want it so bad I can taste it! And it tastes better than salt and sugar!

  18. Love it. I'm a supporter of the 'I f'd up' guys. I'm one of them. I keep trying too. That makes us awesome. I'm getting tired of the ones out there that think mistakes should never be made. Nope, I'm a try and try again kind of girl. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. We fall and get back up. They fall...well I just envisioned a plane hitting the ground and going up in flames. Not that I'd ever wish bad things....well, maybe just a little.

  19. his face is probably jacked up!!



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