Friday, September 16, 2011

Even More Excuses for a Bad Weigh-in

• Stepped on scale with wrong foot first

• Shouldn't have carried 10-lb rabbit's foot for luck.

• Pissed off that old voodoo woman at the park.

• Nobody told me cheese fries had lot of calories.

• Prayed to God and Jesus, but completely forgot about Holy Ghost.

• Friends really let me down by dragging me to bar and forcing me to drink heavily.

• Boss won't let me telecommute from gym.

• Thought big gain would make more interesting blog material.

• Read that muscle weighs more than fat so I must have somehow grown a bunch of new muscles.

• Forgot "safe word" that scale and I had agreed upon.

• It's all food's fault for being some damned delicious.


  1. you missed my GO TO!

    Too much beef jerky.

  2. Hey your forgot the good old my 1 year old broke my scale! LOL

  3. the scale can be deadly for reinforcement because that can also put you into an emotional hiatus if the scale went up or down in numbers that you’re not happy about ….. Or sideways as you’re throwing it a wall. LoL Just kidding but in all honesty I have thought about it a couple of times as of the last few weeks

  4. You forgot the old faithfuls:

    1. I was retaining fluid / water loading (though not sure why one would unless on Biggest Loser type show).

    2. I've gained muscle which weighs more than fat (seriously, just in the last few days).

    I'm pretty sure I've used both. On me, and as a platitude for others!

  5. You mean to tell me... getting on the scale with the wrong foot first isn't a good excuse?! *gasping in horror*

  6. "Safe word?" I almost spit out my coffee. You are one very funny man.

  7. I will retain and refer back to this list! Some funny excuses. :)



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