Monday, September 12, 2011

Mistakes? I've Made a Few...

• Included social security number on Facebook profile.

• Thought Milk Duds was a calcium supplement.

• Signed up for national chain fitness center that didn't have any locations in city I live.

• Learned that, apparently, online poker doesn't burn as any calories as exercise.

• Measured my "5 mile running trail" and it turned out to only be 100 yards.

• Discovered my recipe for "fat-free" brownies includes three sticks of butter.

• Thought I was just on super long plateau, but turns out I'm heavier than my scale's maximum weight.

• Thought I was recording a "podcast" but it turned out to be my cellphone voice-mail welcome message.


  1. ok Im getting serious on you.
    my mistakes these days have been NTO setting myself up for success and thinking I can cram 1928398 hours worth of stuff into a 7 hour work day.

    no mo :)

  2. Think I've done the fat free brownie thing..then added chocolate chips. Hmm.

  3. Wait! Are you saying that there's fat in butter?! That explains... a lot.

  4. My idea of exercise is letting the water out of the tub and fighting the current. (forget where I heard that but it's funny).

  5. Hope you found a new fitness center. ;)

  6. Too few to mention!



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