Friday, September 30, 2011

Taking My Show On The Road

As an everyday blogger for the past two and a half years, I’ve been pretty much like a buffet at a Chinese restaurant; it may not always be good (or tasteful), but there’s always plenty of crap on the table.

That said, I looked at my schedule for October and saw a trip to South Bend (including attending my first Notre Dame football game), three golf tournaments, some big projects on a tight timetable and a two-week anniversary trip all over Italy with my lovely wife Anita.

I sat down and said to myself, “Jack, you need to crank out a month’s worth of content or - if you’re gonna be a lazy-ass - pre-load a bunch of old posts.”

After thinking it over for roughly six seconds, I chose Option B. Truthfully, I could use a break and if I hadn’t mentioned it, you may never have noticed it. My posts are kind of all-the-same and forgettable, after all.

If I can remember to take notes while out of the country, I plan to temporarily convert my weight-loss/healthy living blog into a travel journal. Goodbye, Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit; Hello, Jack Sh*taly, Goin’ to Italy!

Oh, and I’m not packing a scale…

But allow me to go out on a high note: here’s a guest post called "25 Ways to Improve Your Crappy Life" that I wrote for the super-fantastic Joyce Cherrier over at Freaking Fitness. It’s one of my most… well, it’s… okay, it’s pretty much like all my other posts.

Man, I need a vacation…

P.S. I do plan on updating Jack Sh*t Lite some throughout the month. My baby blog is too little to be left all by itself...


  1. Wahoo! Have an amazing holiday (or as you Americans more commonly call it "vacation" :)) xx

  2. Have a fabulous time off! You know we are going to need pictures for the Jack Sh*taly posts!

    Stay safe and enjoy!

  3. Have a blast - Jack!
    No scale? Good riddance to the darn thing!
    Safe travels!

  4. Have a blast in Italy and enjoy your much deserved time off.

    I'm really close to South Bend if you wanna grab a beer :)

  5. My husband is a HUGE Notre Dame fan, and actually works as an usher at the home games. Enjoy the game . . . it really is an awesome thing to see in person. And of course, have a fabulous time in Italy. I'm so jealous!!

  6. lol, I love Chinese buffets though!

  7. Happy Anniversary, Jack & Anita.

    Safe travels.
    I mean for the ones you run in to. ;)

  8. Sounds like a busy but fun month... enjoy

  9. There's no place like Notre Dame stadium! Touch Down Jesus is definitely a sight to behold.



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