Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Loss Is Your Gain

Weekly weigh-in: 230.8

Loss: -0.2
Total loss: -61.1
Emotion: Any loss = good loss

Not much to say this week, except that you you really oughta check out my new "lite" blog. It's got waaaaay fewer calories and a ton less fat that this one.


  1. Yes, a loss is a loss & NOT a gain! Good for you!

    Jack, not sure of your age BUT I have been talking to men lately that are late 40's, early 50's that are struggling with the same thing women go thru in terms of it being a lot harder to lose or maintain their weight with age. Even the ones that have been fit forever like me are having to modify their food & exercise even more so.... depending on your age, you might have to work at this even harder.. I know, it sucks, but it is life & life ain't fair as I have learned too!

  2. Well..if I had not next blogged from the blogger top area or was it your Fat David image I clicked...either way I got on to your blog by accident...I would not have been so introduced to diet blogs. And yours was so unique and interesting. And your transformation amazing. Now I am part of the circle and joining on the online journey. My blog roll is very important to my motivation on my journey and now I gots two of the original master fun blaster!

  3. Love the new lite blog! Good job on the .2 lbs!

  4. Lovely t find your blog! Such as beautiful stuff here, good job and keep it up!

    Weight Gain

  5. I admire your branching out into lite!!

  6. Good job getting a reduction in weight instead of an increase!



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