Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's Your Motivation?

Weekly weigh-in: 231.0

Loss: -0.4
Total loss: -60.9
Emotion: Ready for my close-up

What’s it the actors say?

“I’m having trouble finding my motivation…”

I’m going to be out of town three weeks next month, one on a business trip to South Bend and two in Italy with my beautimous wife Anita.

So I’m fighting off the temptation to wait until I get back home to get really serious with my health/weight loss goals. One of the main reasons NOT to just to coast until November is that I realize how easy it would be to, at that point, just say “Well, let’s just wait until the holidays are over and get off to a brand new fresh start!”

You don’t have to tell me what a terrifically terrible idea that is, and I don’t need your sympathy about me having to travel to Europe and eat awesomely authentic Italian food (do they have an Olive Garden there?) and drinking hearty red wine as fast as they can stomp the grapes.

I know, I know…

Stay the course. Make good choices. Exercise with passion.

There. There’s your motivation!

Lights, camera… ACTION!


  1. I don't think they have OG, but you may be able to find a Pizza Hut. :)

    Safe travels!

  2. I'm jealous, hope you have a fabulous time

  3. I agree with your last sentences.. stay the course. You can even do your best while out of town.. & in Europe.. walk, walk, walk!

    I think one of the worst things we can do is give up before the holidays cause we go in heavier than we want to be, feel like UGH because of that, put more weight on cause we gave up & come January, it is daunting to us what we have to lose. Do your best Jack!

  4. This was a gret reminder at the perfect time!

  5. How awesome -- Italy! Will we be seeing some pics of Jack's excellent adventure? I sure hope so!

  6. Omg, I've recently found this blog via twitter and I'm completely smitten!
    Never have I ever been to Italy, but marrying into an Italian family I can kind of relate to the food thing. Some is delicious, some I take bites of and visit the bathroom shortly after. Oy. Hope you have an awesome time!

    And GO IRISH! :)

  7. I'll have some of your gelato if you really want me to

  8. I am forever 'waiting for the right time'. I'm closing in on the realisation that there will never be a truly great time to start!
    So, lights camera, action it is!
    Have a great time in Italy.



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