Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It’s a Marvelous Week for a Weight Loss

Well, it's a marvelous week for a weight loss,
With our pants moving down one more size.
It’s fantastic you track what you ate, boss.
Good thing you said “No” to those fries.

And all the workouts that you worked out,
To the sound of your favorite playlist.
And all the blogs that you regularly read now
(By far this one is the strangest).

But all your beeeeeeest efforts seems to falter and fail
And all the soft serve ice cream’s made you big as a whale.

Can I just have one more weight loss on you, my scale?
Did I just eat some more cream sauce again, oh hell! 

Well, I wanna get healthly and more fit.
I can’t wait until I’m finally at goal.
I’m gonna do it or my name is not “Jack Sh*t”
Ummmm… okay, you got a point there, asshole.

But then I know my health will be better
When I put my own fitness first.  

There and then, all my dreams will come true, dear
And then I won’t look and feel my worst.

And every time I eat crap, I feel weaker inside
And when my pants get too tight, I just want to hide.

Can I just have one more weight loss on you, my scale?
Can I just make a big escape from this, my jail?

Well, it's a marvelous week for a weight loss,
With new habits that’ll be hard to break.
Just not gonna succumb to my old fate, boss.

Trading pounds off for that pound cake.

Yes all the flab on my abs it is leaving
As I break from my former routine.
All it takes is hard work and believing.
Plus exercise and some healthy cuisine.

Now all the pounds are falling,
And my future’s feeling more shiny.
And I’m trying to answer a higher calling,
To help others take pounds from their hiney.

And all the diet’s magic makes you healthy and strong
And you look so much better, when you’re rockin’ a thong.
Can I just have one more weight loss on my, rear end?

Can I just make some weight loss magic with you, my friend?

One more weight loss  with you

In the moon light, on a magic night
Can I just have one more  weight loss with you, my love?


  1. As a HUGE Van Morrison fan...love this one. I will undoubtedly be singing it all day long.

  2. Love it. Now where do you find the time to write these anyways (envy, envy, envy)


  3. I just was loving this song this very weekend!
    Imagine that!

  4. Nice song. In fact, just heard it this morning when I was driving.




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