Friday, September 2, 2011

More of History’s Greatest Weight-Loss Blogs

• “Off With Her Bread… No Carbs in the Castle”
by Marie Antoinette

• “Singin’ in the Rain with Bingein’ on the Brain” by Fred “Fat Ass” Astaire

• “Beethoven’s Fifth Helping” by Ludwig van Beethoven

• “Float Like a Butterfly, Eat Like a Pig” by Muhammad Ali

• “This Is the Beginning of a Beautiful Weight Loss Journey” by “Hungry” Bogart

• “Wheat Thins are my Waterloo” by Napoleon Bonaparte

• “I’m On A Diet. U2?” By Bono

• “Cuban Middle Crisis” by Fidel Castro

• “The Not-So-Little Tramp” by Charlie Chaplin 

• “The Raven-ous” by Edgar Allen Poe

• “Great Weight Expections” by Charles Dickens

• “Escaping my Fat Suit” by Harry Houdini

• “My Kingdom for a Corn Dog” by William Shakespeare

• “Hucklefatty Finn” by Mark Twain


  1. Napoleon?
    Didn't he make that ice cream, too?
    The kind with Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla?
    Busy guy!

  2. I LOOOOVE My Kingdom for a VEGGIE Corn Dog (that was it, right?

  3. lol, great blog names!!! :)
    I laugh. Lots.



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