Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog Names I Considered But Thought Better Of

  • For Whom the Belly Tolls
  • Hittin’ Below the Belt
  • Potbelly Blues
  • Tummies for Dummies
  • Husky Business
  • Hey, I’m Fat…So What?
  • Packing No Paunches
  • He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Blogger
  • The Great Plumpkin
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Glutton
  • Obese City
  • Westminister Flabby
  • Roly-Poly Rigamorolly
  • The Out-and-Out Stout Shout-Out
  • The Butterball Express
  • The Lard Yard
  • The Rotund-a
  • Starving for Attention
  • Crusin’ for a Losin’
There are some pretty out-there blog names out there in the weight loss blogosphere. If I accidently included the name of your blog in my list, well, what can I say: great minds think alike.


  1. I like the curious case of benjamin glutton!

  2. You work in advertising, don't you, lol?

    I was a bit disconcerted to find some people had already thought of rather similar ones to mine. Bother.

    I like TCCBG too (see it even looks good in initial form)! Hmmm, so does JSGF, so you are OK with that name for now.

  3. I gotta go with He Ain't Heavy, He's my Blogger because I like titles that I can sing.

  4. I like them all. Obese City is probably my favorite.

    Jack Sh*t, Getting Fit is still my favorite, though. ;)

  5. Crusin' for a losin' sounds bitchin'
    That was definitely my favourite.

    But Westminister flabby definitely tickled a spot!

  6. I like Roly-Poly Rigamorolly :o)

  7. lol, love all those names.



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