Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ways to Spice Up Your Workout Session

  • Chase imaginary ice cream truck down the block
  • Cut neighbor’s yard (only applies if you live next door to me)
  • Grocery cart surfing
  • Do your exercise DVD in fast motion
  • Dress in camouflage and pretend you’re in Boot Camp
  • Go for a walk blindfolded
  • See how many times you can spin around during elevator ride
  • Give spouse piggy-back ride during mall walk
  • Challenge office co-workers into impromptu game of hallway dodgeball
  • Ride unicycle to church
  • Swim laps wearing a ski coat and galoshes
  • In weight room, yammer out loud in crazy Russian accent
  • Walk up the “down” escalator at the mall
  • Pick a random person at the gym and follow him/her around, impatiently waiting on each piece of equipment he/she uses
  • Nude Tae Bo
  • Car yoga (just ignore those disturbed looks from other drivers)
  • Vacuum the drapes
  • Strap sponges to hips and perform hands-free car wash
  • Easy way to get heart rate up? Shoplifting
  • Blogging while jogging


  1. Okay, that photo? EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Sheesh, yuck, sputter, gag.


    I do vacuum my drapes on occasion. I have three dogs and two cats.

  2. lol. I love your ideas. And yes, that photo almost made me spit out the pizza roll I had in my mouth. almost.

  3. I am going to try nekkid tao bo (to double-speed DVD), while blindfolded and my honey on my back.

    If I survive that, I will unicycle to the coven meet wearing a mac and wellies, muttering oaths in Russian, plotting my next shoplifting spree.

    That'll be a start anyway!

  4. Nude tae bo? I think I threw up a little.
    But the one about following someone around at the gym and waiting for the equipment just sounds like something I'd enjoy doing. :)
    Thanks for the spicy tips. Would rigging a "fart machine" on one of the pieces of equipment count as a way to spice up someone else's workout? It would at least be worth a lot of laughs.

    OH, that picture reminds me that I saw a 5k coming up where it's all nude! *insert horrible mental picture here*

  5. My favorite is "pick a random person at gym...". That picture? So NOT my favorite. :-)

  6. OK, what gym is that in the photo. One I will NEVER go to! :-P Very funny list.

  7. If my choice of imagery has managed to suppress your appetite, then my work here is done for today. ;)

  8. LMAO, that was so funny! Thanks for that.

  9. nude tae bo is my fave! lol I do it all the time. At least when I am finished I dont have to wash my workout clothes! lol


  10. lmfao@pic...yuck! I liked this one "•Challenge office co-workers into impromptu game of hallway dodgeball"

    Dodgeball always makes me think of the dodgeball scene from Billy Madison."Now youre all in big, big trouble!"

  11. I just noticed your rewards for reaching you mildstones. :-)

  12. HAHA Those are some awesome work out ideas. Nude Tae Bo is probably my favorite. "blogging while jogging" is pretty damn great, and sounds like a book, or website, or something, waiting to happen.

  13. LOVE IT.
    I think fat[free]me found a great way to incorporate alot of that shizzle.

    very inventive mister...

  14. "See how many times you can spin around during elevator ride."

    Love it!

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