Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Fitness Center Conversation Starters

  • “Don’t worry–I’m wiping the sweat off the machine with my sweaty towel.”
  • “This isn’t really an iPod; it’s a bar of Dial Soap with a shoelace stuck in it.”
  • “I like that this treadmill has a TV, but I wish it had a recliner, too.”
  • “Are you really not supposed to pee in the shower?”
  • “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”
  • “How many sit-ups does it take to burn off a chimichanga?”
  • “Wow, how’d you get so muscley?”
  • “Want to share a set of earphones?”
  • “Pardon me if I shout obscenities while I use the rowing machine.”
  • “I wish they’d replace these mirrors with those ones from the funhouse.”
  • “I think they call it an “elliptical” machine because it makes you feel elliptical all over.”
  • “Does this water taste too steroidy?”
  • “I thought I hired a personal trainer, but it turns out it was just a homeless guy at the bus station.”
  • “I’m Popeye the Sailor Man. Dilly dilly do...Popeye the sailor…what? You never sing along with your mp3 player?”
  • “Who wants tickets to the gun show, baby? Oh… I didn’t realize there was an actual gun show in town. No, I don’t really have any tickets. I’m sorry I bothered you.”
  • “Mind if I blog about this conversation this afternoon?”


  1. Does this water taste too steroidy.....priceless!

    thanks for laugh this morning.

  2. mind if I blog about this conversation this is so true!

  3. Everyone pees in the shower! Don't they?

  4. Dammit, you promised gun show tickets and I want them now! (then you get punched)... and...SCENE!

    This is how I imagine that playing out.

  5. A couple of those are reminders of why I don't want to work out at a gym. lol

    I like the last comment...I'm always having moments that I consider blogging about.


  6. “I like that this treadmill has a TV, but I wish it had a recliner, too.”

    Love it!

    By the way, thanks for blogging 24/7... gives me something to do! :) Besides working out, of course.

  7. Fun house mirrors at the gym, great concept lol.

  8. Always funny bl*g, Jack Sh*t!

  9. i am so freakin' thrilled to have found your blog! Amen to comedy in this realm:)

    Thanks for my Sunday pick me up!



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