Monday, May 25, 2009

Other Blogs I’m Thinking About Starting

  • Let’s Knit with Jack Sh*t (knitting)
  • Jack Sh*t’s Money Pit (financial advice)
  • Jack Sh*t, Tool Kit (home repair)
  • Jack Sh*t, 7-10 Split (bowling)
  • Jack Sh*t’s Sh*t A Brick (brick-sh*tting)
  • Jack Sh*t, Judicial Writ (law)
  • Jack Sh*t, Base Hit (baseball)
  • Jack Sh*t Throws a Fit (politics)
  • Jack Sh*t, That Sh*t Don’t Fit (fashion)
  • Jack Sh*t, Stay, Sit (dog obedience)
  • Jack Sh*t, Rinse, Spit (dentistry)
  • Jack Sh*t on his Learner’s Permit (driving)
  • Jack Sh*t Banana Split (weight gaining)
Last one might be the only one I’m actually qualified to write.


  1. And i'd probably sign up for all of them :) You never know when you can learn something new!!

  2. You know how to knit? I'm a lefty and have never mastered it maybe you could teach me lol.

  3. You know a while back you blogged that you lost weight in your fingers first? Well, that's because you are always typing such cool sh*t !

  4. OMG this was your funniest stuff yet. My husband and I are cackling out loud!

  5. I held it together until the last one. Splendid silliness.

  6. What happened to Jack Sh*t and the Bit (horseriding) and Jack Sh*t's Crit (theatre review), I wanna know?



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