Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bent But Not Broken

I don’t know if it’s bad mojo, the six-week blahs or birthday blues, but I’ve hit my first rough patch in my weight loss journey.

Over the weekend, I wound up eating more and doing less than I planned. That's okay, I told myself. It's a holiday.

Yesterday, I had to work through lunch, so I missed my noontime workout. That’s okay, I told myself. I’ll do something after work.

Then I got busy helping my daughter Pisa figure out some crazy computer animation program she bought with her own money. Anyway, it’s harder than Chinese arithmetic, so all of a sudden it’s bedtime and I haven’t moved a muscle all day it seems. Plus, my stomach’s growling like a pitbull. That's okay, I told myself. I'll have a snack.

I’m standing in the pantry thinking that I’ve already shot any chance of some scale love this week by eating too much on Monday and not doing a blasted thing on Tuesday. Why not have a little late-night munch-munch?

That's not okay, I told myself.

It seems I’ve spent most of my life living to eat instead of eating to live. I started this trek to change things and I feel like I’m on my way. There’s always gonna be bad days, but bad days aren’t what got me where I am right now.

Bad weeks.

Bad months.

Maybe even bad years.

Bad days are a blip, here and gone. They only mean something if you let them mean something. If you let them add up, and you let them change your path.

I post a lot of silly sh*t in this space, but make no mistake about it: I’ve worked d*mn hard to get where I am right now. I've dropped thirty pounds over the last six weeks, and I’m not letting a bad day or two knock me off my game.

I’m in it to win it.

Whoops… I meant, lose it.


  1. I hear ya, brother - amen to that!!! lol

    I seem to hit a rough patch roughly once every 4 weeks or so - nothing to do with anything woman-related, except perhaps my short attention span and the fact that I think I just get bored. Then I have a crap week, remember what I'm meant to be doing and get over myself. So good on you, for stopping yourself in the pantry and remembering what you're about. I usually only remember when I've exited the kitchen and I'm happily chomping - or maybe that's when I choose to remember. Who cares - you're doing brilliantly. It's taken me about 16 weeks to lose 30 lbs, and you've done it in 6.

  2. Woohoo! You are definitely in it to lose it!

  3. That's the whole secret, isn't it? Not letting a bad day turn into a bad month, bad year...and going right back to where we were.
    You've got the right attitude, so you know this one bad day won't wreck the 6 weeks of good days you've worked hard for.

  4. So true, bad day doesn't equal failure. I keep reminding myself of that too. There's always the next meal, or darn it the next moment. We are the makers of our destiny and the deciders of how big our ass is lol.

  5. Hey Jack,
    Nice blog!

    I invite you to check out my blog at:

    I started at 505 lbs and I've lost nearly 170 pounds since September 15th, 2008.

    Take care and I wish you the best,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  6. I think a big key is recognizing when you are in a rough spot - and then doing the next right thing. And you are...shoot, if it were always easy we'd all be thin and gorgeous!

  7. Take that good wolf to the pantry with you . . .

    Your drive is palpable. . .go, fight, win! <3

  8. Beware of patterns! Just look at all those crop circles those aliens make in the fields. It's just a gateway, next thing your cows have been abducted, and then what are you going to do?!

    Not many people I know have perfect days. Life is what happens when your planning other things. For me I'm just trying to make a few better choices, one at a time. a granola bar instead of the three pack of funny bones. A coffee with a little less sugar in it and no cream.

    After all foolsfitness is all about standing against those evil aliens and their attempted mind control. Hey, try putting some aluminium foil in your hat band. It blocks their transmissions... they hate that.

    Viva the resistance! Keep up the rebelion!-Alan

  9. None of us is perfect and the odd difficult day is going to pop up and go boo! every now and then. The difference is this time, we get straight back in the saddle and continue to get fit and lose that weight.

    As Shaun (above) says often in his blog - the calendar won't wait for you, next month, next year will still come around whether you like it or not, how healthy you are on that date is up to you!

    Heck, getouta that pantry and type up some funny blogs for us instead man!

  10. hang in there jackie you are doing great...

  11. I'd say you're doing pretty darned good. Everyone is entitled to some downtime in this weight loss journey. Heck, if you were Mary SunShine 24/7 we all might start to think something was seriously wrong with you. :-)

  12. Hi it's ang..can you email me at getfitafter40 at aol dot com..I would like to do an article on your blog for my blogger of the week for week of June 15th. Are you game?
    Let me know.

  13. If you ever decide to start a cult, count me in. :-)

    Way to put on the brakes JS!!!

  14. I had a bad week like last week, kinda lethargic, took a few too many "off" days and ate too much. But I recovered, and you will too. 30 lbs in 6 weeks is amazing. If anything, one could say you deserved a day or two off. But way to bounce back like a champ.

  15. Carlos called you Jackie. Also, what is a funny bone?

    Onward christian soldier...

  16. Hey, I only let my Grandpa Noah call me Jackie.

  17. Not only are you funny, you have a fantastic attitude.

    Run, Jack, run.

  18. So's easy to get hung up on a bad day and let it carry over throughout the week. My brain tells me "I'll just start over next week."

    I indulged again yesterday for the Nuggets game, but I'm breaking the habit today. THat is the best I can do.

    Hope you find your way out of your slump....The weekend is almost here!



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