Friday, May 8, 2009

I Be Blendin’ Sh*t Up

Okay, so I just paid more for a blender than I did for my first car. It’s a VitaMix, and that bad boy will mix anything you care to mix… frozen fruit, ice, nuts, a block of cheese, a rotary phone, a… well, you get the idea.

It all started at Costco where they had this personable guy demonstrating a big noisy blender, shoving unpeeled kiwis, chunks of mango and handfuls of raw spinach into the machine and turning it all into a delicious drink. I kept watching, expecting to see some sleight-of-hand magic where he threw the spinach behind his back and slipped in some ice cream instead. But the dude had nothing up his sleeve… except my credit card, it turns out.

I brought it home, getting ready to rationalize my impulse purchase when my wife’s face lit up: “A Vita-Mix blender? Awesome. I thought you weren’t paying attention when I told you I wanted that.”

“Yeah, well…” I stammered. “Happy Mother’s Day!”

I’ve been making smoothies, soups, beverages… choppin’ sh*t up like a ninja after a half dozen Red Bulls. I can already tell that I’m eating more raw fruits and veggies, one of the key planks in my weight loss plans. And I made some of the most kick-*ss salsa I’ve ever put in my mouth, and a fondue that would classify as a new form of torture for the CIA.

I like to mix things up with this blog. It only makes sense to mix it up with my diet as well.


  1. I wish i would have bought one of those instead of the cheap piece of sh*t (you like that?) I have that will not chop up a banana 4 days past it's prime.

  2. Happy Mother's Day....LMAO. My hubby is more apt to buy "toys" than I am. He always wanted a Vita-mix, but I always said too much $$$. My dad actually bought one a few years back, used it a couple times, and it sat on his counter collecting dust. So when he passed, I asked for it -- you know, because my hubby wanted one.

    And here it sits at our home, collecting dust.

    You posted, now you have to SHARE some recipes for me. What do you put in it that comes out tasting so good (besides ice cream?)

  3. I would love a VitaMix! I bet you are going to have a lot of fun with that.

    Try making some homemade peanut butter, bet that would work well.

  4. me + vitamix = best thing ever that I still don't have. Way to "surprise your wife" :)

  5. Good come back on the happy mothers day - so funny i am now going to follow you :o)

  6. Woah. how much was the blender?

    Hola. I'm new to your blog :D I like it. Totally love your style.

    Kudos, on mixin' that sh*t up.

  7. Costco was running a promotion and had it priced just south of $400. Still mighty pricey for a blender, but I'm already seeing how it can save a lot, and get me eating healthier. I look at it as an investment in my well being, and you can't go wrong with that.

  8. Just found your word HILARIOUS. I bought the brother of the VitaMix (well, it could be the inbred sister..I'm not sure), the BlendTec. It's probably the first thing (well, along with my kids) that I'd grab in a fire.



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