Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Names To Call Water to Make It Sound More Interesting

We weight-loss warriors know how important it is to consume large quantities of water each day. The problem? It's just so d*mn boring.

So here's a list of names to call water in order to add a little zest to your daily drink-'em-ups:
  • H2Oh, This Is So Delicious
  • Hydration Salvation
  • Aqua-nol
  • Ocean Potion
  • Water You Waiting For?
  • Life Elixer
  • Mountain Dew-drops
  • Allie Allie Aqua Free
  • Two Parts Hydrogen, One Part Oxygen, On the Rocks
  • Liquid Snowflakes
  • Noca-Cola
  • Waterade
  • Fluid Punch
  • 0-Up
  • Moot Beer
  • TappĂ© WattĂ©
  • TCBW
  • Nothing Juice
  • Hydrotini
  • Dr. Tapper
  • Day-Old Ice
  • Blankweiser


  1. To make my water less boring, I add tequila or whiskey or rum or vodka or...

    Kind of defeats the purpose, but I stay hydrated dammit!

  2. Thank heavens I drink water anyway as another "diet" guideline would drive me nuts.

    Hmmm ... as for personal favorites, it's a toss up between Mountain Dew-drops and Hydration Salvation. Mmmm ... tasty!

    Oh! And in other news, the powers that be in the dieting world now say that the "8 glasses a day or you're a naughty dieter!" thing is a myth. It can't hurt though and reports flip flop about everything so ...

    Your mileage may vary.

  3. This is hilarious! I've had to name a bottled water for a client before and I wish I would have had this list!!

  4. Haha, sippin' on some ocean potion!

  5. I have to go with Day-Old Ice...or what TJ said!

  6. Ha! I love the melted snowflakes one, it sounds cute.

    But seriously, give it a fancy French name and it will sell for heaps and make a huge profit. Unfortunately, it has been done before.

  7. how do you come up with these ideas, i reaallly wanna know - you're hilarious!! thankx!!

  8. This is hilarious! I think I'll call mine Diet Mountain Dew-Drops!

  9. Great list.

    I like to call my tap water "Lake Erie Chowder."



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