Friday, May 29, 2009

Confush*t Say...

...person who weigh in every day eventually get pounded.

...person who eat too much cake is icing for trouble.

...person who enter 5K race without training is running with wrong crowd.

...person who forgets the pasta is doomed to reheat it.

...person who always clean plate find leftovers on scale.

...person who think dieting with children is easy is kidding self.

...person with bad eating habits won't see gut results.

...person who skip breakfast break faster.

...person who break wind in crowded gym best excercise discretion.

...person who visit scale weekly has weight-and-see attitude.

...person who say brownies talk to him might be fudging truth.

...person who write weight loss blog is starving for attention.

Confush*t's motto:
Don't sweat the petty stuff, pet the sweaty stuff
or stuff the c
heesy puffs.


  1. lol that's quite clever!
    Happy birthday :O)

  2. I will weight and see what the scale says next week! :-) I love ya man!!!

  3. Now this I really enjoyed - Thank you

  4. what day was actually your birthday? it seems like it's been your birthday for four days in a row? what is this hogwash?

  5. My birthday was May 24-29. Once I popped my head out, my mother got a good look at me and kept trying to push me back in. It was a long week for everybody...

  6. LOL!!! I love it! thanks for the good laugh today!

  7. My fav is number true. Gone are the days of the "Clean Plate Club".

  8. Sounds like you need to send your momma some flowers. :-)

  9. Good list, and love the new email address too!

  10. I don't even know what to leave for comments anymore...

    Your blog just makes my day. I can't wait to read your next post. You really brighten my world.

  11. LOl These are too funny, but true!

  12. I hope you make money off your powerful use of words. You are truly an amazing wordsmith, delightfully crazy thinker. Kindred spirit with a better tongue. .

  13. "...person who always clean plate find leftovers on scale"

    love it!



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