Sunday, May 10, 2009

Me & My Scale, Gettin’ It On

Mid-week weigh-in: 265.7
Loss: 2.4 lbs
1-week loss: 6.1 lbs.
Total loss: 24.8 lbs.
Emotion: Passionate

After last Sunday’s weigh-in, my scale and I had a long, frank discussion. It was a serious affair, kind of like when I sat my daughters down and talked to them about sex (only this time I didn’t pass out). Some of the words used were not too friendly, and I won’t include them here because I don’t want to offend (plus I’m running out of *’s).

The gist of it all is that we agreed that if I keep doing my part… eating right, gettin’ my exercise on, drinking my aqua… that it would reward me with some numbers that would put a smile on my kisser.

Now if you could excuse us, my scale and I would like to be alone...


  1. Great job! Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow! Terrific loss for the week! Congrats!

  3. that was some discussion..congrats to you and your scale

  4. My body is a wonderland... as in, I wonder what it's going to do to me this week. Sometimes it takes the scale some time to catch up with my new fitness and eating habits. It's all good tho.

  5. Maybe there's a future in going on a nationwide voyage to talk to all scales in such a manner. It'll be a lot of work, but these are hard times, and who couldn't use a second income?

  6. This post demands Marvin Gaye music in the background. Funny and clever you are. . . nice.

  7. Congrats on the great weight loss!! Whatever you are doing is working. Did I read that you are using the wii fit? As I suspected, my scales need a good talking to this morning.

  8. I stumbled on your blog this morning, and I've finished reading your posting history - fresh, funny, truthful .... and I might hate you because you're doing so much better than me. Please come and talk to my scales for me because all my yelling, hollering and general cursing has had no impact on them to date and they blew a raspberry in my general direction this morning. I might have to take a new tack and start pleading with them instead ....

    Keep the blogs coming. S

  9. Really I just said two words to my scale: "Be fair."

    I did all the right things; I just wanted the scale to recognize that fact.

    And Patty, I just use the Wii Fit to weigh myself these days. It's just too pretty outside to bounce around on a piece of plastic.



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