Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sledding on Slippery Slopes

I've been a rock all week, eating right and spending quality time in the gym. Then comes Friday afternoon and I'm suddenly gone from good-as-gold to hungry-mungry. Had a pre-supper snack, a bigger-than-usual dinner and two hours later I'm rummaging through the pantry on a mad quest for something salty, something sweet, something oh-so-good-to-eat.

Then I checked myself.

I went for a walk, took a hot bath, read a book. Stayed the hell away from the kitchen. Brushed my teeth (sometimes that's enough in itself to quell my appetite). And finally, I went to bed. Not satisfied, but not really starving either.

Slippery slopes are something I'm sure we all have to cope with from time to time. There's no shame in sliding backwards a few steps... as long as we stay true to the path.

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