Friday, May 15, 2009

One Month Down

I generally treat this space as a place to pontificate, a (much-needed) trip to the psychiatrist or (more often than not) stand-up night at a really bad comedy club, but I don’t want to forget that I’m here for the same reason you’re here: because I am on a weight loss journey.

I’ve recently logged in my first month and I just wanted to take a quick look-see at my progress and accomplishments.

Good news: I’ve lost weight (25.8 lbs. to be exact).
Bad news: Had to retire my favorite belt.

Good news: I’ve joined a gym right around the corner from my office and am exercising daily.
Bad news: Laundry has quadrupled (and gotten extra stinky)

Good news: I’m making better food choices.
Bad news: Vending machine sales at my office are way down.

Good news: I haven’t had a diet soda in over a month.
Bad news: Guess who gets the money from the office vending machines?

Good news: I bought myself a fancy VitaMix blender and am blending up anything and everything.
Bad news: The cat is missing.

Good news: I’m down a pants size.
Bad news: I own more pants that I’m too big for than ones that fit.

Good news: I’m sleeping better, moving better and feeling better.
Bad news: I didn’t do this sooner.

Good news (for me): I’ve started my own weight loss blog.
Bad news (for everybody else): I’ve started my own weight loss blog.

Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by and shared their time and comments with me. I really do appreciate it.


More good news: I won a very prestigious blogging award (thanks …45 and Aspiring)
More bad news: It looks like the wallpaper in my grandmother’s bathroom (thanks a lot, …45 and Aspiring)


  1. love your list of accomplishments, and your sense of's is absolutely fantastic

  2. Holy cow, that is almost a pound a day!

    You have to put the blog award over there in your blog award have to!! :-)

  3. I want one of those blenders! Good thing I dont have a cat!

    GREAT job on your first month! Wow! You are off to an amazing start!


  4. Ew - the cat???? How many points were in that, and really, honestly, was it a wise food choice?? A good use of your points? ;o)

    Seriously though - good going!

  5. Hey! It's supposed to be the thought that counts! I don't care if you keep it!! :)


  6. That's some serious weight loss in 1 month! I am rather jealous. :)

    Love your blog and congrats on the nice frilly award. :)

  7. The cat is missing...too funny. Congrats on the loss. You're a machine.

  8. You gave me my chuckle before going to work :) Thanks!!

  9. Was going to post a comment in here, but I ran off to put on yet another load of laundry instead...

    but seriously kudos your numbers so far and the many things besides. *high fives* to being on a good track.

  11. Ermmm ... that vitamix blender? that you bought for YOURself? was a mother's day gift to your wife. just a reminder :)
    I'm late to the dance here but really, Jack, kudos on the fantastic weight loss.
    eat less ... move more ... you might be on to something.



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