Thursday, May 21, 2009

Enhancements I’m Considering Making to my Weight Loss Blog

  • 24-hour Scale Cam
  • Cash-for-comments promotion
  • Vlog (not video blog, but guest commentary by my Russian friend Vlog Kuznetsov)
  • Widget that generates painful electric shock when you look at pictures of food
  • “Fat Pants” auction area
  • Extra-forgiving calorie calculator
  • Lickable wallpaper (available for download)
  • Google-Goo Clusters
  • Real-time hunger meter
  • RSS Feed that actually feeds you tiny Bit O’ Honeys
  • Podcast of nighttime stomach rumbling
  • Portal to virtual world called “Binge City”
  • Online tool that creates healthy meal plans, then “accidently” deletes them
  • “Best of Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit” feature (still waiting for a post that qualifies)


  1. mmmmmm.....lickable wallpaper....i likes :D

  2. Bit O Honey SUCKS! My older sister tricked me into trading her, and I'm still bitter!

  3. How about scratch n sniff pictures. Just make sure it's food and not sweaty socks or something. Or those naked people from a few posts ago. Still haven't recovered fully from that one.

  4. Seriously, the fat pants auction area sounds like a really good idea! Wouldn't that be hilarious if it actually took off??

    I like the painful shock for looking at food---and can we double the voltage for posting pictures of fattening food?

    (So now I know for a fact something is still wrong with blogger when you have this few comments...the feed isn't working properly and I am getting weird error messages at some blogs)

  5. ooh I vote for cash for comments!! Then I dont have to find a job I could just do what I normally do all day...comment! :)

    Im also a fan of the lickable wallpaper. Willy wonka had the idea first but its a good one! :) hehe



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