Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcome, My Friends, to the Show That Never Ends

That’s the theme for today’s ramblings… the on-and-on-and-on nature of what lies ahead of me, of you, of all of us.

This has to be about more than losing 20 lbs., losing 50 lbs., losing 100 lbs. It needs to be about a life change, a realization (and acceptance) that the old ways, the old habits, the old mindsets produced a person that wasn’t comfortable in his own ever-expanding skin.

I want to feel better about myself.

I want to feel better.

I want…
  • …to take off my shirt when I mow the lawn
  • …to be a good example to my family
  • …look good in clothes again
  • …to be proud of myself
  • …to continue playing hoops against guys half my age
  • …to go swimming without feeling self-conscious
  • …to end my self-destructive weight loss/gain yo-yo-ing
  • …to eat right… and like it
  • …to look in the mirror and see the person I see inside my head
  • …to understand that I am the master of my destiny, the captain of my soul
I hope that you and I have the strength, the drive and the perseverance to make this the journey of our lives.


  1. Those are some great goals! It will get easier with time, one thing that has helped me in the self-confidence department is working out consistently and seeing improvement in my abilities (running further & faster, using heavier weights, seeing muscle definition in my arms, being able to do a real push-up, etc).

    Also, it's a big thing to realize this journey is for life, not something you just do until you've lost the weight.

    My tastes have changed a lot over the last 16 months, I am loving foods I never thought I would! (brussel sprouts come to mind at the moment!)

  2. It is a long road. I know when running if I look too far ahead it seems that I am moving so slowly and I start feeling tired way too soon. Instead I focus on small goals like a lightpost. And sometimes even that seems to be too much and I look at my feet and concentrate on each step. Eventually I get to my goal and each small step has taken me there.

    Weight loss is no different. If I stop to think about how far I have to go it seems overwhelming. So I look at each weigh in. And when even that seems too much I focus on each meal. Eventually I'll get there. :) And so will you!

  3. Amen.

    (Except for taking my shirt off while mowing. I don't want to go there. lol)



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