Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today is the First Day of the Rest of… Oh, Who Am I Kidding?

You’ve got a clean slate, a new year that’s just begging for you to make something spectacular out of it.

Think about it:  wouldn’t it be nice to be sitting where you’re sitting this time next year and say “Look at everything I accomplished this year” without that sentence being accompanied by an eye roll and farting noises?

There are a ton of whip-you-up-into-a-lather posts this time of year, but the truth of the matter is – just like always –it’s all on you.

You’re either going to decide that this is your time and act on it… or not.

You’re either going to take big strides to make meaningful and positive changes in your life… or not.

You’re either going to straighten up and fly right… or not.

This time of year, the vast majority of us are going to be on one side of the teeter-totter, talking our big talk about the changes we plan to make in our diet, our exercise regimen, our life.

We’ll be there with our ever-present resolutions and never-been-sweat-in workout gear.

We’ll be there with our shiny new gym memberships and our promises to each other and ourselves.

We’ll be there with freshly minted purpose and every good intention.

And, almost immediately, folks will begin dropping off. Or… more likely… sliding back to the center of the teeter-totter, where it’s the most comfortable. Where there’s the least amount of upheaval and change.

Maybe it’s cynical, but I don’t have much faith in first-of-the-year proclamations. It’s easy to work yourself up into a bombastic fit, especially when everyone around you is smack-talking about what they’re gonna do in the new year.

Lasting change? That’s a different story.

Don’t get me wrong–I really do hope that today starts something special for you. I hope you find your way on this twisty road and I hope you accomplish everything you’ve set out to accomplish.

But this is bigger than a date on a calendar or a bullet point on a list of resolutions. It has to be bigger than that for you to really reach your goals.

You’re going to do it this year… or not.

It’s your choice.

It always is.



  1. I'm always leery of new year resolutions for just THAT reason. My new found gusto just happens to coincide with the end of 2010/beginning of 2011 b/c I weighed myself, got disgusted - realized my moronic mistakes, and decided I wasn't going to sit around and wait for a special number on a calendar to get my head back in the game!

    I guess, I got pissed..which might not really be a bad thing :)

  2. New Year or just another day to string next to all the rest...

  3. For once, I'm not making a list of resolutions, I'm just going to be willing to do what I need to do and not just with weight loss! 2011: The Year of Helen.

  4. Im going to continue what Ive been working at for the last half of 2010 in 2011 (man those numbers look WEIRD!)...I have bombastic fits regardless of year :-D Good post Jack--Happy New Year and keep up the good fight!

  5. I'm gonna do it this year!
    Happy New Year to you and your family, Jack!

  6. As always you are just what I needed today.
    No New Year Resolutions for me and no "smack talk", just determination to "straighten up and fly right". Thanks
    Happy New Year and I hope it's the best ever for you.

  7. Awesome post and so very true! When we recognize and accept that WE drive our destiny, it makes success so much easier. Plus, then we can take ALL the credit! Win-win!

  8. Why wait until the New Year? Let's get this party started NOW!

  9. I kept my NYR for 2010 - to finish a story! It ended up being my NaNoWriMo story, but from the first chapter to the last word, I finally finished a lengthy writing project. NYRs don't always have to be about physical health, and I'm glad I didn't make mine about that. My NYR for 2011 is also a writing goal... and I'll still be working on my eating, hitting the gym with my trainer, and, EEK, doing a triathlon.

  10. Great post Jack. I do have goals for myself for the year.....when reviewing this time next year, I hope for no eye rolling, but can't promise no farting!!! (how childish is that??? Maybe one of my goals should be to curb the bodily fuction jokes! :) ) Have a great day.

  11. Yep, always my choice, and I choose to kick 2011's butt even bigger than I did 2010's.

  12. 2011 is our year!! Let's get it on!!

  13. AMEN! My choice. Today. Tomorrow. Always.

  14. YES! It is the choice of the person! If they ca stay consistent & have patience instead of wanting the quick fix & giving up because it just is not happening as fast as they want or that it is just too hard...

    Life is hard & this journey is hard but it is life long so make the choice & be good to yourself!

    Great post Jack!

  15. Well did you write that just for me? I had no idea you have been spying on me the last 15 years!
    Great post and something to think about for sure. Happy New Year Jack :)

  16. You almost make me want to take the drying laundry off the treadmill and take my exercise balls out of the kids' toys!


  17. It's nice that we have a choice, isn't it? I am looking at my "resoultions" this coming year quite differently than before. :)

  18. "You’re going to do it this year… or not. It’s your choice. It always is."

    Absolutely true! Each day is a commitment and (hopefully) a step forward. Here's to 2011, the year I truly become committed... one way or another. ;) Have a wonderful New Year's!

  19. No resolutions here..... but I do know what it takes to eat healhty and exercise!

  20. Oh my God- How have I not found this blog before now? I love you already! New follower here!! Great post, too. I couldn't agree more. Love the blog!

  21. I don't make resolutions any more. I never followed through. But if I make a PLAN, and delineate how to accomplish each item, then things go smoother. That's where I went wrong the last few years. Well, that, and major upheavals in my life! So ... here in a little bit, I'll be posting my PLAN for 2011! Thanks for the reminder, Jack! Vee at

  22. Very good point. I make resolutions, like I always do, but January 1st is just a day like any other. Now if it was a Monday, too, then it would be magical.

  23. I hope 2011 will be your best year so far!!!

    Thanks for all the great laughs and inspiration. You are one of a kind. Not sure what. :)


  24. Well said! I'm looking forward to 2011.

  25. Great post. This year I'm not doing resolutions-- I have about 5 pages of goals and things i want to do and a thought-out strategy to make them happen.

  26. time for a post buuuudddeeee.....we miss you over here.

  27. Started working on my goals back in November. You are right!!! It is up to me!!

    Important note---- I want to set a goal and work TOWARD it.... not just work AWAY from being at a certain point on the scale!!

    As always, THANKS JACK!!! I enjoy your site so very much. Have a Happy New Year!!

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