Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mister Mo’ Tangle

Weekly weigh-in: 219
Loss: +.9
Total loss: -72.9
Emotion: Entangled

So there I was, with the biggest wad of tangled Christmas lights you ever saw, and it occurred to me how much the situation I was in was like my weight-loss journey.

I mean, it was all my own fault, after all. Instead of diligently wrapping the lights up last year, I saved a little time by… um… just throwing them in the box. Over the next 11 months, they apparently weaved in and out of each other to become a snarled, twisted mess.

And now I’m painstakingly trying to untwist, untwine and untangle them, cursing to Christmas music in the background..

At points, I think I’m making headway. Other times, I feel completely stuck.

There are many points during the process where I feel like giving up; however, I stick with it and a little more comes loose.

I just keep working at it, keep plugging away, and trust that I have the patience and the persistance to get the job done.

I had a pair of college-touring trips to Chicago, Baltimore and NYC bookending Thanksgiving week, so I’d already written a loss off this week. We ate at fantastic restaurants and made a habit of ducking in from the chilly streets for decadent drinks and desserts.

When I got back home, I knew I’d tangled the lights up some more, but I got back to the frustrating work of straightening things out.

Stick around, because I’m going  to get my strand straightened out before long, and when I do…

I’m gonna shine.



  1. Sweetness and Light!
    The bulbs still shine,
    even when they are in a tangle!
    Just like you, dear Jack!

  2. Great post Jack. The holidays are a tough time to be successful on this journey. Good luck with those tangled lights! :) You can do it!

  3. Awesome post. I've been a bit tangled this week myself. But there is nothing more to do than settle down and approach the task at hand with diligence. This diet thing is hard freaking work and you just have to keep at it.

  4. You've already proven before that you can do it and I have all the confidence that you will again. Even the healthiest of folks have ups and downs on the scale. No worries but it's good to catch it now.

  5. Maybe you can try something different. What's that they say, if you keep doing what you've always done, you're gonna get constipated. Wait, I don't think that's right...

  6. seriously if you ate and drank that decadently with only a 0.9 gain... thats fab!

    especially since you got to enjoy it with your daughters... it really is all a give and take.

  7. Your writing is so motivating! Thanks for always writing about just what I need to hear that day!

  8. This time of year is always the hardest! Combine food with stress and oh boy!
    And Jack, you always shine :)

  9. I am slipping the slippery slope.. dunking myself in and out of bad food choices and crappy excuses not to work out. Let me know how you start the process of untangling the string.. starting is always the hard part.


  10. Great post!!! Your blog always shines in my eyes!!!

  11. I'm just starting my weight loss journey. I'm looking at my lights right now, all properly organized, waiting to be put on the tree and I just think to myself . . . "Pizza sounds really good right now."

    Sorry. I suck at metaphors.

  12. +.9 is pretty damn good for all that traveling & such! But the thing about it is you get back to the basics & don't fall backward into the abyss.. that is what counts Jack!

  13. It is so easy to get all tangled up this time of year.

  14. Hey jack...start that untangling...I will hold the plug end....
    maybe you could make a concrete plan for the next two weeks that might help you get and stay on track. rooting for you bud.

  15. Okay Jack, first, 3 words that will change your life:

    Pre. Lit. Tree.

    No more tangles! (I know, real trees are way more fun, but you have to choose your battles).

    And I agree, + .9 is a total SV for all that travel and fun!

  16. Love this post. This week has been off for me but im hitting the diet full steam ahead today! Thanks for the encouragement!

  17. I'm just sure you will untangle and shine, Jack. I'm sure you will.

  18. Loved. This. Post. Makes me wanna shine too!



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