Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bodfather: Plenty to Give Thanks For

Subject #3 in the "Bodfather" 

Witness Reduction Program: Tom

Height: 5' 9"
Starting weight:  437.5
Current Weight: 426.5
Loss: 11 lbs.

You know, if I’d thought about it some, I might have put off this “Bodfather” business until the first of the year.

I mean, how fair is it to get these individuals all amped up to lose weight right as he head into the headwind of the holiday storm? It’s a time of year filled with cookies and cakes, parties and pigouts.

But there’s nothing I can do about the calendar, and here’s the thing:  the holidays have to be navigated every year, don’t they? I read where the average person in this country gains 7 to 12 pounds over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays (I used to pick that up about a week after Labor Day).

Anyway, I was a little worried about my “Bodfather” family as Thanksgiving rolled around. For those just tuning in, I’m following five individuals over a six-month period and blogging about their weight-loss struggles and successes. I even hooked each of them up with a Philips DirectLife activity monitor to encourage them to make exercise a part of their daily regimen.

The lone male member of the Bod Squad, Tom had quite a bit on his plate this Thanksgiving. He made plans to participate in a – are you kidding me? – 10K race.

"One of the best things though about this Thanksgiving is the 10K I did on Thanksgiving Day,” he told me recently. “And it was not so much about doing the 10K and completing it (which was great, don't get me wrong), but it was more about having my daughter out there with Grandma seeing us (my wife and I being active).  I got to pass them as the race started and said ‘hi’, and then my wife (who had well finished by the time I came around) met me with our daughter with about a mile to go. We all walked to the finish together. It’s just great to know that I trying to set an active example for my daughter to follow.”

Tom confessed that he couldn’t walk for two days after the event, but the experience of completing that 10K did him a world of good.

And I’ll tell you what I told him: if you think you’re full of pride now, imagine how you’re going to feel next Thanksgiving Day when it’s you waiting for your wife because you’ve already finished the race.

Tom finished that Thanksgiving 10K, but the real race is just getting started.


  1. Well done, Tom!

    And well done, Jack - such a great way to inspire Tom for the challenges ahead. He's tackled one challenge, so that should give him strength he needs for the ones yet to come.

    Happy Christmas (I usually put on about 7lb over Christmas, although it depends who we're with - with my parents, I hardly put on anything!!)

  2. 11 lbs lost so far during the holidays? You are ruining the curve for the rest of us Tom. ;)

  3. I'm impressed. Tom looks like a star in the making.

    You're doing a great job encouraging your bod-kids.


  4. What an inspiration you are Tom!! Way to go on absolutely rocking Thanksgiving :)

  5. Excellent, Tom!

    And Jack, the BEST time to start is before the holidays. If you can make it through the emotional and gastronomical minefields of Thanksgiving and Christmas without losing an arm or leg (or strangling your offspring or offending the inlaws) then working for yourself in January and February becomes a walk in the park.

    I start adhering to my New Year's Resolutions on November 1. Of the PREVIOUS year.

  6. Tom, that's wonderful. I love stories like this. Your determination will get you to your weight loss goals. You've already done something that most "healthy weight" people haven't done. Keep at it.
    And congrats on a fantastic weigh in. I look forward to following your progresss.

  7. Wow! Races on those big eating holidays are a good idea ;) Way to go Tom!

  8. Go Tom go! Awesome on the 10k. Rock Star.

  9. WOW! Great job on the loss Tom! :) WHOOHOO!

  10. Awesome job Tom. Way to rock Thanksgiving. Gracie

  11. Sounds like our buddy Tom has a TOMTOM set to "Hell to the Yeah!".

    ((Fist bump, high five, hip tap))

    UBER WOOT with a CHERRY on TOP! (cuz fruits are now free on WW - yay!)

    - Kirsten

  12. That is so awesome, Tom! Anytime I think about marathons I always think, "That's for future Jia to think about." I never really assume that I could (or should) do it at the beginning of my health journey.

    You are already inspiring others!!

  13. GO TOM! and Go, Bodfather! You both rock.

  14. Hey, Great Job Tom (if you are reading this which I think you are) you are so on your way. You just gave a little memory to your kid of you doing something hard. They remember those things. When You get all that weight off they will notice...and follow your lead.



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