Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bodfather: You Can't Spell "WOW" without "WW"

Subject #4 in the "Bodfather"
Witness Reduction Program: Jodi
Height: 5’8”
Starting weight  317.6.
Current weight: 307
Loss: 10.6 lbs.

They call me “The Bodfather”.

There are five individuals working with me to better their health and utilizing my vast experience as a non-doctor, non-private-trainer and non-nutritionist. Actually, the only reason why anyone would choose me to help guide them on their weight-loss journey is that my price ($0) is very, very reasonable.

But something’s working right so far. All the participants are losing weight… and that goes double (at least) for Jodi.

Jodi’s story may (or may not) sound familiar to you: she’s been a fanatic about working out, been awesome at making activity a daily part of her life.  She was regularly ringing the bell of the DirectLife activity monitor that Philips so graciously provided for all the “Bodfather” participants.


She still struggles on the food front. After a tough day at work, she can’t muster the energy to concoct a healthy dinner. Or else she finds herself snacking right before bedtime. Whatever… it wasn’t translating to much success on the scale.

That’s why, at the first of this month, Jodi (along with her husband) joined Weight Watchers and really started putting the brakes on the rampant eating.

“I hate to admit it, but Weight Watchers just seems to work for me,” she told me. “I didn't feel like I was eating much differently, but I did make sure to stick within the guidelines and make good decisions. I focused on filling my body with the good stuff and turning to fruits and vegetables more often than when I was just merely counting calories.”

I suspect that being on WW has just made her put the same kind of focus on her diet that she’d already had with her exercise.

And keeping her eating reined in has made her want to put even more effort on her workouts. Now she has her sights set on putting the 300’s behind her for good.



  1. Yep....Find what works for you and keeps you motivated in ALL the areas...food, exercise AND mindset....CONGRATS

  2. Go Jodi Go!!! YAY for your loss to date, I'm looking forward to celebrating your success! (BTW, WW has so worked for me too....down 31 lbs so far...more to go, but it's a plan that is easy to follow and live your life around!!) Hope you both (Jack and Jodi) have a good day!!!

  3. Hola! Just found you through Lap Band gal's blog. Congrats on your loss so far and hopefully WW is just what you needed!

    Looking forward to following your journey too!

  4. Congratulations to Jodi and all the bod children. It's good to see them having success along with you.

    Wishing you and all your family a Very Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year.


  5. I'm thrilled that Jodi & her husband have decided to do WW together. It's taken my my whole life to realize that no amount of working out can cancel out a horrible diet. It really is all about the food.

  6. I'm really sure that Jodi just needed to find the key to whatever will work for her. Congrats on the loss and getting Hubby to join you! Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com



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