Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Now Playing at the Jack Sh*t Octoplex...

And if you're gonna eat Milk Duds, at least don't order them with extra melted butter...

  • Alice in Onederland

  • The Try-Light Saga: Eatchips

  • I Love You, Little Debbie

  • The Kids Are All Fat

  • Shutter Mouth Island

  • THIN: Less-assy

  • Fit Like The Other Guys

  • Despicable Meal

  • The Dieter

  • Hearty Blogger and the Deathly Swallows

  • The Girl With the Draggin’ Behind

  • Waiting for Supper, Man

  • Yoga Bear

  • Fat Pilgrimage vs. the World

  • 127 Hours of Cardio

  • How to Train Your Diet

  • True Fit

  • Blob Swan

  • The Lo-Carb Network

  • Bok Choy Story 3

  • Thinception


  1. LMAO...

    My favorite is " the girl with the draggin' behind" HA

  2. "How to train your diet" Good stuff Jack!

  3. Blob Swan? Okay. Now I have this picture in my head of a rotund ballerina sort of jiggling around the stage. Thank You, Jack!

  4. Love. I'd pay money to see 'em. Even if you're being a little picky with the whole milk dud thing.

  5. How to train your diet??? Hilarious!!!! Have a great day Jack!!!

  6. Jack,
    I know this is asking a lot of you...but have you thought of having a little chart on your blog of all the Bodfather people??? I've been trying to keep up their progress and frankly, it has been a bit tough for me. Maybe a little update chart would be nice. Just a thought. Just a little extra something to do for you. :) I'm sure others would enjoy it too!
    Happy New Year.

  7. hmmm.....don't know most of those....but am looking forward to watching true grit...or in jack's world...'true grits".

  8. The Girl with the Draggin' Behind? Classic!



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