Sunday, December 19, 2010

Today Is January 1st

Weekly weigh-in: 217.9
Loss: -1.1
Total loss: -74.0
Emotion: Resolute

Happy New Year!

I've fast-forwarded the calendar to zip past the meat of the holiday season. Seeing as how it's filled with treats and temptations, parties and pig-outs, I said good riddance to those diet-wrecking days and am instead observing Sh*flight Savings Time (turning clock forward 300 hours is one helluva wrist workout).

It's not that I hate Christmas. It's not that at all. It's just that I'm ready to get rocking and rolling on this "gettin' fit" business. I read my own press clippings and realized I'm ready to shift my fitness story back into high gear.

Since returning from our college touring trips, I've been in the gym every single day. I've renewed my quest to discover what's at the end of the treadmill.

Chances are your holidays will be somewhere between my take-no-prisoners approach and some folks' take-too-much one. Whether you're planning on getting serious now or getting serious a little farther down the road, make no mistake: it's time to get serious.

Here's hoping that your new year is filled with good health, good workouts and good choices.

Whenever you start it.



  1. This was just the thing I needed! I have fallen a bit to the wayside and need to get going again. Reading those stories you linked to helped and knowing you are skipping the whole waiting for the new year to get serious is just the kick in the pants I needed! :-)

  2. I had this idea too, but instead I'm doing the opposite of you. As my first half-marathon is January 8th, I'm waiting until after the big race to re-evaluate my goals for 2011. But I think getting a jump start is a GREAT thing!

  3. Here, here! Waiting until January 1st to ramp up our efforts feels like such an arbitrary day to hope for motivation. Way to go, Jack!

  4. too...I am not waiting until Jan. 1..and damn..I got new scale..gave me a 2 lb credit...I am taking that and running with it....

  5. Happy "jump start" New Year Jack!!!

  6. Happy New Year Jack! This idea is so much better than the one where I alienate everyone that cares about me by bathing in anchovy paste and whale blubber. Thanks!

  7. I am not waiting until the new year either. I restarted my weight loss journey yesterday. Next week I have so many places that I have to go to eat. I'm just going to do the best I can and workout everyday.

  8. First marathon in May. I'm getting serious!

  9. Great job, Jack. Not waiting either. Fat loss waits for no one.

    Christmas dinner does have me nervous. Going to family's house so I am out of control about the food and how it's prepared. I'm planning to do the best I can and bring some low cal snacks with me so I can eat only a little dinner if it's too high calorie and then eating some of my snacks to fill me up. Jazz apples, string cheese, etc.

    Happy holidays to you and your family. :)

  10. good job, keep moving. I did this last year. lord, I am starting to sound long in the tooth.
    do what you gotta.

  11. Im a rebel
    a misfit
    I start mine on Rosh HaShanah.

  12. Congrats on the loss Jack, I need to get serious with my exercise again!

  13. Good job on the lost Jack and even better job on hitting the gym everyday. You know you got what it takes!!!

  14. Good for you Jack! Back to it no matter what day of the week or time of year!!!

    I have some pretty bad back issues & I am doing what I can. No sitting around for me! :-)



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