Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do You Need a Fairy Bodmother?

Jack Sh*t is traveling again, taking his daughter Holly to tour colleges (still looking for one that is willing to have tuition paid in yarn). So Jules from Big Girl Bombshell is stepping in to weave her magic. Pay attention!

An offer you can’t refuse! That’s what I tried to do for the Bodfather, when he felt overwhelmed with the laundry dragon that had stormed his castle while he was taking care of his kingdom. But, he turned the tables on me! Pulled the rug right out from all my sneaky glory! He REFUSED the offer; BUT gave his profound instructions so well, I couldn’t refuse.

You see, I still believe in fairy tales and magic. I believe in the goodness of people and helping them be successful in their quest, their dream, To get a leg up. Bippity Boppity Boo and Ho! Ho! Ho! But just like Bodfather fashion, he always thinks of YOU!

His refusal can become YOUR benefit. This fairy Bodmother is waving her magic wand and paying it forward. I am following in the Bodfather’s footsteps, even though they are tremendously hard shoes to fill. Remember this? Jack’s First-Ever Giveaway. I didn’t win but it had a profound impact on my journey. This is what my entry comment said:

Jules - Big Girl Bombshell said...

WoW Jack So many great comments. When it is my $100 I will buy good soil and buy seeds for my vegetable garden this year. Anything left over I would use to buy jars to can so I could have fresh veggies in the winter. Last year was my first vege garden and I posted about how it woke me up to taking care of my body. I can't wait to get started this year. Plus if I win I promise to run two laps around the garden every night. I will post pics of the garden to show what good use the $100 went toward.

I still planted that garden, took pictures of that garden and learned some MAJOR lessons about myself with that garden. AND I ran those laps around my garden. It wasn’t easy but six months later, I am on Week 4 of the C25K. I am eating healthier, working out and my whole family is slowly joining the journey. This journey is for a lifetime and we all need a little magic. We all need a Bodfather to kick us in the butt but we also can use a fairy BODmother to give us a special wave of her magic wand.

So pop on over to Wave the Magic Wand Giveaway over at my place, Big Girl Bombshell, and tell me what your wish is. Tell me what $100 would do for your weight-loss journey.

Note from Jack: if you'd like to leave a comment on this post, well... it just sucks to be you today.



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