Monday, March 8, 2010

The First Ever Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit Giveaway

I have a $100 bill in my pocket, but it’s not mine.

It’s yours.

All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me how you’d use it to help yourself take another big step on your weight-loss journey.

Would you use it to join the Y?

Purchase a kettlebell? (I was gonna buy one of those bad boys, but I had a crystal-clear vision of my daughter Pisa playing with it, swinging it around and whacking me in my oh-so-delicate man-parts).

Rejoin Weight Watchers or put it towards a Wii Fit?

Buy organic candy corn instead of the unhealthy regular kind?

I’m serious: convince me that you’ll use it to try and make a difference in this losing-weight business and I’ll send you the cold hard cash (just one of you, mind you… not everyone).

The individual that makes the most compelling case for the do-re-mi walks away with the C-note. It’s a simple as that.

I should make you tweet about it, and Facebook it and provide a link on your blog, but I’m too lazy to follow up and make sure you actually do any of that, and besides… I’m not pulling names out of a hat on this one.

You’ve just got to leave a comment and sway me.

Nine runners-up will receive consolation prizes made up of (a) health-inspired swag companies have sent me to review that I’ve never actually reviewed and/or (b) odd things lying around my office.

I know you think I’m joking, but I’m serious, and to show just how serious I am, I’m going to post a picture of me holding the $100 bill and looking serious.

Tell me what $100 would do for your weight-loss journey. Be convincing because this is my hard-earned cash we’re talking about.

Comments left on this post between now and midnight on Friday, March 12, 2010, will be considered. Decision of the judge (me) is final, though I reserve the right to bring in additional judges if needed (I’m thinking maybe Judge Judy and that Simon guy from American Idol).

Good luck… and may God have mercy on your souls (I heard that in a movie one time and I just love the way it sounds).


  1. For me it's simple: food. Good food, not food pantry day old baked goods or boxes of mac an cheese. That $100 would go straight to Trader Joe's, where I'd be getting some good clean protein, some of their delicious grapefruit, no-fat yogurt (ok, primarily because it goes in the mix for their low guilt brownies), and my daughter's favorite: Mediterranean Hummus.

    Oh, $100 would go a long way towards good food choices, but I MIGHT also invest in these Hydro Bells to take to Defined Fitness with me,since they don't have any and they're my favorite aquatic fitness tool!

  2. Towards a stationary bike, because the summers can be oppressive and I get dehydrated really easily. I'd like to be able to do something inside so that I could keep this up. :)

  3. Hi Jack. I'm over in the UK - not sure how much a $100 bill will but over here lol. But maybe my ideas will inspire some of your other readers with ideas for things they could buy.

    I have a wii fit and would be lost without it. I really DO recommend anyone who is having a problem with exercise to buy one .

    I would spend the money on a weekend at a health farm. It would not only give my weight loss a boost - but also be marvelous for my sense of well being and make me feel gerenerally good about myself.

  4. I can't use a $100 bill, so I'd donate it to :o) I've got healthy food in the house, a wii fit and workout games, weights, workout clothes, so there's very little I need... However, in lieu of the $s I would stump up my own £s and invest in some much-needed dance (I'm thinking salsa or zumba) DVDs as I have NO rhythm OR coordination, and maybe these would help as well as offering a pretty good cardio workout into the bargain!

    Patsy :o)

  5. Hi Jack, what a great giveaway!!! If I were a winner I would put that money towards buying my husband his first kayak for his birthday this month. This healthy living journey isn't just for me, but to share with others. Buying that kayak would be a huge boost to my husband's own healthy lifestyle, by boost I mean actually starting one. Please choose me :-)

  6. I know exactly what I would do with that 100 dollars. I'm a bellydance student, and one of my biggest motivators for losing weight is the image in my head of me wearing a gorgeous bellydance costume at a solo next fall. Unfortunately, a good costume ranges all the way up to 800 dollars, and I am a poor college student. Although some dancers with big bellies still buy beautiful costumes and dance shamelessly in them, the idea of dancing with my belly exposed as my body is now is very embarrassing. My stomach fat has made me self conscious my entire life. Finally being able to dance, freely, in a beautiful costume would mean everything and would make me so proud of myself and my achievements after I lose this weight.

  7. Want to know what I would do with an extra $100?

    Yes, I'm on a weight loss journey. But I have all the equipment I need. The first week of April, our Girls on the Run program starts and I am a volunteer running coach for 5th and 6th grade girls. More important to me than my individual weight loss is making sure that young girls grow up healthy, fit, with a wonderful body image and an incredible amount of self-esteem that gets them through anything that life throws at them. That's where I would put an extra $100.

  8. I'd spend it on my family. Take my oldest daughter to Bounce U for the afternoon, buy my wife flowers and buy my 6 month old some teething rings. The money isn't going to help me lose weight but the people I spend it on will.

  9. I'll give the $100 to my husband, Mr. Debbie, then I'll learn to do a striptease to show off my new body...he can tuck it into my G-string!

    Noooooooo......just kidding! (Mr. Debbie will be disappointed!)

    I would spend the $100 on paying a professional to customize my blog, so that it's 100% reflective of who I'm becoming (an ex yo-yo dieter).

    Blogging has been my lifeline on this final weight loss journey. I plan to continue blogging long after I reach my goals...and a snazzy customized blog would be perfect!

  10. I'm gonna buy some new reading glasses (maybe with some rhinestone rims) so I can keep reading this sh*t.

  11. Hmmm...I will take the $$ and pay a triathlon race registration fee. Races get me focused and motivated to move the fanny, get rid of some weight so I don't have to haul it around the race course.

    Plus, I already pay for Weight Watchers weekly, have a Wii Fit, and plenty of weights to help me on my path!

  12. Since I just discovered that I can now ride a bike I would do just that--buy a bike. Raising 8 kids leaves very little cashola to spend on the Mother of the clan. And if I don't win I'll just keep borrowing bikes and running. Because I CAN!

  13. I know exactly what I'd do with it if I won. I just had to fire my personal trainer last week (TEARS!!) because my unemployment keeps getting cancelled...Billie & I split the fee, so my half is $60 a month....$100 would get me close to 2 more months of training until I see if the unemployment extension pans out or (here's a novel idea...) someone actually HIRES me!

    It's a great giveaway Jack...thanks for sharing with us. :)

  14. If chosen I would use it toward a WII fit for sure! My hubby has been laid off since Feb 09 so that would help us with the purchase and keep him off the couch.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  15. I would put it towards a permanent locker at my gym! I don't mind lugging my gym bag around to/from the gym and work, but on days when it's raining, it really is no fun (have a hard time keeping me & all my stuff under an umbrella) and I literally have to talk to myself and say just 10 more blocks, just 5 more blocks etc until I make it there on those types of days.

    A gym locker would mean I could keep my spin shoes, my makeup, sneakers, etc there all the time. It would cut down on planning/packing time, the size of my gym bag, etc. I would also make sure to keep an extra outfit in there too, I've been known to forget an article or two of clothing from time to time which can make things interesting, lol!

  16. My ipod died two weeks ago. Let's all pause for a moment out of respect. It was a 1st generation nano and in the past eight years has been dropped in the toilet (twice…yeah I know, one would think I’d learn my lesson the first time), stepped on by several kids, lost at the gym only to have it turned into the desk 3 weeks later (dunno haven’t figured that one out yet, I guess they didn’t like my taste in music?). The kids have “borrowed” it on several occasions only to return it when threatened with loss of life and limb. The screen was cracked, the track wheel had to be moved just so to get it to skip to the next song. It was sad and pathetic and finally gave up the battle permanently. I loved my ipod more than I love my kids some days and I’m seriously considering selling one of the kids to replace it. I got much more use out of the ipod than I ever will out of the kids.

    I need music when I work out. The sound of my own voice in my head makes me want to tear my hair out when I’m on the treadmill or elliptical. Plus there are two women that work out beside me sometimes and they chat and giggle through their entire workout, which makes me want to punch them in the throat. You don’t want me punching people in the throat do you? So yeah, I’d use the c-note to buy a replacement for my dearly departed ipod. Plus I’m Canadian eh, so it’s actually WORTH more than $100 here. More bang for your buck…….so to speak.

  17. Hi, Jack!! Great giveaway...I have been on a weight loss maintenance regime for over 2 years now...I have really become addicted to running...I so would use this money to buy myself a heart rate monitor...I have wanted one for so long, but the hubby got laid off, appliances and a new well pump had to be, to make sure I don't put my family out..I have yet to get myself one. Winning your give away would allow me to treat myself, not make me feel guilty that in some way I would be depriving them.

  18. I would use it for Yoga classes. I have always wanted to sign up and try it out - I got to do one 'teaser' class at work and loved it. The drawback is that they are so expensive!

    If I had $100 I would sign up for all the yoga classes it would get me, and then (get this...) I would GO! Who knows...maybe that's what has been missing from my motivation stash? :)

  19. Mine would go toward groceries. I have a million DVDs and a treadmill, so the money would go toward buying healthy groceries which always seem to cost more and on a student's salary well...let's just say that portioning out frozen one dollar pizzas is less than desirable! Anyhow that's what I'd use it for!

  20. Very impressive giveaway.

    I'd use the money to have my BMR and RMR tested. I have no idea how much I should be eating. Everything I read tells me something different.

    I wanted to go out and do this myself, but I definitely don't have the money. I'm a part-time teacher and my wife is a law student. Things are pretty tight and while a BMR/RMR test would be incredibly useful on my weight loss journey, it's one of those things that I can't possibly justify with my current income.


  21. Jack, I know I'm not going to win, but I'll tell you what I'd do with your C-note: I'd donate it to a program for young, single moms. Healthy weight starts with healthy moms who know how to feed their kids healthy foods. In fact, I'd probably go right to the source of the solution and donate it to a breast feeding clinic. Nature's perfect food.

  22. Well I am British and super cool. But the 100 dollars would only get me 65.9 english pounds... so already I would be at a loss against other competitors so I would have to spend more wisely...

    1. A portion would go to healthy cookbooks. Because my food plans are extremely dull and a contender for why I eat out so much.

    2. Another small slither would go to buying me a nice water container thingy so I can go to the gym or ride my bike more effortlessly with a good supply of water.

    3. I never win anything. On anyones blog. So the rest of the money would go to bribing other bloggers into letting me win their give aways.

    Please me give me your full consideration.
    Your faithful BRITISH follower who loves you.

  23. I would go to Whole Foods and shop, shop, shop until your hundred dollars dropped.

  24. I would use it to cover the cost of my registration for the Detroit Marathon. ($75) The remaining $25 I would put towards new running gear, as my current clothes are just getting to be too big these days! I have never run a full marathon before, and registering for it would sure make me a whole lot more healthier. I'd be working out harder and longer than I ever have before. And that would be awesome.

  25. While I may not win, I am putting in my bid for the $100. It would pay for 3 more months at the gym, or a few sessions with a personal trainer, or it would pay for a few months worth of fun roller skating days with my kids (my legs are still killing me from yesterday's trip). Any way you see it, the money would be put to good use. Will I still do this even if I don't win? You betcha!!

  26. I've really been putting money I don't have into this weight-loss thing. It's quite the investment.

    First of all, there's my gym membership at $85 dollars per month (and that's a student discount!!). But I have those fat shredding spinning classes to thank for the last 20 pounds I lost.

    And then secondly, there's the food. My mother can't understand why I would bring my own groceries home when she does the household shopping. But I need my low-fat/vegetarian/tofu & beans for protein/whole grain/and especially lots of vegetables and fruits. I don't know what to do with myself when I don't see 'real foods' in our refrigerator. Eating well has become almost natural.

    But I wouldn't use the money towards any of those two things. My size 16 jeans are starting to fall off me, so this weekend I went to a store to try on a size 14. It was too tight, but I was able to button it up, and soon enough I'll be there! If I win the prize, I'd purchase size 14 jeans, but also 12 and 10 because I've put in too much work to not make this happen.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Jack. Great giveaway!

  27. Jack,

    I wouldn't want it...seriously. I'm doing great on my own and I make a good income anyway.

    What I'd love to see happen is to have that $100 buy 6 to 10 copies of one of the better books out there that can then be given away to even more people. I've never read it, but people seem to like the Beck Diet Solution, or Eat This, Not That, etc.

    Of course, I guess if you decided to award it to me, that is what I'd do. I'd turn around and create a giveaway for multiple winners.

    You are generous and inspirational man, Jack.

  28. I originally weighed in at over 270 (stopped weighing at that point) when I was pregnant with my daughter, and 20 months later am down to 182. I have 55 pounds more to go until I reach my desired weight. The closer I get to goal, the harder it is to lose weight.

    Here's how I would use this: I haven't exercised in about six years. No kidding. I used to be a runner, regularly did strength training and yoga. I have achieved my loss to date by modifying my diet, but I know exercise is critical. So I would put this toward a series of yoga classes to get gently back into exercising, and also serve as motivation to continue.

    Thank you so much! ~Cee~
    ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

  29. Rejoin the Y for sure. When we were members, our whole family would go, so it was benefitting us not only physically but emotionally and mentally and psychologically. I know exercise is the "missing link" for me - well I'm pretty sure it is - and I love the nonjudgemental, open, accepting atmosphere at the Y and I love, love, love, aquafit!!!

  30. I know this might sound a bit odd, but since I already have a gym membership and I am fortunate financially where I really don't need it, I would instead take that $100 and go grocery shopping for once of a local food pantry here in Palm Bay/Melbourne, Florida. The economy has taken a big hit here and there are many people who are in need and sharing a bounty of $100 with those who really and truly need to eat would be the best thing. I have spent my life eating more than my fair share. This would be an additional opportunity for me to help those who have nothing to eat at all.

  31. I'm going to keep this short and sweet, Jack - I would use that $100 to pay my entrance fee to the Aflac Iron Girl duathlon in Bloomington, MN later on this year, and to help pay to tune up my bike.

    I ran my first 5K last year and the feeling of overcoming obstacles and accomplishment was amazing - I want to do that again. My family is already so proud of me, but I want to see the look on their faces when I cross the finish line at a duathlon - especially my nieces. I want to be a healthy role model for them, and for them to know that you can finish any race you put all of your efforts into, whether it's physical or mental.

    Thank you for the opportunity Jack!

  32. Well, Jack. Since you're sharing cold hard cash I'll share a cold hard fact.

    I am afraid of gyms.

    I've never been to one. I'm afraid to go. Right now I weight 220 pounds. I've lost 38. And it's getting harder. So clearly, I need to go. But...

    I'm a stay at home mom. I have a hard time spending money on myself even though I'm supposed to consider it 'our' money. When I spend money on myself it feels like I am taking away from my family.

    If I won your giveaway I'd spend the money on a gym membership. It would be perfect because not only would I be providing the money myself (sorta) but I'd have to answer to YOU that I did was I was supposed to do with the money.

  33. Awesome give-away! Some of these comments are really great, but Losing Harry's is in a league of its own.

  34. Hey Jack Sh*t,

    If you pick me, I'll pledge my funds to a cause I don't like and make a bet with myself that if I don't walk five miles a day for 100 days in a row, I'll donate it to the cause (Republican or anti-choice fund).

  35. I just said yesterday that if I had the money, I'd buy a "goal dress." I'd love to buy a dress in the size I'd like to be and hang it up where I can see it. For the first time ever I know I'll actually fit in to the dress soon as opposed to buying a clothing item and having it collect dust. I would really love to buy something nice and wear it in a few months when I hit my target weight. Thanks for doing this!

  36. I am like Kyle in a way. I also have a good life. I make a good living and so does my wife.

    But I have something we can do. Why don't you take that $100 bill and I will do the same.

    With $200 why don't we start a website to promote other weight loss blogs.

    See, mamavation is for moms. Blogher is for women. is for guys. What about a community that takes everyone?

    You and I are unique. We know how to promote blogs. We see so many great blogs out there and wonder why they are not as popular as they should be.

    We have enough people who would love to join. Anyone could do it, weight loss, fitness, whatever. We can come up with a creative name and use hashmarks on twitter

    @Jacksht have you read @antijared's post #bloggerbaby

    With $200 and our talent, we can find other talent as well. I am sure that the Mizfits and Dietgirls would support it as well.

    But it would go farther. because everyone would make it that way.

    We both know $100 is a great giveaway, but the 45 minutes of joy or inspiration you give in the morning is priceless(I am a slow reader).

    I kind of feel the same way about what I write. There are so many more great bloggers out there.

    So many who have a great story, yet never get recognized.

    Yet, when you comment on someone's blog, do you realize it is like a superstar saw them?

    I do not know. I was going to write somethiing snarky, but I already have a Wii Fit.

  37. I'd love to be able to afford both the Y membership (which I just joined Friday) and Weight Watchers, but since I had to pick only one on my budget, I chose the Y.

    I can follow along the WW basics easily enough for now, but you can't have a good workout without the equipment, so I made my choice.

    So with the $100.00, I would get a Weight Watchers membership. But I don't want you to send it to me. I am already motivated, pumped, and ready to run, box, lift, step, spin,and hike all this weight off.

    Send it to someone who needs it to stay motivated or get themselves a gym membership. They need it more than me. You couldn't buy the motivation I ahve gotten in the last week for $1,000,000!

    Thanks for the help Jack!

  38. Jack, what a fantastic give away!

    What would I do with $100? Convert it to GBP for a start ;)

    Then I would put the cash towards the cost of the training course to become a zumba instructor.

    I taught aerobics for about 8 years but was always overweight. My classes were always popular and someone once told me it was because I was not intimidating and it made larger ladies feel more comfortable.

    However, this time I would like to be the one the larger ladies aspire to look like. I would like to be able to say "I was overeight and I did it!"

  39. Lovely giveaway Jack, and great call on the kettlebells. I have one and lets just say the things my 2 year old attempts with it isn't safe.

    And I'll enter even though it means putting my personal business out there. (oh wait...I have a BLOG, the world knows my personal info).

    One of the reasons I do reviews on my blog is because quite frankly I'd never be able to afford the stuff myself. I rely on the generosity of companies to let me try out fitness products.

    However, I firmly believe that you can leave behind all the gadgets and gimmicks and do it on your own. With the exception of one thing: healthy food. Yes it's something thats so simple but quite frankly I still struggle with obtaining due to budget contraints. There is a mental battle every time I go to the store. Can I really justify that fresh produce? What I can sacrifice in order to eat right?

    Its humbling to admit there are times when I struggle to pay for groceries, but it's the truth. So that $100 would go towards fresh produce. My mouth is watering :)

  40. HI Jack,
    I would use that money to help pay the 70 dollar fee for my street self defense class. You know everything already so I don't have to go into it here...But in order for me to feel safe at a lower weight, I need to feel like I can protect myself. My car has gone kaput and all the money I put into savings is going to have it towed to a car dealership to have it fixed on a credit card. If I want to go forward with my weight loss, I have to get over this mental hump. This fear of being vulnerable. My first step...(besides the ninety pounds I have lost already) is to begin the process of no longer hiding myself behind a layer of fat, but learning how to use my body as a tool to defend myself. In the process I will finally be able to lose the rest of this weight and win. I want to win, badly. I will beat my past and can finally start living my future without fear.

  41. This is fun! :) Let's see... I would put it towards my sleep apnea machine so I can finally get some sleep at night. I know that is not "diet" stuff, but I think getting some sleep will help with energy, will power, cravings, and overall motivation. :) thanks Jack!

  42. You always have to outdo us all don't you Jack! lol My Giveaway was about $60 total with shipping and you HAD to top me! lol Great giveaway...who doesn't need some cash to spend!!?? Last weekend I spent $42.00 just on fresh produce. YIKES! It's hard out there for us healthy eaters!

  43. What a great day to follow your site :) haha...just kidding, I don't need the monies, but I did want to say how cool it is that you are handing out a C note of your own....On the flip side, I also want to recognize, from reading the comments, what a terribly hard job you are going to have picking a winner!

    Good Luck!

  44. Right now I'd put it toward some healthy food, we're kind of broke and Pasta is so much cheaper than the healthy stuff. BUT by the time I got the $100, this "broke period" will hopefully be over. In that case I would like to put it towards buying a used eliptical trainer. I know $100 won't actually pay for the whole thing, but it could be put aside and saved for it.

    I have ankle and foot trouble that makes running out of the question, and at times even walking and Free Step on the Wii Fit is too painful, but I've used a friends eliptical and had no pain, so I would really love to have one.

  45. There's nothing like cold hard cash to get my blood pumpin'! I would use that bill to get my mountain bike fixed-up for this spring/summer. It's had a flat for years and has just been gathering dust in the garage.
    Just writing this comment makes me want to ride it again, so I believe I'll give my bike this much needed attention whether it's your money or mine!

  46. I would use $100.00 not on myself, but to spread the weightloss/weight maintenance/weight management message so that more people would be inspired to eat healthfully and exercise sanely. In other words, I'd put up my own blog which would be a platform for motivation and inspiration to start/continue doing right for our bodies, minds and spirits. So the money would go towards books/tutorials on how to create the most attractive and easy-to-navigate blog I could. (I'm not a tech-savy person.)

  47. Wow, Jack (err, I mean Mr. Moneybags!) that is a super generous giveaway!

    I think I would pay it forward to a friend who is a single mom and cutting back on expenses. She goes to my gym which is relatively inexpensive compared to some but still does the job. She has been struggling with her weight, but does find the exercise part to be something she looks forward to. Her membership will expire this summer, but they usually run a special in July for $99 for the year! That would give her one more year :)

  48. A beach cruiser so this summer instead of letting my read-end get bigger on the beach I can ride all around and make fun of the people laying around letting their rear-ends get bigger. Hey, I have to stay motivated somehow. :)

  49. Hi, I'm not as altruistic as some of the others on here...b/c I'd use the money for myself. I live out in the country by a main road so I don't exactly have the best place to walk. I do have a treadmill and will start using it soon. (I've been trying to lose enough weight to feel comfortable in exercise...and wanted to get my blood pressure down) Once I begin walking, I really want to build muscle. I want to buy a good set of hand weights. I'd also like to get a punching bag and new walking shoes. I haven't had a pair of new walking shoes in 3 soles are ripping apart from the shoes. So, there are several things I could put the money towards related with my weight loss journey. I will say this, I have a lot of weight to lose. By giving me this money, you would in effect be contributing to help me live longer for my husband and kids. I'm sure I will get the weights, shoes, punching bag...or whatever else eventually (hopefully), but it will just take longer for me to accumalate these things on my own. I do not have money to go to the gym or Y, but I will do what I can to make it work at home. Your hard earned cash would help me do so. Awesome giveaway, it is very ALTRUISTIC of you.

  50. Hmmm $100! Wow! I would give in to my brother, Mike, who keeps bugging me to join his gym with him. He's a member of this really cool athletic club that has it all. The cool thing about his gym is that it has child care, so I can take my 3 year old with me which is one of the huge obstacles of working out for me. So, not only would I have my brother, who is a HUGE scary guy, to keep me accountable, but also someone to watch my little butterbean while I work out. Since I weighted 339 lbs and lost 83 lbs (so far), all my parts have gotten quite wobbly. Once I was a member for a couple of months, my husband would see that I was serious and be willing to budget for me to keep going...because let's be honest what man doesn't want their wife to get smoking hot?

  51. I would buy another 10 pack of Yoga classes, mine expired yesterday. I am not talking about the stretch your muscles and meditate. I am talking about the ass kicking, sweat producing, body shrinking and shaking, mind clearing yoga that I have been doing at least once a week.

  52. Wow, Jack, you've got your work cut out for you! Too bad we can't create a fund where folks who have it can donate, and those who need it can apply for healthy living grants. Actually, why can't we? Someone out there must know how to make something like that happen?

    I would put that $100 towards a new pair of running shoes. I go through shoes like a 2 year old goes through crayons and the pair I have now kind of sucks. I don't run as much because of it and I'd really like to get back into a regular running schedule. Can't afford the new shoes right now (hubs is laid-off & his unemployment just ran out), so the money would really help.

    Looking forward to seeing who you choose - maybe the winner has to write a little blurb to share on your blog about how they used the money? That would be neat to see!

  53. I would use it to buy my own exercise disc and exercise ball. I go to the police gym and use the ones there, but they are gross because they have man ass sweat all over them. When I use them I throw up which causes an eating disorder problem and I really just want to be normal healthy. I use Chlorox spray but the visuals of man ass crack still haunt me when I exercise on them.


  55. I would pay for kick boxing classes, I have no sob story, I have no medical issues. Just lack of time and lack of motivation to do anything for myself until now. I will buy myself kickboxing with or without your $100. Yours would be much nicer then mine though. You can't rely on anyone but yourself to make weightloss happen. I won't let mine hinge on $100. -Steph

  56. Ooh, I know exactly what I would do with this money.

    I started Weight Watchers about two months ago, and that's been going okay. What really made a difference was starting boot camp four weeks ago. I haven't seen much change in the scale (your post yesterday really resonated with me), but my clothes are looser and I am feeling so much better and eating healthier.

    The kicker is, though, that in the past, every time I've been healthy and active and in good shape, so too has been my husband. Right now he's as overweight as ever and seems not to be too motivated to do much about it beyond the occasional bike ride and basketball game with the kids.

    But, I mentioned to him a possibility yesterday: rowing classes. It's something we could do on Saturday mornings, together, and we'd even splurge for the babysitter. I know I'd like and he'd adore it (because he's always loved kayaking and canoeing and flatwater paddling--anything with boats on water).

    And I also know that rowing is excellent exercise, both cardio and strength.

    And I also know that if we both get in shape and lose weight, we're so much more likely to stick with it. And it'd be great to do this together--good for our marriage and good for our bodies.

    So I'd use $100 to pay for most of one class for him (which is $120). He's interested, and the class being available for almost free would be the kicker.

  57. I would use the money to buy "Jack Sh*t For President" bumper stickers.
    Seriously--I would use the $100.00 to apply for a dba and then use the remaining to open a business checking account. This currently unnamed company would start from that 100 dollars---with a mission to travel and spread weight loss motivation and inspiration throughout the world via low cost weight loss seminars, books, and a comprehensive website full of useful tools and resources. This company would be unlike any other in the weight loss industry---focused more on the transformation of it's members, than the bottom line on a profit report.
    I dream of founding this company---and spending the rest of my life sharing not only my story---but sharing the wonderful stories of so many people like you that have the power to inspire change. It's gonna be magical. You read it here first my friend.

    You're amazing Jack.

  58. *humbled by the post above*

    I would use that C-Note to get a Wii. I have heard nothing but great things about it and it just sounds like so much fun. The other thing I could do with it is to get a session of Personal Training so I can get dialed in to an exercise regimen at the gym.

    Thanks for the opportunity Jack and good luck to all your readers!

  59. I had to think about how to respond for a few minutes. I considered saying "Jack, I've been blessed with so much so I wish you luck picking someone else." Then I decided "screw that. It's a contest. And I've worked and will continue to work to reach my goals." So there you have it...I'm not the 'bigger person.' Just keeping it real. ;)

    So here's what I want...

    Well...I'm 13 pounds from reaching 100 lost, and when I reach that goal I'll need to lose another hundred pounds. I'm doing a fantastic job so I would put the c-note toward my visit to the dermatologist. I already have Invisaligns (clear braces) so my teeth are almost done, and now I'm ready to tackle the other part of my face that's less than desirable.

    My goal, at 100 pounds, is to have the scarring on my forehead removed. Um, I guess there's nothing I won't say in the blogosphere, hm? I have some scarring as a result of acne which was a result of the weight gain/body changes I experienced kind of rapidly.

    And the appointment will be made as soon as I hit the 100 pound mark. I already know where I'll go - to a dermy down the block who recently helped a friend resolve the same 'issue.' Because this way, when I reach my weight loss goal, I can feel confident that my outside has finally caught up with my inside (which is already feeling healthier, happier and lighter on my feet. :)

    So that's what I'm doing...and the Benjamin would play a part in it.

  60. Dude I'll TELL you what Id do. Id virtually march to Amazon and buy a damn scale that works. I play 'round the world every morning with the one I have. Some minutes (yes minutes) Im one weight and then BOOM Im another. Its like a rollercoaster that sucks. Conair makes a leveling one and this chick wants it. Because shoot, if Im going to go through all the trouble to lose weight I may as well know what the crap I lost. Can I get an Amen? I know the scale I have is laughing every morning at my Hokey Pokey get off get on turn myself around dance and I want it to laugh itself straight into the trash. If I want to dance, I'll go to a ho down, not to my bathroom. Thanks, Jack. Youre all that and a bag of low fat popchips.

  61. OH WOW! What a neat contest! If I win, will you sign it for me?
    $100 can get you a lot of things to be healthy. If I won, I would buy a new shiny pair of running shoes to start me on my journey. I am a novice runner, and I want to start actually competing in some 5Ks this year, all leading to my ultimate goal: competing in a real live marathon.
    This is a lovely idea, Jack. I love reading eveyone's stories!

    Alison :)

  62. I would use the money to join a running club/training program ( for the Portland Half Marathon - I really think that running with a group will push me to get better, and really help me achieve my goal of running to lose this extra pudge!

  63. oh wow, what a great day to read!
    with $100...i've been wanting to take a bootcamp class, and it's $100 for at 6 week class (2 nights a week).
    I'm so close to goal and it seems i can't break through those last few pounds.
    I keep thinking bootcamp is what it's gonna take!
    wannabthin blogspot dot com

  64. I am desperate for a Polar HRM! I'd love a waterproof one so I can track my effort in the pool, and it would let me track my calories when I do strength training as well. It's probably also more accurate than the calorie counters on the treadmills, now that I think about it. It would be so so helpful to my weight loss goals! Thanks Jack!

  65. I would not buy myself anything. I would immediately stick the $100 bill into one of the clippy-magnet things on my refrigerator. Sitting there, in plain view, it would be a constant reminder to me of all the people that have lost 100 pounds (or more), all the people that are on their way to losing 100 pounds, and all the people that want to begin their journey, and just haven't taken that step yet. Before mindlessly reaching into my fridge, I will have a lot to think about.

    When I reach my goal, I will take that $100 bill and do the same thing you are...hold a contest to see who inspires me the most to pass the bill along.


  66. I would use it to buy up some storage items and fresh veggies. That way I could have something to make sure I always had something healthy to snack on. Cause seriously, too many time I go to the fridge and because I don't have any veggies already prepared (or they've gone bad) I reach for the salty, fattening snacks instead.

    So tupperware and a trip to the Farmers Market!

  67. Is this one of those scams where you'll give me $100 if I give you my credit card number? ;)

    I'd use it to register for the Climb for Air here in Milwaukee. Climb 100 flights of stairs for Lung Cancer. $25 registration, donate the rest, plus I'll double it and donate $100 of my own.

  68. Money is nice but no amount of money will get me slimmer or fitter. If I cannot do it without the money NOW how will I ever manage after the $ is spent?
    I would donate it.

  69. As this would be a special prize, I would indulge in something that I normally do not get to do: I would get a massage to rub out all those tired, iron-pumping muscles of mine. They have been working really hard, and it would be great to give them a reward of thanks. 27 pounds in 8 weeks of healthy living deserves some praise!! Whoo hooo!


  70. Such a generous man you are Jack. First thing that popped into my head was to have a contest for my TOPS chapters (I oversee 9) and have them compete for the $100 to get fit. That money would transform into a possible 144 people trying to get healthier. Money does seem to talk to people lol.

  71. You have five gajillion people trying to convince you. I'm just going to be honest. With my current financial situation and having to give up WW until I have secured and started making money at a new job I would reactivate my online account for another three months. Knowing where and why the money came, it would keep me strict. With the left over cash I would invest in a dance workout vid (because I heart dancing and am lookin like mad for a burlesque vid), and some more small workout equipment.

    PS: Thanks for your ongoing support Jack. I know I haven't always deserved it.

  72. Well, Jack, what I would do with your $100 is ask you to donate it to my current cause: a 5K (3.1 miles) walk for cancer research known as the Underwear Affair! The purpose of the Underwear Affair is to find cures for cancers below the belt. On top of that, I'll have to get busy exercising and get in shape so that I don't have to take a nap every kilometre. Your $100 would help with that. There is a button on the sidebar of my blog for donations if you pick me! :-D

    Come on, Jack, I even converted kms to miles for you, lol!

    If you don't want to donate (although Dawn from Fixing Myself Thinner did, and I know that you want to be cool like Dawn), I would be thrilled if you mentioned it on your blog, since you have approximately 7 gazillion readers.

    Am I asking too much? :-D

  73. I'd buy more weights for myself. I have 5lb weights and that's it. I'd love to have a few more sets of weights to work out with. And some resistance bands. That would be wonderful too.

    More than anything, I think I might actually save it. I'd pin it to my bulletin board and use it as the inspiration that I need to get up off my duff and make this weight loss thing work out for me. And when I get to where I need/want to be, I'd use it for the new wardrobe that I'm gonna need.

    Thanks for being an inspiration Jack. It's great to follow people with stories like yours.

  74. Fun concept, Jack, and I for one am certainly not going to let this opportunity slip by. It didn't take me long to decide exactly what I would do with your cold, hard cash. I would join a dragon boating team. I'm not sure when you were last by my blog, but just yesterday I tried out this sport for the very first time and I loved it! I have a lot of financial commitments coming up over the next little while, so I'm not sure that I will actually be able to swing the cost for signing up both my husband and I for this extracurricular activity, but your money would definitely make that decision for me. My behind is still incredible sore (you use your whole body, not just your arms in this type of rowing) from the hour long workout I got in the dragon boat yesterday. If you haven't tried it before, I highly recommend that you do; it is just amazing! I would absolutely love to sign up for the season, actually work at developing the parts of my physique that I have been dropping the weight from, and maybe even compete in a race or two. The fee for the team we tried out with yesterday just happened to be exactly $100 too. Is it fate? Naw... it probably means Jack Sh*t!

  75. Honestly if I got the $100 I'd give it straight to my mom so she would stop worrying about money for the month now that so many of us are living (and eating) at home. Having her healthy makes me healthy.

    So I guess that means someone else should get the moneys since I would just give it away again. I'm always up for random odds and ends from your office though. ;)

  76. Hiya Jack,
    I would spend the $100 on getting a season pass at my local pool - which is in bikes ride distance from my house. Each day I can ride my bike AND swim - all giving me the benefits of super happy natural high endorphins and an svelte bod & extreme fitness.
    Once armed with such a weapon of good looking & enticingly dangerous measures I shall be able to put on a one woman luchadore wrestling show in honour of Jack Sh*t and his $100 kickstart.

  77. Yay for giveaways!

    Hmmm ... if I had 100 bucks, I'd register for the Mudbug Bash Dash (5K) and then put the rest towards the purchase of a wii fit for my whole family. The kids need to get off their bums, too! =P

    I love those "if I win the lottery" daydreams!

  78. Jack, how ever are you going to pick?! So many winning responses!

  79. I would buy new underware and sports bras. You asked.

  80. Oooo! What kind of odd things in your office? That's really tempting.

    I'd buy more workout dvds.

  81. The one I need to help me lose weight is a sense of self worth, and money can't buy that. I already own everything else.

    Good luck picking someone, you're gonna need it!

  82. SNEAKERS!!! Nike Pegasus to be exact! They fit me great and mine are REALLY worn out, but with two kids in college and one still in HS, new sneakers are not in the budget this month! That's what I would do with $100!


  83. Serious Jack looks serious!

    I am almost at my goal weight (HOORAY!), so if I got the $100, I would spend it on smaller clothes! Or put it towards doing a hike as part of our big Alaskan cruise vacation!

    These are probably not compelling enough reasons, so you should give it to someone who couldn't afford the WW membership fees without it.

  84. I don't need it.

    Because no matter how much Chickadee's new ride cost me, or what my own medical history costs I'm going to do this.

    If I have to buy shoes or smaller clothes, I don't care. I'm gonna do this. And I'm gonna take care of my stuff. Because that is what getting beyond surviving is all about.

    But if you want to help I'm trying to get better about that too.

  85. $100? If only it were that easy. $100 can't buy what I need to lose weight - motivation/determination/stick-to-it-iveness! If it could, I'd have spent the money years ago and would be living at a "normal" weight.

    Based on all these comments though, maybe I should setup the WiiFit I've owned for over a year and a half...or maybe go the gym that I've had a membership in for the last 2 years and have been to less than 10 times...or stop letting fresh fruit and veggies rot in my refrigerator because I'd rather have ice cream or eat out...or use some of the weights, balls, and exercise videos I've accumulated...or make a recipe from one of my many, many healthy cookbooks...or put on the brand new sneakers I bought and go for a walk...

    Believe me, if I thought the $100 would make me do any of those things, I'd beg for it.

    Alas, money is not going to solve my problems I'm afraid. But it's a great idea for those who could find motivation in it. Good luck with the judging - you have your work cut out for you!

  86. I would use it to monitor my weight loss progress. First, I would undress and then I would tuck the $100 bill under one of my breasts. Next, I would shake my maracas for all they were worth; really channel my inner Charo. If the money stays put, I know it's time to take an extra lap around the track, lift another five pounds, bake another head of cauliflower. If it flies free, I've reached my goal and I can then celebrate by picking the money up and heading over to the spa with it for some me-so-pretty pampering. (After I get dressed again, of course.)

  87. I am just writing to say good on you!

  88. I would spend the first ninety dollars on the best acai berry fat burning cleanse on the internet and when that fails I'll spend the remaining ten dollars on a decent jump rope and do high intensity intervals like a madman...

  89. Damn it, I hit post and my comment dissapeared! Oh well, I said in that post I want new kicks. I've been in hibernation since I ran my first half marathon on October 18th. I went out on a beautiful day this past Saturday and I'm still hurting from it. It hurts so good though, you know? I'm looking forward to the new running season. But I'm def in need of some new running shoes!

  90. I would use it towards a gym membership. I haven't been able to afford it, but the extra amount (if I had it) would go towards the membership. I live in the midwest and is difficult to exercise in during the winter during inclement weather!

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  91. Jack, your blog inspires the sh*t out of me every day. I have been an obese social worker since '91. This year, I decided to focus on myself and this WL journey as much, if not more, than I focus on helping others. It has been a scary and intimidating journey so far...including starting an accountability blog. I am down 42 lbs., have another 130 to go and have just started really exercising. I have a lot of left heel pain and need orthotic inserts and a decent pair of walking shoes. I have picked them out, and have a podiatrist friend giving me a "poor social worker discount" on the exam. $100 would go a long way toward the inserts themselves. Thanks for the opportunity, and for being such an incredible daily inspiration.

  92. Jack,
    This is pretty easy for me. I work out to podcasts...all the time. I have so wanted to donate to the ones I love so much...but never seem to have the money to do it. That's what I'd use it for.

    BTW...have I mentioned how much I love your blog and you tweets. I do!
    Connie (OHCowgirl)

  93. Great giveaway Jack! I can't wait to find out who the winner is.

  94. WoW Jack So many great comments. When it is my $100 I will buy good soil and buy seeds for my vegetable garden this year. Anything left over I would use to buy jars to can so I could have fresh veggies in the winter. Last year was my first vege garden and I posted about how it woke me up to taking care of my body. I can't wait to get started this year. Plus if I win I promise to run two laps around the garden every night. I will post pics of the garden to show what good use the $100 went toward.

  95. I wouldn't take the $100- not physically. What I would do is ask you to forward that $100 to the Susan G. Komen foundation in my name- in a way it would be helping me get fit. In August I'm going to Chicago to walk 60 miles for the 3 day walk- a grueling 60 miles that has been said to burn around 5,000 calories a day at least, a 60 miles that will carry me even closer to my weight loss goals. I signed up for it partially because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it- January of last year, I weighed 350 pounds and got short of breath thinking about walking a mile. Now I'm 222 and I CAN do this- I just have to raise the $2,300 in order to be able to walk it. I don't raise the money, I don't get to walk. I don't raise the money, women all over the country who could benefit from that $2,300 will miss out on mammograms, treatments and wigs. Research will be lost.

    So I'm asking you for the $100 to help me walk my 60 miles and help me find a cure for breast cancer at the same time. :)

    My Fundraising Page


  96. $100 is 3 entry costs for 5K races, which is part of my weight-loss goals this year. I am running my first one this Sunday, and then I will be signing up for as many that look interesting in the coming months. $100 would keep me running through to June!

  97. Ack am I getting lost amongst all the posts here. Wow, what would I do with a new Benji? I already have my wii fit, ipod shuffle and new saucony running shoes.

    I think I'd take it and put it towards a new gps gadget so I can do what I did last saturday: Geocached with a friend for over 4 hours.

    4 hours of hiking!!??

    3 months ago I was playing World of Warcraft for up to 6 hours a day. Saturday I hiked for 4 hours! It was amazing.

    Or I might just frame the damn benji to remind me of how aweome you are!

  98. Ok damn. I came back tonight to see how many zillions of stories you have to sift through and pick from. Give it to Vb (Violet)...I stopped reading after I read her idea..hanging it on the frig. That's the best one I've heard yet...especially about her passing it along when she hits goal, and not even spending it on herself. That rocks. This is a great thing you've started here. If I EVER get another job, you've inspired me to pass along $100 to inspire someone else, too.

  99. Jack - I would give it back to you, and match it $100 and let you pick TWO winners!

  100. You are hilarious. And inspirational.

    Hmmm...a hundred dollars? I'd use it to buy a Vita-mix (yes, I'd have to fork over the remaining bizillion dollars) and commit to eating a green healthy smoothie every day. Mmmm....

  101. Great give away Jack,
    I'm backing away knowing what you are like and also knowing it will go to the most deserving person.

    You are an inspiration to so many Jack, hopefully this will help someone to get on the journey to a new health life style.

  102. I would use it to register for my half marathon in September. Another way to keep pushing myself to the athlete I am LIVING to be. :)

  103. I don't know that I have a reason good enough to win. Personally, I would spend it on sessions with a PT/Trainer, because I'm just starting to work out, have no idea what I'm doing, and have several injuries to work around (which is why I need guidance).

  104. I have made a pledge that every pound I lose I will donate $1 to the Canucks for Kids Fund, I have lost approximately 75 pounds so far, with another 75 to go. If won, that C-note would go towards the Canucks for Kids Fund, over and above my pledge.

  105. Your serious face rocks.

    This is a great giveaway, and I know what I'd spend it on. Good, healthy food. My boyfriend hates me buying groceries because when I buy them I don't buy crap. I buy vegetables and fruits and yogurt and whole foods so that I can feel good about what I'm putting into my body. And so they're more expensive than the stuff he would buy. So, I have to either eat the groceries he likes to buy, or I have to just try to make the healthier choices when we eat out (I've tried telling him this is more expensive; he doesn't get it). Anyway, $100 would buy me about a week of good, healthy groceries, and that would be nice. Oh, I could also use part of it to get a fitness consultation with a personal trainer to see where I'm at and what I need to do to get back in great shape again.

  106. If money would do the trick, there would be no obesity in the country.

    Nice offer though, Jack!


  107. I would pass it on to my mother-in-law so she could join WW. She says she's always wanted to join, but never had room in the budget. She's a fabulous mother and really the best mother-in-law. After raising 9 kids, I think she deserves the chance to focus on herself.

  108. Wow, there are so many great comments here. What would I do with $100? I htink I'd either buy some good morning breakfast bars (Lara Bars or, or put it to a heart rate monitor/bodybugg. But really, there are so many other people more deserving. What a fun giveaway!

  109. I would use it to join Weight Watchers, then I would file a reimbursement from my insurance company, and get the money back. Then the refund would go to ipod songs, exercise DVDs and heavier hand weights.

  110. I would use it to buy weights. I have 4 pounds left to get to my goal weight. I too have avoided weight training in fear that the scale would go up instead of down and mess up my mind.
    I need to start re-thinking the scale at this point in my journey and come to terms that its about health - not a number on the scale.

  111. I would love to spend that money on some healthy lunches. Working in a mall takes its toll - and not even because the food is mostly unhealthy, but it just gets boring after a while! I want to have delicious, nutritious and exciting lunches. It would make me a healthier person, and make my day at work more enjoyable. :)

  112. I'm going to go save my own $100 now, since there are so many worthy entrants...but here is what I'd use it for. My exercise of choice remains water aerobics because that's all my knees can handle. (In another 50 pounds, that should be different.) Swimsuits that are supportive enough for this activity (which involves lots of cardio, so it's not just slow movements in the water) and that fit someone of my size are not easy to find, and I have one good source. I am in dire need of a new suit, as well as new water aerobics shoes. The cost of these items together is probably about $150, but $100 would be a great start toward getting me back to the pool. I currently don't have a suit that I can wear without fear of wardrobe malfunction. And my current shoes are falling apart.

    So there you have it. Either I win your $100 or I save my own money to get my ass back to the pool!

  113. I would put the $100 toward getting my bikini line laser hair removalled because I really want to start swimming as an alternative to running but I hate shaving and I don't want to scare any small children that may be at the pool with the Jungle Jane I'm currently sporting.

    You'll help me, won't you Jack?

  114. Oh dear. Everyone else has got their serious face on too. I hope you don't think I'm dissing your giveaway. I'm not!

    My answer stands by the way. Waxing is also from the devil.

  115. I'd use the money to adopt a kitten (I'm dead serious about that), I've been wanting a pet for a lloonngg time and I had one to occupy my freetime I think I'd be less tempted to raid the fridge ALL THE FRICKIN' TIME. Plus a kitten would love me no matter how fat I am :-P

    If that didn't pan out I'd buy a gym membership. I have access to three gyms, but I want something with a pool, because I love and miss swimming. If I had money left over I'd put it towards the registration fee for another road race.

  116. Needle in a haystack here? Yes. Am I going to attempt it anyway? Yes.

    I think I would save the $100 until I reach goal- that way it will continually motivate me to get to goal. I would secure it in a visible place so that I saw it everyday while making food choices (on the fridge maybe?) or by my gym pass to help me remember to WORK.

    Then, once I reach goal, I will buy myself a new swimsuit to wear on the beach, so I can show off my hot new bod. If the suit doesn't quite come to $100, then I'll throw in a cover up as well.

    Can't wait to hear who the winner is!!

  117. For an electronic kitchen scale and i really want some of those plastic foods in correct portion sizes. that way I can learn more about portion sizes and what I should be eating and once I am used to it, I can share it with others!

  118. Hey Jack, I'd give the money straight back to you and say 'Well done mate, we're so damned proud of you - go treat yourself.'

    Thank you for your blog - it's genious!

  119. Since I know for a fact that the Internal Revenue Service requests a break down for all tax- deductible contributions, (this would be subject the a health-related contribution) I have decided to show you exactly how I plan on spending my $100.

    3 pounds bananas 1.92
    6 gala apples 3.42
    seedless grapes 4.52
    2 pineapples 6.81
    boneless chicken breasts 12.65
    1 pound jalapenos 0.75
    2 grapefruits 1.25
    Box of brown rice 1.75
    1/2 watermelon 3.25
    bag of organic spinach 4.87
    Organic salad dressing 3.25
    mini bag of trail mix 0.99
    mini bag of trail mix 0.99
    3 pack wheat bread 12.16
    low-calorie English muffins 3.42
    6 tomatoes 5.16
    Organic deli turkey 2.45
    3 sweet potatoes 2.12
    Case of bottled water 6.45
    2 heads of brocolli 2.25
    value pack of turkey breasts 9.14
    Fresh Basil leaves 2.18
    Fresh mozzerella 4.25

    Subtotal: $96.00
    tip for HOT bag boy $4.00

  120. That should say, "subject TO a health...

    And, before someone corrects me, all amounts stated included sales tax.

    :) :) :)

  121. Well I've already got plans for that $100 bill.

    What I would do is buy some really ris-kay type of clothing for the privacy of my bedroom (and my husband).

    I tell you I haven't had anything sexy to wear since before I birthed my three spawns. But what better way to motivate and lose some of this fat ass then to have the opportunity to look good again? (or like a hooker) Hell I'm not getting any younger!

  122. OK-I'm going to be completely selfish here.

    Because I'm STILL trying to make goal since *before* the 2 kids, and? I have my HIGH SCHOOL REUNION coming up, Jack! And 20 years is too long to feel like crap.

    Now, I *do* realize there's a chance I won't be at goal by then. I've picked out my dress and I am prepared to accept whatever size I'm going to end up buying it in. ALL I WANT is to feel cute and sexy and pretty by then, Jack. 'Cause fewer things are less LESS cute, sexy, or pretty than high school as far as I'm concerned. Who's with me?

    So I would spend your hard-earned cash on 2 months of Salsa Dancing lessons. Not that I'll be Salsa dancing at my reunion (well OK, I'd like to Salsa Dance at my reunion-but *inside*) I could really use a little chili in my step that night and for as many nights as possible after that.

    AND if I do get the cash, not only will I send you a photo of me, in "The Dress" striking my very best Salsa Pinup Pose (which, I think you'll agree, is worth the cash alone) but I will drink a toast to you at my reunion with the drink of your choice. Unless it's Scotch and Water, Jack, because eewww.

    I'm pretty sure your $100 could really help boost school spirit at my reunion, Jack. 'Cause if I show up that night feeling like someone's schlubby, washed-out wife/mom?

    Fire Ants.

    'Cause if I show up at that reunion looking and feeling like a schlubby, tired old mom? Fire Ants.

  123. Now I bet if I'd had those Salsa lessons that wouldn't have happened. Where do you even get Fire Ants, Jack? Costco, I bet. Or Texas.

  124. Great contest!

    If i won this contest I would definitely buy a new pair of work out shoes! I'm a college student and money is tiiiight. When I started this work out and weight loss goal, I didn't realize that the only pair of tennis shoes that I own are 4 years old and are wearing thin. I would love love love a new pair of shoes to aid me along the way.

    Good luck to everyone =)

  125. Let me preface this by saying "don't laugh"..since a year ago I weighed 253 pounds and was 49% fat.

    What would I use $100 for?

    I would put it toward the study materials and exam fee to become a Certified Personal Trainer. It is about $500 for the whole thing....soup to nuts. (NSCA) And I want to do it! I want to become certified and help others fight their battle of the bulge and help others get fit and healthy and strong.

    It is a double-pronged motivation, too. On the one hand, I could help and motivate others to get on the right path. On the other hand...I would...CLEARLY...need to lose this last 15 pounds and then maintain a rip-roaring healthy bod if I was going to effectively market my services. (who wants a fat personal So, that is what I would do. I'd put it toward the fees. I already decided on the certifying agency (see...I am getting pretty serious about this) and am just waiting for tax season to slow down. I figure....doing taxes (I am working on my Enrolled Agent license now) AND personal training would be a great way to combine brains and brawn...and still be a somewhat at-home Mom to my four kidlets. Life would be good. :)

  126. I started reading all the other comments and I almost didn't enter this giveaway b/c I thought other people were more deserving than me. And then I realized that this was the same defeatist attitude I had been taking toward my own weight-loss. And that's the wrong attitude to take. I'm just as deserving of a healthy lifestyle as anyone else out there.

    So, Jack, what would I do with $100? One of two things. I would either buy a bicycle or a good pair of running shoes. I live in a city with great paths & lakes that I'd like to enjoy on either my own two feet or two wheels.

  127. OK, I have been thinking about this & with all your comments, I doubt I will sway you but I am going to try!!!!

    I make no secret that there is NOT extra $$ in this house. So you know that I am pretty much where I want to be weight/muscle wise but the journey never ends as we change, the body changes & actually, I am always coming up with new goals fro myself.

    BUT IT IS ALSO ABOUT FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF! My workout clothes are older than old! I mean I am still wearing leotards most days.. I know, BAD! I would love to feel better by getting some new workout clothes for myself... either that or reward my hard efforts with a facial for this age ravaged face!

    That is what I would do!

    Thx for offering this up to some lucky reader! This is cool! Spur them on! I think you ought to require a pic of whatever they said they would do with the money!

  128. Wow! Everyone has such great answers. I'm almost sorry to post this unoriginal one, but I would love to get the WiiFit - maybe that new one with Jenny McCarthy.

    I've been eating low carb and working out almost daily for over 9 months now and my husband finally said he'd like to start. I think having something at home to work out to would be a great start for him.

  129. i couldn't read 128 responses (that's what's ahead of me) i got about 2/3 through.. so i don't know if i'm original or not.

    i've fallen off the wagon. maintaining.. but not losing.

    Money wise, i'm comfortable, not rich, not poor.

    I have what I need.

    I would take that $100 USD and stick it on my fridge until I reach goal. That $100 will buy me a plane ticket to Florida, to meet the man that has so often inspired me, to shake his hand, and say "thank you".

    i've been gone for a while, Jack.. but I'm still here... i'm still fighting.

    I will win this battle, and lose this weight.

    and you are a great big part of that.

  130. What a fun concept!! I love the idea of a "Healthy Living Grant". I also love Sean Anderson's idea, which is exactly what I plan on doing once I get to goal.

    If you choose me as the recipient of your US$100 note, I will firstly ask you to sign it. Once it arrives (in rural Queensland, Australia) I will get it framed and hang it on my office wall where I do all my thinking and brainstorming.

    Seeing it every day will remind me of your generosity, your blog, other blogs I enjoy, and how much fun blogging has added to my current (and final) weight-loss journey. It will remind me of my own intentions for when I reach goal - similar to Sean Anderson's. This, in turn, will keep me inspired to keep on track and actually ENJOY the journey towards 70kg rather than think it a bore, like I once used to.

    My intentions will come to pass whether I win your $100 note or not, yet it would certainly sweeten the journey.

    In any case, I would be more than happy to donate my own AUD$100 back to your next competition (*_*)

  131. I'd hire a hitman to beat the shit out of me....not a bigtime big money hit man, the kind they make mob movies about. One just kinda starting out who'd jump on that kinda dough. He would have to be pretty mouthy, and try to drill the idea of eating healthily and moving more into my inner self while pummeling my outer-self. I think for 100 bucks I could get a multi-tasking hitman like that. I havent tried actual violence yet, I think it might be an idea!!
    j/k jack, there are a ton of great comments here and I know you'll have a tough time picking the lucky winner! :-)

  132. If I won the $100 I would buy running shoes. My goal this summer is to pick up running. To me everyone that does it looks like they are at peace. I want that. I want to run. I have been looking at running shoes and wow. Every time I would wear the shoes though I would remember to push myself. It would be like having my personal Jack trainer on my feet telling me I better prove myself!

  133. Ok, so I stated that I'd love to win this contest, but started thinking. Chris over at A Deliberate Life is soooo close to her goal. She could really use the money for her self defense course. I think she is already doing big things in the blog community. She's strong, supportive, encouraging, and very thoughtful about the weight loss process. I think she's destined for even greater things once she hits goal. Think about what the self defense class could do for her. It might be that last hurdle to jump and your money would help her get there. :)

  134. In a couple of weeks, I'm making a really big decision by deciding to quit my day (night) job and immerse myself in all things related to health, fitness, and wellness. I have a back up job so I'm not worried about the finances that much.

    My passion and my true calling is writing and teaching about health, fitness, and wellness. I want to impart to others the things I've learned from my struggles, my wins, and my losses. But those will only get me so far in terms of teaching others. I still have so much to learn and so many things to discover. If I win that $100, I would most definitely use it to buy a Yoga mat and enroll in a Yoga class. I really want to teach this someday and getting into a class is definitely a start for my learning. The money will most definitely be an investment for this true calling inspired business idea I have. I feel like I have so much to learn and so much to share.

    (Could you send it via Paypal? Hehehe.)

  135. My 10 year high school reunion is later this spring, in a little over 100 days.

    I would break the hundred dollar bill into one hundred individual dollar bills.

    I would give them all to my sister's family, with one caveat: I would start a goal to workout every day for one hundred days, not killing myself, just doing it...every day. And at the end of every workout, I would go see my sister and she would pay me one dollar. I would post pictures and updates.

    After 100 days, (and hopefully, having lost enough weight to go back to Washington and see friends and family at less than 100 pounds higher than I was at 18 years old), all the dollars I had earned would be passed on to another weight loss blogger to do something cool and worthwhile with via this exact type of giveaway.

  136. Okay, I actually just had an idea to make my previous idea better. So, the plan would naturally be to workout all one hundred days, and thus pass on the entire $100 to someone new at the end. But, I think if I'm able to do it for all one hundred days, than I would double the amount. So if I workout all one hudred days, and thus earn back all $100, then I will add one hundred of my own, and pass on $200 to some other WL blogger.

  137. I will put the $100 towards finding out what I can do differently to lose weight in a healthy way. WTF? Been eating 1,400 calories per day of healthy food (balanced meals, plus everything weighed, measured, and tracked); been doing cardio 60+ minutes per day and strength training 40+ minutes per day. Started this "journey" 11.5 weeks ago. In that time: total weight loss = 1 lb. Height is 5'7". Weight is 284. Age: 54. Cried myself to sleep last night. I am not a crier. I am not a quitter. Signed, Determined

  138. I've discovered that a little support goes a long way. I won a free session of WW at Work ($99). Now I've done WW before and never, ever lost weight. HATE counting points! But, even though I'm not religiously following the diet, something about meeting up with those other gals and weighing in with them each week has helped me to turn around the weight creep that began last fall. In a month, I've dropped 5 lbs and making better choices. I would use the $100 to pay for the next session.

  139. Sorry, but I'm no do-gooder. I'm selfish. Instead of giving the money away for a worthy cause or to help someone else, I'm keeping the money to help myself.

    I am in desperate need of new running shoes. From what I am told you're supposed to buy new shoes ever 6 months or something like that. I have had my current running shoes for over 2 years. Why you ask? Well most of the time my kids come first, so instead of getting myself new running shoes (which seems like a luxury), I got them shoes they needed. I know...I know...break out the violin. Do you hear that sound? It's the world's smallest violin playing.

    I could really use the shoes because I am running my first 5K with my Mom in May. If I get new shoes or not, I am still running.

  140. Great giveaway, Jack!

    You are my hero.

    FYI, I don't want the money. But, for some reason, I just can't help wondering...

    How many boxes of Girl Scout Cookies can you buy with a c-note?



  141. I would so buy myself a new pair of running shoes. My current running shoes are falling apart, literally, the soles have little pieces missing and that's not helping me!!! I am going to keep running until I eventually run right out of these darn shoes and then I will be just like Forrest Gump......Run, Forrest, Run!

  142. At this moment I don't workout and I don't watch what I each and am overweight. I'm out of shape, overweight with "muffin tops" and dread warm weather when I can't hide in layers of clothes. My problem is thinking I can do it by myself with no outside input from a gym or classes. I know I'm a failure at being both the coach and the athlete - I know this and still think I'll get myself up early to do a workout in my livingroom with one of the many DVDs I have. My exercise discipline and self confidence is zero. A health club or gym are out of the question since there is too much time wasted going to and from and I have a tight work schedule.

    So what I would do with the $100 is enlist a coach that I would call before and after my morning exercises, bookending my workouts with checkin calls to her. Asking for help and being accountable to someone trained as a personal business and fitness coach could be the workable solution I need to get started and to develope a fitness routine. My coach would be my "success partner" and I would not be isolated. The $100 would pay for about 6 weeks of 3 days/week of calls. What a terrific jump start!

    Thanks for this terrific idea!

  143. And did I mention? At the rate I'm losing, by the time I reach my goal weight I'll be dead.

    Just saying.

    Signed, Still Determined

  144. I'd use the money toward a mommy and me (like a toddler tumble class or dance class or cooking class). My biggest motivation for losing weight (besides being skinny and looking good in jeans) is to teach my daughter healthy eating habits. I want her to view food as fuel, to stop eating when she's full, not to use food as comfort and that exercising can be fun. I'm working hard to be a good example for her so that she doesn't have to deal with all this crap later on in life.

  145. I really need that $100. You see, Tuesday I got diagnosed with a form of skin cancer. Being fair skinned and blonde, I knew it was probable. But being a 27 year old, you never really think it would happen so soon. I am devistated. The doctor is telling me that I need to stay compltely covered whenever I am even near a window to prevent my skin from getting worse.
    It's hard to go outside and walk, or even excercise with the windows/curtains open when you have no long-sleeved atheletic clothes.
    In short, I would use the money to buy some appropriate athletic clothes that I can wear to work out in the sun.

  146. Jack, would it help if I said I would give a free weight workout or does saying that ruin my chances? :-) Are ya scared buddy!!! ;-)

  147. Hi Jack - new reader to your blog and I am just loving it. I am on my 16th month of weight watchers and I'm down 87 lbs as of my weigh in today. I believe at this point I'd use the 100 to buy clothes that actually fit me ... see I've gone from a 24 to a 12 at this point, and lots of clothes are super baggy, doing nothing for my self-image. When I feel skinnier and better about myself in general (in new clothes) I do better with my weight loss. BTW - I have about just under 20 lbs to go to reach my goal ... it has been a looong way down. So happy to share my journey with you.

  148. Jack - you are sooo cool! But like many of the Brits, I can't really use the $100 because I live in Germany. I'd just spend it in Vegas when I visit my Dad (who lives there) and I'm sure it would be for NOTHING to do with fitness (unless you consider a Marguerita a fitness drink!) *LOL*
    I'm saving up for my very own treadmill at home so if you were giving away Euros, that's what I'd use them for -- a Reebok Treadmill -- see it here

    Lots of love from a real fan in Germany!

  149. I am 40 and I am going to be a runner. Finally.

    I have wanted to be a runner for my whole life. My very best friend growing up is a great runner. Her dad was a great runner. I always wanted to run with them, but my mother said runners get obsessed with running and running is all they care about. So, I grew up a spectator.

    But, I have been inspired by your blog and by Tricia (Endurance isn't only Physical) and now I am going to run. I bought some kick ass running shoes yesterday. Today I am going for my first run! Awesome!

    If you choose me as the winner, I will use $50 to join the Running Room's Running Clinic where they promise I could run a 5k in just 10 weeks. I would use the second $50 to enter the Ft. Lauderdale A1A half marathon. I know it isn't for a year--but I really want to run that race.

    Either way, please know much your story has inspired me. Thanks Jack!!

  150. I'd rejoin WW, pure and simple. I still (sort of) count points, but it's not like it used to be. Counting on your own isn't the same as meeting up with others and hearing the success stories and feeling lifted and supported. I let my membership lapse and it's expensive to join up again.

  151. I want to try out for the Roller Derby, but the gear is expensive. $100 would really help get me some starter gear. Roller Derby is great in that they take all shapes and sizes, you just have to have the gear and the courage to take a give hits. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  152. 1). I used to weigh 232

    2). Now I weigh 174

    3). Tomorrow it will be 175

    4). I’ve been stuck for over 120 days

    5). I am frustrated

    6). I have tried

    7). Swimming

    8). Jogging

    9). Rock Climbing

    10). Yoga

    11). Dancing

    12). Bicycling

    13). Stairs

    14). Crawling

    15). Crying

    16). Planks

    17). Side Planks

    18). Jacked-Up Planks

    19). Wrists Weights

    20). Ankle Weights

    21). Stepping up and down on the curb

    22). Walking on grass

    23). Walking in the lazy river

    24). Hiking

    25). Fitness Ball

    26). Resistance Band

    27). Step Class

    28). Cardio and Muscle Class

    29). Drills to Make You Sweat Class

    30). Muscle Works Class

    31). Treadmill

    32). ARC Trainer

    33). Adaptive Motion Trainer

    34). Stat Bike

    35). 10 Minute Solution This

    36). 10 Minute Solution That

    37). Walking Pilates

    38). Regular Pilates

    39). Kickbox Boot camp

    40). Regular Boot camp

    41). Water Aerobics

    42). Chugging Water

    43). Elliptical Trainer

    44). EFX

    45). StairMaster

    46). Step and Muscle Class

    47). Basketball

    48). Rowing Machine

    49). Took a spin on Spinning Bike

    50). Mowed the Lawn

    51). Raked the Leaves

    52). Volunteered to Rake Neighbor’s Leaves

    53). Gotten Acupuncture

    54). Had my own ‘Dreathon

    55). But Jack Sh@t

    56). I am convinced.

    57). I need a Wii Fit

    To get past 58ish).

  153. I would have to buy a wii fit.. but not for me.. for my kids!! How does that benefit me in my weightloss you ask? It will give me more then 5 freakin' minutes of peace and quiet so I can relax and maybe, for once, think straight enough to figure out what's for dinner (preferrably healhty) and it will tire them out so they go to bed early and then I can burn some much needed calories doing the dirty deed with my much loved Hubby!!~

  154. I would use it to buy a very nice pair of tennis shoes to replace the $14.99 dime-store specials that kill my feet while I'm doing those now hour-long cardio sessions on the recumbent bike multiple times a week.

    I'd also send you a very sweet thankyou card for the shoes along with all of the motivation I've gotten from your posts and comments this past year.

    You are one of the bloggers who inspired me to exercise despite my MS. Because of our blogger community I now go to the gym at least 5 times a week (sometimes more) and have a personal trainer even though I wouldn't have believed in a trillion (lots, right?) years that I'd ever spend so much money on such things when the economy (and my bank account) is experiencing major suckage.

    Because of you–among the other bloggers who regularly read and leave little fires under my ass ... um I mean brilliant words of firm "you-can-do-it-ness"–I'm encouraged with every step. I now understand that sacrifices can be made in the name of a bigger goal.

    Money for a trainer rather than for a new outfit.
    Time for a morning workout rather than sleeping in.
    Lunch at my desk rather than eating out with the guys every day.
    And a few minutes to say thanks rather than updating my farmville while I de-stress a minute from all these crazy projects!

    All worth it. Thanks Jack. :)

  155. Dear Mr. Jack Sh*t,

    My name is Lee. I'm 30 lbs. lighter. Charts recommend another 115 - 145 lbs. to go. I read your blog because it's funny and motivational.

    I'm trying to change my eating habits by getting back to grains, fruits and vegetables. I found this book, Clean Food, that starts with the basics.

    I’m a mother to six wonderful kiddos. Finding time to run off to the gym or pay for a gym on a long term basis is not in the cards right now. One way I try to exercise is walking my son to school which I do on days that aren’t rainy or days that no one wets the bed or days that the 2 year old isn’t having a tantrum. In other words, I walk my son to school sporadically. Having a way to exercise at home would be ideal. The Urban Rebounder would be perfect. I could workout early in the morning before the kids wake up. I could slide it under the bed for the rest of the day. Plus, it’s the only rebounder at Dick’s Sporting Goods that has a 300 lbs. weight capacity.

    Eating right and exercising are important to losing weight. Being able to relax the mind is also important. At the end of a crazy, hectic day wrangling kids, I like to sit down with a cup of herbal tea. Teavana has a bunch of fruit herbal teas without sugar or preservatives. I would stock up on tea.

    So to account for the money, there is: one hundred dollars from Jack Sh*t and fifty dollars from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

    $19.80 – Clean Food
    $99.99 – Urban Rebounder-Dick’s Sporting Goods
    $4.00 – Teavanna (Strawberry Kiwi)
    $6.80 – Teavanna (Pear-Lemon Panache)
    $6.80 – Teavanna (Strawberry Lemonade)
    $6.80 – Teavanna (Wild Orange Blossom)
    $4.50 – Teavanna (Caribbean Breeze)

    Grand Total

    $148.69 (and that’s under budget, mind you!)

    Please pick me, Mr. Jack Sh*t!

  156. Hi Jack,

    Long time reader (ok, lurker), first time commenter. Yup... it's the money that got me to out myself.

    I'll take your money and jog to the nearest shoe store. I'd really like to get professionally fitted for a good pair of running shoes. I looked down at mine this morning and thought about them. I bought them in 2007 when training for my black belt, and I know I wore them as I finished my first triathlon in 2008. But, then, they sat on the side while I gained 40 lbs (and now at 230... they don't quite support me the way they did when they were new).

    I've signed up for a 5K in May. I've also been talking with a coach for Team in Training about doing a 1/2 marathon in August. I'm not yet sure if that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach is a good challenge or insanity.

    On the other hand, I know I won't need shoes to keep up with my karate (though sadly I had to buy a bigger pair of pants to avoid splitting the old ones). I'm on week 3 of couch to 5K and I'm headed to karate tonight.

    If you've read down this far - feel free to show me the money! (And, thanks. There's something about your blog that's inspiring - the laughs, the prodding, and the honesty about struggling - it's keeps me real that not all days are amazing and perfect - while reminding me (scaring me a little) not to quit).

  157. I would be totally selfish and put it towarsd a Garmin. I like to convince myself that if I had one, I'd run more. Simple as that, right?

  158. I would use it to sign up three people to run with me in the KC Trolley Run, April 25th. Donate or register here:

    Then with the remaining 10 dollars I would buy a bitchin headband.

  159. With $100 I would register for the Warrior Dash ( , $65). I am only running 3 minutes straight at this point but as soon as I saw the ad for the Warrior Dash I knew I wanted to do it! I have not signed up for it yet because I am scared...but I want to not be scared! If someone else was "sponsoring" me I would have to do it!!

    And with the remaining $35 I would make sure I had one bitchin' warrior-worthy costume!

    and since you my dear Jack Sh*t will be "sponsoring" this little venture into warriorworld would have to assist in costume design!

    so come on!! ya know you want to send that money my way!!

    you do wanna...dontcha?!?!?

    keep on keepin' on my friend!!
    jen out!

  160. Jack, i would buy a new pair of athletic shoes. i've been wearing my sister's old nike air tera wild's for five years now; (she's 22 and got them new in 5th grade, but never wore them.) while they've been great shoes, the treading pad fell off the bottom of one shoe, making it super smooth (not to mention totally ragged looking). they're pretty holey, too.

    i have put off buying a great pair of new shoes because i am exercising like a hermit at home, and i'm trying to save money. O_0

    but if i had your $100, it would go toward an awesome pair of new nikes! and i betcha i'd be showing them off outdoors, too.

    and if you gimme that money, i'll take before-and-after shoe pics! ;)

  161. If I had $100, I would like to buy a couple of sessions with a personal trainer....and I would buy a digital scale....that weighs to a tenth of a I will actually know if I am losing at a slow rate or not at all.

  162. Really enjoyed reading the comments--great idea. I agree--give it to VB Violet--loved the idea of keeping it on the fridge for motivation. I'd say I deserve the $ because I'm still trying, still trying, just like everyone else. Finding my way, slowly, but finding it. Don't really need the money--not really going to help me anyway. I just need to do it myself. I need to get it done. Good luck making your choice--I have no clue how you are going to do that! You posts help me keep on--thanks for that.

  163. Oh me, oh my! You do have a lot of comments to sort through! Well, I'll give it a whirl...if I'm the lucky winner of the $100 or $50 gift card, I'm putting it toward a Body Bugg! I would love to have the opportunity to track calories in and calories out. I've been reading various tweeple that have one, and I'm quite impressed. I've also looked at reviews of both the body bugg and the gowearfit and I've determined that the bugg is the one for me.

    So, that's my 2 cents! Happy reading!

  164. Wow there are a lot of good comments here and so many much more worthy than mine but I will throw mine into the mix anyway. Over the past couple years I have had the burning desire to be a runner. My weight has held me back for so long but over the past couple of months I have started running anyway. I run on my treadmill for about 90 seconds and then recover walk for 3.5 mins. I do the for 30 to 45 minutes. It's difficult because I am 282 pounds. I used to be 302 so you can see it has helped. I haven't yet purchased a good pair of running shoes because I wasn't financially able to and I feel intimidated by going into a athletic shoe store asking for running shoes. The scenarios that run through my head aren't pretty and I fear humiliation. I went through that enough when I bought my treadmill from Sears and the saleslady chuckled when I told her I was looking to purchase a treadmill. She asked me who I was buying it for and did the eye roll thing like I was totally wasting my time and money because I would probably never get my fat butt on it. Needless to say, she didn't get my sale because I ended up purchasing it elsewhere. I am ready to face the fear of buying the running shoes so that I could have a good solid platform to support my running body. I worry about the risk that I could do to my feet if I continue pushing along in my old worn out sneakers but I refuse to let it be an excuse to stop running. If I am chosen I will face the fear and go get fitted for a good pair of running shoes and I will forever be grateful to you for helping me work towards my dream of being a runner.

  165. I don't really have dreams of athletic shoes or anything. I'm just going to be honest. If I was sent any money at all right now I would use it to pay bills. I wouldn't go buy new food or clothes or a gym membership. I know this seems weird but for me bills (currently) are a large stressor, and stress is my greatest enemy in this parade. However, I think I'm going to be good either way. 70lbs down (hopefully a little more down tomorrow morning!) and still going!

    I would not want to be in your shoes right now! You have a lot to choose from!

  166. Honestly i think if i had the $100 i'd first use it to register for Kitchener Waterloo walking classic which is a walking race to raise money to buy people with mental health issues new running shoes!
    And after that i'd really love to go buy a new kitchen scale, measuring cups, measuring spoons etc.

  167. I would sign up for Booty Camp! It's boot camp for women! I've been dying to try it out, but it's almost $80 (plus tax) for four weeks! I want to build some muscle and flatten some stuff out and I think Booty Camp would help me do it.

    Plus, given the current exchange rate on the Canadian/US dollar, I might be able to get the eight week session out of your hundred dollars!

  168. I'd take that $100 and buy some adult Depends for myself - all the toilet breaks from this new water habit is just too much of an interference with my day-to-day activities - you know, like sitting at my desk for hours on end, yadda, yadda.



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