Thursday, March 4, 2010

100 Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Do you want to lose weight?
  2. Do you really?
  3. How much do you want it?
  4. A little?
  5. A lot?
  6. More than you can say?
  7. Less than you believe?
  8. You do realize that wanting it is only one small part of this, right?
  9. But it’s the most important part, isn’t it?

  10. Have you reconciled yourself to the fact that this is a lifetime pursuit?
  11. As in “for the rest of your life”?
  12. Have you really embraced that idea?
  13. Are you good with this?
  14. Really?

  15. If you’re almost done, do you realize just how easy it would be to yo-yo back?
  16. Do you honestly?
  17. Have you gone through it before?
  18. Maybe more than once?
  19. Like me, are you making a pledge to never let that happen again?

  20. Do you eat more than normal right after a weigh-in?
  21. I mean, like right after?
  22. Do you realize how silly that is?
  23. If you’re cheating, do you realize that nobody really cares?
  24. That you’re only cheating yourself?
  25. What good will that do?

  26. Have you really committed yourself to this journey?
  27. I mean, really committed yourself?
  28. Do you have any idea how much harder this becomes if you half-ass it?
  29. Aren’t you worth your very best effort?

  30. What excuses are you letting get in the way of your success?
  31. Are you too busy at work?
  32. Too busy at home?
  33. Got health problems?
  34. Got money problems?
  35. Whatever problems you have, do you not understand that you’ll be in a better position to deal with them without all this extra weight?

  36. Do you like the way you look?
  37. Like the way clothes fit on you?
  38. Aren’t you ready to start loving the way you look and being proud of the way clothes fit on you?
  39. Ready to get a kick out of shopping again?

  40. Have you exercised today?
  41. Have you soaked your shirt with sweat?
  42. Will you work out tomorrow?
  43. Do you sleep better when you’re exercising regularly?
  44. Is your stress more manageable?
  45. Do you feel better?
  46. Can you push yourself a little more?
  47. Are you going to do it?
  48. Today?

  49. Must you eat so quickly?
  50. Do sparks fly off your utensils when you get after it?
  51. Why don’t you set my fork down at least momentarily?
  52. Did you know that it’s perfectly legal to leave some food on your plate?

  53. How many situps can you do?
  54. Two?
  55. More than two?
  56. A few more?
  57. A lot more?
  58. How many pushups?
  59. One?
  60. Do you realize that “lady pushups” like Jack does don’t really count?

  61. Do you own an Abdomenizer?
  62. Do you feel ridiculous?

  63. Do you eat out a lot?
  64. Do you tell yourself that it’s a matter of convenience?
  65. Do you tell yourself that you’re a terrible cook?
  66. Do you realize how much more difficult you’re making this on yourself?

  67. Does cake make you crazy?
  68. Why do you suppose that is?
  69. Do you think it’s mental or physical?
  70. Something that you can control or something that controls you?

  71. How are you doing this week?
  72. Making some headway or getting in your own way?
  73. Doing solid work or slipping and sliding?
  74. Looking forward to your next weigh-in or dreading it?

  75. Why are you doing this?
  76. For your family?
  77. For yourself?
  78. Do you feel like this is impossible?
  79. Do you even know what the word “impossible” means?

  80. Do you sabotage yourself?
  81. Put hurdles in your own way?
  82. Why do you suppose that is?

  83. Does this blogging stuff help you as much as it does me?
  84. Does it keep your mind on what you’re doing even if what you’re writing about isn’t necessarily always on topic?
  85. Does it help you stay accountable?
  86. Connect you to a valuable support group?
  87. Serve as your north star on this journey like it does for me?

  88. Has it clicked for you?
  89. Are you confident that this is the time when it’s really going to happen for you?
  90. Do you know it in your heart?
  91. Are you absolutely sure?
  92. Do you think this is simply too much for you?
  93. Do you feel overburdened?
  94. Overwhelmed?
  95. Overmatched?
  96. Over it all?

  97. Would you believe me if I told you that you’re so much stronger than you think you are?
  98. Believe me if I told you that it’s within you to do this?
  99. Shouldn’t you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you?
  100. Well, shouldn’t you?


  1. Haha! Great post - I wish you had all the answers!

  2. Loved this post. And yes, the blogs really do help. Others' blogs keep me focused, remind me to write my blog, which gets my mind back to focusing on my weight loss. :)

  3. is that post like in those girl magazines where you count how many yeses and noes and it tells you what your personality is? because it's missing that part! lol!

  4. Thanks Jack. Especially for 92-100. :)

  5. I like that "Do you eat less than X calories per Y time period?" is NOT one of the questions. Thanks for believing in us Jack.

  6. Try THIS on for size!

  7. Holy Heck. I just realized I have been asking myself these questions every flipping day for the past 15 years of my life. Am I obsessed? Ugh. Thanks for posting this. Very cool.

  8. Love it!
    I too appreciate 92-100!

  9. Really like this going to print and hang on my wall me thinks! Thanks.

  10. Thanks for this :) I just asked myself every single one (even though I should actually be working). See? I'm not even letting work get in my way of weight loss.....

  11. that's alot to think about first thing in the morning, need my coffee first :-)

    I can relate to most of those questions and continue to work on answering them "yes"....does "maybe" count? :-)

  12. Thanks, Jack! I really needed this post--I might actually print it out too. You're right, this blogging community is a really special place. I've only gotten into it really recently, and I'm so glad I have.

  13. Love, love, love it. Posting a link on my own blog today.

  14. Good questions and answers. I do need to continue to ask and answer these for myself!

  15. I would love to have mass copies of this printed up and anytime people who I know aren't comitted to losing weight ask me a million questions about what I did/do to lose weight I would just hand them this!

  16. Very good questions...I'm going to have think those through!

  17. This is great! I think I'll answer them all on my blog. Just for a fun post tonight. 20-25 really spoke to me.

    Thansk for a very thought-provoking entry!

  18. ok I am a dork, I kinda teared up reading 92-100

    thanks Jack

  19. great, just plain great! :)

  20. Great post - love it and sure makes us think!

  21. I THINK I saw you on the MSN home page yesterday. Was that you? I was like, hey I know that guy! Except, in reality I don't know you at all. Thanks again for the inspiration. Great post.

  22. Very good post. Thank you! I've been spending way too much time thinking over most of these things.

    Hope you have a great day!

  23. Along the lines of your provocative post, may I suggest a visit to the following site (maybe for those of us who are less linear):

    It shows all the different connections between obesity and different behaviors, thinking, social influences, etc.


  24. What a great set of questions.
    How much do you want it? plays over and over in my head. Sometimes I want it more than anything and other times - quite obviously - I don't.

    Very thought provoking and a great list to work on.

  25. LOVE this post. Absolutely love it!!

  26. Are you embarassed to be seen with a fork in your hand?
    Tired of dating the type of men that "don't mind the extra weight"?
    And the list goes on!
    Time to make some changes...

  27. ah number 28:
    Do you have any idea how much harder this becomes if you half-ass it?

    Thank you for reinforcing this for me. "Do or do not. There is no try!"

  28. I think it's entirely possible that I have asked and answered every single one of those questions (to myself and others!).

  29. thats alotta ass-kicking questions! :-) If we all answer honestly, we'll be on plan more often than not. Getting lost in your own head/excuses/denial would be squashed by these questions!

  30. YES.
    Less than 50 to any physical strength exercise.
    Going to keep trying until it's YES.

  31. I LOVE this! I'm printing it out and carrying it in my wallet. Great post.

  32. That was fabulous, friend! Absolutely fabulous!

  33. Great, Great post. I need to print this out and post it on my fridge. Might make me think twice!

  34. I find a lot of your posts Jack work for other things than losing weight. This is a great post!

  35. Great post Jack! It really is in how much you want it! How much you want to be healthy! And yes, take it from a 52 year old that has been at this for 25 years +++ - it is a life long thing!

  36. thanks Jack, it's deleted and I've moved on. Just knowing you are behind me makes me feel better, no one wants to mess with the Jack Sh*t's of this world :-)

  37. Relevant questions, all 100 of them.

  38. I've thought about getting an abdomenizer. Do they work? LOL

  39. My answer to #14 is "Yes really!"

  40. I soaked my bathing suit with pool water...does that count?

    Do lady pushups count if you're a lady? ;o)

  41. yes, no, maybe so - awesome stuff, jack!

  42. I can do 25 real push-ups, thank you very much!

  43. Thanks for this, Jack. I think it'll feel right at home taped to my fridge.

    P.S. Karla, you're not the only dork...I teared up too, big time.

  44. Thanks Jack. I hpoe you don't mind but I answered on my blog. I really needed this today.

  45. That life long change is what gets me every time. I've had a lot of issues maintaining and I always yo-yo, so I'm going to have to keep thinking about that every day. This change needs to last...forever. This is the last time I ever want to be uncomfortable with who I am.

    Great post :) Thanks for the reminders.

    And, lady push-ups totally count. They're the beginnings to real push-ups, which I can't do yet. Slowly but surely though. I ran my first full 5K today at 37:08. One of the best feelings. Ever.

  46. I love how accurate the questions are sometimes. I mean, in relation to the questions I ask myself.

  47. Great questions Jack. This HAS TO BE a lifestyle change. Not just a quick fix.

  48. great post! since i'm at my "happy weight" i can definitely relate to #s 83-87 cuz i'm still trying to recover from compulsive eating.

  49. This post was one of the reasons I decided to join a gym yesterday! =P

  50. i really, really like this. and i really like the way that these are all simple questions, but when hit in the face with all 100 of them, it honestly brought tears to my eyes.

    thank you for this.

  51. Really good questions..especially 97-100..Thanks for this post =)



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