Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Chance to Cash In

I had to quit reading the comments on my First Ever Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit Giveaway. I was ready to cash in my 401(k) and declare three $100 winners instead of just one. Then I considered just busting up the dough and splitting it up with everyone, but after postage, that left everyone owing me money. Not cool...

If you're coming to the party late (like I always seem to do), I'm giving away $100 to the commenter that can convince me he or she will use it to best make an impact on his or her weight-loss journey. Click here for details.

I'm definitely struggling just trying to narrow the field down to a manageable group of worthy recipients, but the good news is that I got my hands on a Dick’s Sporting Goods $50 gift certificate that I'm going to throw into the prize mix (it's just a coincidence that my wife Anita's maiden name is "Dick", by the way).

Anyway, come Monday I'll be awarding my original $100 cash prize as well as a secondary prize of the $50 Dick's Sporting Goods gift certificate. Go leave a comment here to enter.

And while you're in a contest-enterin' mood...

The Starting Lineup Giveaway

Dick’s Sporting Goods is conducting a Twitter-based contest called The Starting Lineup. The Starting Lineup will be comprised of 10 individuals who will test out products for Dick’s, chosen based on the total number of votes on Twitter.

Want a shot to be in The Starting Lineup?

  • Follow, if you’re not doing so already.
  • Tweet the following message, with the blanks filled in: “@dickssportcmo, @XXXX should be in the #startinglineup because XXX.” For example, if you feel so inclined to vote for me, you can tweet, “@dickssportcmo, @JackSht should be in the #startinglineup so he'll quit shoplifting from your store.”
  • You can vote for anyone, including yourself! You can only vote for the same person once per day, but you can vote for multiple people in the same day.


  1. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy weekend. :)

  2. darn that makes me look like a kiss ass

  3. Crap Tricia beat me to it :-)

    I actually feel bad for you to have to pick one winner, they are some amazing stories. Good luck to you Jack, I know it won't be easy!

  4. When you announced your giveaway I wondered if you knew what you were getting yourself into. LOL

  5. You just keep getting in deeper &

  6. Don't know what's worse: Anita Dick or Anita Sh*t? Poor lady!

  7. 150 comments and you have to pick one? Holy crap good luck with that!

  8. I absolutely love this store - I see a heart monitor in my future if I win. There is one in Buffalo I go to all the time.

    And....this is off topic, but what planning person put a BJ Warehouse next to a Dick's (Sporting Goods)?

  9. ZOMG I WOULD USE THAT FOR A HEART RATE MONITOR!!! I've been throwing around the idea of getting one for weeeeeks. I want to know how much I'm burning and what I'm doing! I definitely think it would keep me motivated and eager to exercise to see what I can do!!!!!

  10. Two things:
    1) Thank you so much for the comment, it definitely is AWESOME to weigh less than I did in high school and be healthier than I ever have been :)

    2) Isn't it great that so many people are working on becoming healthier? More than 150 entries is fantastic!

  11. kissing *ss here jack. lol.
    Just kidding.
    Good luck narrowing it down. It isn't easy.

  12. A second chance huh? Well I can't pass that up :)
    I have recently depleted my fitness fund on a new swim suit, new running shoes, a new blog domain, a pass to a pool, a gym membership, and gasoline getting my butt there!
    On the list that still needs fundage...
    The triathlon registration :)and several more to follow!
    The Bike Marathon registration :)
    My bike tune up.
    A new bike seat so I do not have a sore arse all of the time.
    A gift for my personal trainer who has helped me for months for free (yeah he rocks)!
    Any one of these things will help me move forward toward my fitness goals and Mr. Fabulous would think I rocked if I did not need to use up his hard earned money yet again.
    Thanks for the opportunity Jack!
    FYI- in the middle of changing my blog over due to a hacker :( I used to be The Fabulous Fattie, just incase you are wondering who the heck I am.

  13. "Don't know what's worse: Anita Dick or Anita Sh*t? Poor lady!"

    I second that!

  14. Pick the guy who offered to give it back to you with another $100 of his own! Then you can pick me and some other worthy winner. :-D

    PS--No postage if you donate to my 5K...just sayin'.

  15. I'm still after the stuff on your desk ... :D

    Seems I need something to stop the chaffing from the Billy bands. I'm improving at my foray into tae-bo, but Billy Blanks is still trying to kill me.

  16. Wow! Well you are a busy bee!

  17. Hmmmmmmmmm, that gift cert goes right along with my comment to your giveaway!!! I am just saying!!!! :-)

  18. Just popped by to say hi, but I don't have anything awesome to spend $100 on for my fitness journey. I'm doing the Couch to 5K. I just finished week 2. Booyah! But this only requires my ipod (which I already have)and my fat ass (which I have in spades).
    p.s. I love your sh*t.
    p.p.s. Anita Dick, indeed. Well played, sir.

  19. Yeah, I only read about half of the comments and it would be incredibly difficult for me to pick a winner from just those. Good luck with that.

  20. But Jack- that picture of you and the bill? Please make sure not to send the person one of those bleached $5 that are reprinted with the $100 ok?

    If you want I gave you the Because I Said So Blog award. It's new Your hot sh*t so you deserve it dude! :P



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