Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why Me?

Weekly weigh-in: -------
Loss: ----
Total loss: ------
Emotion: -------

I was pleasantly surprised that this post seemed to have launched a sh*tload of deep, introspective stories throughout the weight-loss blogosphere. Besides giving me a bump of pride, it made for some awfully good reading.

I probably should take a stab at answering my own questions, but I simply don’t have enough hours in the day, what with all the time I’m having to spend not weighing in and not doing the math of how much I lost this week. In case you’re new here or have the same sort of short-term memory as me, I’ve put the scale away for the month of March as I concentrate on strength-training.

Whenever I lift weights, my scale starts acting all funny (and by funny, I mean that it registers a gain). Oh, I know the drill: “Muscle weighs more than fat. Muscle weighs more than fat. Muscle weighs more than fat.” Still, I can’t see the scale climb up without crapping my pants, so I’m flying blind this month.

And as for the “why” questions, there’s only one that holds my interest these days: “why am I gonna keep it off this time when I haven’t in the past?”

You see, I have a history of losing lots of weight and then turning around, almost immediately actually, and gaining it right back. It makes no sense, but that seems to be the way I seem to roll.

But I’ve never enjoyed the kind of success I’m seeing right now, never felt better or more confident about my future than I do right now.

If you’re reading these words, then I give you partial credit for my achievement as well. I don’t want to gain it back for a lot of reasons, but one of the big ones is that I don’t want to tell you that I’ve failed. Kinda silly, huh? I mean, we don’t really know each other, but I still feel like if I gained it back, I’d be letting you down.

I’d be letting us both down.

So I’m going to keep doing my crazy thang on this blog, and keep doing those things – eating less, eating a little healthier, exercising more – that I know will work for me, for you, for anybody.

And that’s why I’m going to keep succeeding.


  1. keep on keepin' on, mr. sh*t!

  2. And you will/are succeeding.

  3. You keep doing your "crazy thang". It's working for you and as a selfish side benefit it is helping me :)

  4. i definitely hear ya! blogging makes you accountable in some ways. well said!

  5. You are INSPIRING so many others... that I believe this time you will be successful. As for weight training... it is essential. By getting lean muscles, it will be so much harder to gain the weight back as fast. I know first hand. Just doing cardio allows the weight to creep on with a small mistake. Since I started P90X, I have enjoyed desserts and have NOT seen the scale move in the wrong direction.

    And if yours does slightly... it won't remain there. Keep the faith.

  6. It's crazy, how blogging & tweeting about progress REALLY makes one feel accountable. Since I started blogging/tweeting I've lost weight & made more goals for myself. This community is amazing! So much support and advice out there.
    I say keep the scale hidden & keep on doing your thing.

  7. Staying off the scale is best, bro.

    “It's the road, not the inn." - Cervantes

  8. What dedication you have to avoiding the scale!!Love it!

  9. I have recently started reading your blog, I am new to the blogging community and I want to thank you for your blog. Love the humor!

    This is a great topic. I am a member of the lose weight and gain it back club! I am once again almost back to my goal weight and have been pondering the same question. what is going to be different this time and why have I failed in the past.I have been reading books on the subject and I am gaining clarity, a new perspective and a different plan for my continued success.It is a mind game.

    I started weight training this week and sure enough the scale is going up but I won't let myself be a slave to the number on the scale.

  10. Jack,
    Lifting does mean weight gain.... did you see my last post... check it out... see what I weighed a year ago versus now!

  11. Jack Sh*t is really gettin' fit :) Keep up the great work!

  12. Keep doing your "thang" and allowing us other bloggers to gain inspiration.



  13. The big question is always "Why is this time different?" What's new in your life, your outlook, that makes this different than any other time. It's important to find that one thing and hold on to it, because if you can't, it ISN'T any different.

    Fixing the body starts with fixing the head. Without the development of maturity and self love, without some sense of control over your life instead of an escape mentality, without that, you can't possibly succeed. Then it's only an exercise in how long willpower holds out, and not a lifetime change.

    You know, you joke a lot, you put out a lot of really funny posts, but at the core it seems to me that something is fundamentally changing in your life... and that something will determine your success.

  14. Yeah... blogging is a good way to keep ourselves in check. When you know 1000 people are reading, you do NOT want to post gain after gain after gain. Frankly the main reason I didn't go off the deep end and regain ALL my weight over the last 18 months was *blogging.*

    So keep it up. Friends will be here to cheer you on!

  15. And some of us have plans to, but have yet to answer the questions. If I don't get to them today, they are on my blogging agenda for the week. I'll keep you posted. =)

  16. Not only are you inspiring, you are funny and smart as all heck.

    You must also have a lot of spare time on your hands if you are able to show up in my dreams...thanks for being there last night Jack. Don't was G rated.

  17. I seriously think you have something there. Blogging my success is one way for me not to turn backwards. I, too, have lost weight before, but for some odd reason, I gain it back. I do not plan on doing that again, although I don't think I planned on it before either. I've never done so well, however, and I attribute it to being able to come onto my blog and confess my sins and tell everyone my business - that way, I keep plugging along. Keep up the great work!

  18. As long as your "crazy thang" works for you, I say work it :)

    I'm glad you reposted the link to the Whys and Wherefores post. I had meant to do one last week, and that nudge got me to spew it fort today.

    Talk about navel-gazing. I think I found a cushion's worth of lint... but it was good.

  19. Great idea! That dang scale can make you crazy I tell ya!
    Good luck with the weight training :)

  20. you are very smart for putting your scale away while strength training, I wish I would have done the same! I have not lost one pound but my body sure has changed, just goes to show you it's not always about the number! Smart move my friend!

  21. This is one of the first weight loss blogs that I have visited and I have to say that it is very motivating! :)

  22. This is the why that scares the sh*t out of me too. Like you, I hope the blog accountability help me to keep it off when the time comes. You're gonna be right here with me, right?

  23. I loved your why post too..My post yesterday was about bethany mcdonald who died the day before of a heart really hit me in the gut. I spent part of yesterday reading her blog.
    She was only 33 years old.
    Her list for losing weight, and my list...the same.
    Her approach to life and my approach very similar.
    She was going up and down with her weight for over two years.
    I got on the wagon train and went down.
    I spent all day thinking about it...
    then I wrote what I wrote yesterday.
    We all joke and have a good time..but when it comes down to it...this is really what it is all about.
    Being there for our families and not letting our disordered eating kill us.
    We have to keep going.

  24. TOTALLY relate to you about the accountability thing and the blog. It has made a ginormous difference for me this time, too...and I only have 1/6 of the followers you have managed to rustle up!

    Jack...a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat. But...muscle looks OH so much better. :) And...muscle increases your metabolism which will make it quite difficult to re-gain the weight. Some weight lifters eat 4000+ calories a day and do not gain weight. (!!!!!) And, muscle improves the quality of your life by promoting good and healthy hormones to run around inside your body. (woo out Anita!)

    Every pound of muscle you build burns about 50 calories a day. Fat....does not really burn calories. you replace fat (what little you have left of it, anyway) with some are changing yput body for the better and ENSURING that you will be able to maintain your excellent work.

    Toss the scale for March AND April...and just use a bodyfat monitor to chart progress right now. And....a camera.....we want to see before and afters on your abs and chest....right, folks? :)

    (Honestly..I am not making this Sh*t up...I have a text book right you want page numbers??)

  25. I'm not sure you realise how much of an inspiration you are to so many people out here in the universe, including me. Keep going ... PLEASE! And I think I might have to answer all those "why" questions later :)

  26. A pound is a pound where fat or muscle - muscle is leaner than fat and therefore less mass which is why you can go down sizes in clothes even when your scale shows the same or a gain.
    You are doing great and if staying of the scale help then keep doing what you are doing cause it's working.

  27. I clicked on your post name and got the "this blog doesn't exist" page. But i clicked on your blog name and got here. How very odd...
    Anyway. I agree that no matter what we do and know that we have done our best, and a gain shows, we feel even worse than if we know we deserve a gain!
    If you are doing weights, at least you'll look awesome ;o)

  28. You will succeed!!!! I can read it in your words, hear it from your words. This is your time, your life & there is no going back!

    Check out my post Wednesday (OK every day if you can but definitely Wednesday! :-)

  29. Keep doing what you're doing, and "Flying Blind" might be the best approach for you right now!

    Oh I am answering your questions, one at a time, as I have time to do so. The first one I answered right here:

  30. Funny but I was going to say that telling us that the weight was going back on would be a good reason for it not to...I get it!!!

  31. Keeping the poundage down is only by remaining consistent in the eating and exercise.


  32. Just discovered your blog! I'm really enjoying it - if you get a chance check out mine -



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