Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ready, Set... Stagnate

Do you ever feel that way?

That you're geared up on Monday morning to fill your week with giant strides on your healthy living journey and... Somehow... Some way... You end up tripping over your own too-fat feet?

I do.

I love, love, love what I do here on this blig-bloggity-blog, and the fact that anybody else ever enjoys it half as much as I do is just the sugar-free icing on the fat-free cake.

However, I recognize that the scale and I haven't been fast friends of late.

Ever since I started weighing in and posting a number every day, I've actually gone in the wrong direction. Some of it has been circumstance and some has been just not doing all the things I need to do in order to be successful. And I think the food needs to take a little bit of the responsibility for being so damned delicious...

I thought about discontinuing The Daily Scaley and trying something else ("Getting Less-Chunky Bi-Monthly" or "Not More of Me Quarterly"), because, frankly, that lack of success is making me mad and a little bit embarrassed.

Then it occurs to me that a little anger and humiliation might be the push I need to get this choo-choo train chugging again.

My wonderful wife Anita and I were stuck in a security line at some airport a while back when we noticed this really sour-faced elderly woman. She was obviously ticked off and was rolling her eyes and harummphing quite a bit until she finally caught sight of her husband, a frail-looking gentleman loaded down with all their luggage. She shrieked at him to hurry up, to quit being such a laggard (I think she actually used the word "laggard"), and I felt a swell of pity for this weak-willed gentleman who seemed to be saddled with a domineering, hateful spouse.

When he finally shuffled up to where she stood, the woman fixed him with a  grim grimace and was about to berate him some more when he spoke up in a clear, calm and strong voice: "Awww, shut up, ya old bitch!"

My point? Maybe at first glance it looks as though I need help. Maybe you'll feel a little pity for my sob-blob story.

But I'm stronger than I look and smarter than I blog.

And I've got something to say to my scale...

Game on.


  1. have been feeling that way for a long, long time. Just have to put the game face on every day..

    no embarrassment, no shame, its all a part of the game!

  2. no pity..just..Oh, I relate. Maybe it's because we've had big weight loss and maintaining time under our belts (i do like to pun) in our past. Now it's hard just to string together enough days, weeks ,( heck hours sometimes) of good eating and exercise behaviors to see a loss. Patience is another issue. These pounds are trying to stick around for the long haul. Harrrumph.

  3. Love it. So true....GAME ON!! Love the determination.

  4. I am really glad that old man was clear and strong. Kinda like being sure and confident, which is, for me, where all good things originate. And the good news is, I just have to be sure and confident right now. Go get 'em Jack!

  5. Good luck, Jack! This is the first time I visited your website and I liked it because the posts here are somewhat close to my heart - weight loss. It's a great thing that my husband keeps on encouraging me to continue what I've started a few months ago. There are times that I don't have that game face on or just didn't want to get on the treadmill and sometimes, it'd take me days in idle. So, my husband made a bet that if I would be responsible with my journey to weight loss, he would treat me to one of my favorite places in the world. I guess that's my push.

  6. What a story! Glad game on is part of your game plan! :-)

  7. JACKS BAAAAAAAAAACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You're always good value, but I must say I prefer it when you show yourself to be as vulnerable as we are. You're brave enough to put your weight up there when it's bad, and tell us when things are not going well, and thank you for that. One last comment - the picture of the woman on this post made me sad - she's clearly depressed and has issues, who knows what. I felt uncomfortable looking at it, and would have liked to know more.

  9. Game on! My new mantra. Go get 'em, Jack.

  10. When i was reading your story i thought for sure when you mentioned the man bagged down with luggage and that you felt sorry for him that you were going to reference to yourself and the extra baggage that weighs you down....use your anger to propel you forward..go kick some a**

  11. I actually do everything better when I'm a little cranky. I've written a lot of posts about the attributes of being cranky and that it is actually a good attitude. So, your attitude, Jack, is something I believe in. :D

    :-) Marion

  12. OMG that serioulsy looks like my mother in Law. The scale is not my firend right now. I slowly gained back 20 pounds and I am fighting to keep it at bay.

  13. I agree that the food should take some of the responsibility for being so delicious! :-) I love this heartfelt yet hilarious post! We can all sympathize with your feelings about the scale.



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