Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Too-Tight Waistband

I’ve eaten my fill.
Pigged out on my meals.
I ate until my pants were poppin’. 

It’s high time I diet
Start eatin’ right.
And get my weight to start to droppin’


Don't eat too much.

Put down that fudge.

You’ve got a too-tight waistband.

C’mon, get on board.
Your health can’t be ignored.
Put all those cookies
Back onto the platter.

The exit plan is here.
Go pour out all that beer.
Let’s get it together.
Before we get much fatter.

Too-tight wasteband.

You’ve got a  too-tight waistband.

Too-tight waistband, oh yeah.

Too-tight waistband.

What a waste!

Out here on the streets,
I’m moving my feets.
I am into healthy living.
I don't need fast food.
It makes my belly protrude.
I just need to not give in.

Don't wait
Don't clean your plate
It's only a too-tight waistband.

Buddy, take my cue.

Do like Jackie do.

Start up the fire,

And burn pounds off your rear end.

Your new life starts today.
Watching what you weigh.

We got it together together.

Way to go, my dear friend.

Too-tight waistband.

It's only a too-tight waistband.
Too-tight waistband, oh yeah.

Too-tight waistband.

We’re less waisted!

How much do vitamins weigh?


  1. Ok, how bad is it that before I even knew what song that was, when I saw the "waistband" line I immediatly thought "teenage wasteland", lol.

  2. Ok...how bad is it you are old enough to have seen them....and drank a beer......times long gone

  3. hahahah i think it should also be required that you dance like the bass player.

  4. POUR OUT THE BEER..............? *sob* *sniff*



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