Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby, You So Fit...

• You so fit you order salad with no-dressing on the side.

• You so fit the local gun show asked you to stand out in front and flex to draw in customers.

• You so fit you wore out your kettlebell.

 • You so fit you go up the stairs even when you're going downstairs.

• You so fit the odometer on your running shoes just tripped 100,000 miles.

• You so fit your gym bag smells like the Black Death.

• You so fit that the highest setting on the elliptical is your name.

• You so fit you can do no-arm chin-ups.

• You so fit that not only can you run a half-marathon, you can run a marathon-and-a-half

• You so fit you took the wheel off your wheelbarrow just to get a better workout when you do yardwork.

• You so fit you're reading this while doing sit-ups.

It's time to bring in some voodoo to get this scale moving again.


  1. Yes I am. And flexing my wimpy core :-)

  2. So funny!!! Time to stay away from New Orleans & just keep at it.... consistency is what keeps the scale moving down! Consistency at healthy eating & exercising that is! ;-)

  3. Yep. No more vacation trips for a while, Mr. Sh*t. Time to get yourself moving again.

  4. Just a tip. If you plan any more vacation trips, forget driving, flying, etc. and run to your destination - then run home.

  5. The Beignets stay a while - had the same thing happen. I had not one but 2 orders at Cafe Du Monde back in Oct. They just now went away.



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