Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Tips... Get Your Fresh, Hot Health Tips!

• If you always salt your food before you taste it, remember this little rhyme, "High blood pressure from too much salt? Sorry to tell you it's your own damn fault."

• At meals, try eating with just one fork at a time.

• Men, be sure and take Viagara as soon as you wake up because I read somewhere that breakfast is the most impotent meal of the day.

• All scales are a little different, so always assume (like I do) that yours' is off by 10 pounds or so.

• Growing your own water at home is easy and cheaper than buying store-bought water.

• Are you the kind of person that walks away from your responsibilities? Well, try running away from your responsibilities; it burns significantly more calories.

• Get exercise at the movies by getting up and changing seats every 15 seconds.

• Playing with your dog can be a great workout, unless you're playing poker.

• One sign that you're eating too fast is when sparks are flying off your silverware

• If you're at a party where they have one of those chocolate fountains, it's a good idea not to do what you're thinking about doing right this second.

Losing over a pound in 24 hours is good reason 
to wear a tie (maybe the only reason)


  1. ooh.
    ONE fork at a time?!
    why does no one ever talk about that.

  2. Fantastic news on the loss! 240.4, not bad!

  3. Nice loss!

    And yes! Why have I never thought of RUNNING away from my responsibilities before?! Damn those sneaky hidden ways of burning calories.

  4. My grandma has always had high blood pressure because of her salt addiction. She would ALWAYS salt her food before she even tasted it, even at a restaurant! When we'd clear the table there would be a ring of salt on the table where the plate was.

  5. Funny tips! I liked it so much! :)

  6. VERY FUNNY BUT useful post and information especially for high blood preasure patients my grandmother is also a high blood presure patient i like this post thnx



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