Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weight Loss Jingles

You run up stairs, alone or in pairs,
And make a stinkity smell.
On your toes, on your toes,
You stink up your clothes!
Everyone knows they’re stinky.
They’re stinky, they’re stinky.
So bad that you wanna hurl.
They’re stinky, they’re stinky.
The same for a boy or a girl.
The same for a boy or a girl.

Awesome Diet Blogs
Diet blogs, awesome diet blogs.

What kinds of folks read awesome diet blogs?
Fat folks, husky folks, folks who want to run,

Timid folks, sassy folks, even folks who’re almost done

Love diet dogs, awesome diet blogs

To help folks eat more right!

Oh, I Wish I Had An Extra-Friendly Trainer
Oh, I wish I had an extra friendly trainer.
That’s the kind of trainer I’d like to see.
Cuz if I had an extra friendly trainer,
Maybe she’d do the exercises for me.

The Frito No-Eat-O
Aye, yii, yii, yiiii,
I am the Frito No-Eat-O.
I loathe Frito’s corn chips,
I loathe them I do.

The high fat and sodium

Are so bad for you.

His bloggy has a first name, it’s J-a-c-k, whee! 

His bloggy has a second name it’s S-h-asterisk-t.

Oh! I love to read it every day,

And if you ask me why, I’ll saaaaaaaaay…

Cause Jack Sh*t has a special way with




  1. Jack? How bout you penning a nice comedic paperback , JACKISMS! WEIGHTLOSS the DAILY STRUGGLE TO GIT FIT! You'd move some.copies my friend!

  2. Love these, Jack! How 'bout this sung to the the Foreigner tune, "Waiting for a Girl Like You".

    After I bought the Chuck Forman Grill:

    "Ohhh, I've been waiting for a grill like you..."

    Maybe I should stick to weight loss and leave the comedy to the pros...

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