Sunday, July 1, 2012

Top of the World, Mahi Mahi

I was gonna go fishin’.

Take my week’s worth of rock-solid weigh-ins and take a well-deserved vacation from hopping on the scale every morning and creating compelling content for my blog (or just pumping out more of what I usually create instead).

I could see myself there on the boat, trying to talk a worm into plunging itself on the hook; “Just push yourself through this pointy part, you stupid worm… it won’t hurt you any more than it hurts a fish when a hook goes through his mouth-hole!”

But I know how this thing goes: I celebrate being good for a week and before I get a single nibble, I flounder and find I’ve gained more than a good-sized… ummm…  flounder.

So I’m trading my rod-n-reel for a healthy meal.

Instead of rocking the boat, I’ll keep racking up miles on the treadmill.

Instead of torturing fish, I’ll torture myself.

Gone fishin’?


I’m here to stay.

Nothing to say, but that never stopped me before...


  1. Yay! Love that the scale is going in the right direction!

  2. That's what I'm talking about! Congratulations on heading the right way.



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