Sunday, July 22, 2012

For God's Sake, Do Not Click This Link!

Gonna find my mojo, gonna cease to pout
Gonna grab an afternoon workout.
My motto’s always been; no pain, no gain.

Why wait to give my ol’ bod a nice, big strain?

Y’know everything’s a little sorer by the  next day.

But you know you just gotta go and do it anyway.

Not gonna mess about.
Afternoon workout.
Afternoon workout.

Thinkin’ I’m ‘bout ready to go all-out.

Lookin’ forward to a little afternoon workout.

Runnin’ miles and miles together makes my heart rate rise
And the thought of runnin’ more is getting’ so excitin’.

Get sweaty throughout.
Afternoon workout.
Afternoon workout.

Started out this morning feeling so damn blah,

So I’m puttin’ all my muscles through a “shock and awe.”

Now I’m gonna shifta liftin’ and I think I might try spinnin’

During a little afternoon workout.

Workin’ hard, no doubt.
Afternoon workout.
Afternoon workout.

Hot bath’ll be waiting for me baby and you know that’s certain,
Cuz I suspect every inch of me will really be hurtin’. 

So sore I wanna shout.
Afternoon workout.
Afternoon workout.

Cute animal picture to distract you from fact that
I'm taking my wife Anita away for a long weekend
(scale NOT invited).


  1. I remember hearing this song on the radio when I was young (it was popular in the mid-70s, right?) and my mom told me it was written about an ice cream shop. Only much later did I realize this song is not about eating ice cream...



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