Thursday, July 8, 2010

W.I.D.T.H. My Compliments

It never fails to brighten my day when another W.I.D.T.H. contribution crosses my email inbox. I never know if it's going to be something funny, something clever, something heartfelt, something sad.

Why are you doing this anyway? Can you boil it down to a note card? Can you work a camera? Can you attach an attachment to an email? Can you type "


  1. Awesome WIDTH's. I pinned mine to my Weight watchers booklet so it reminds me Why I Do This HERE!

  2. not really sure what width stands for but i like the motivating postcard photos. good luck everyone with your weight loss

  3. Yay I made it into the series!! Thanks Jack for doing this series it really inspires me! I gave you a big shout out in my blog today hehe

  4. Wonderful feature! I hope you keep doing this series. It is fun and inspiring!


    P.S. Maybe someday I'll submit an entry. But I'm not really the submissive type. :)

  5. Thanks for posting my picture! I was nervous about it! ^^;;

    I also love the WIDTH series you are doing here. It has brought tears to my eyes on so many occasions. Thank you.

  6. What's so awesome about this series and this set in particular is that everyone else's reasons could also be my own. (Almost, just because I don't have kids or cats.)

    Thanks, everyone, for being open to sharing. Thanks, Jack, for giving us the opportunity.

  7. Thanks so much Jack for doing this - I love seeing everyone's, and maybe next time I'll find the courage to do it with a pic!

  8. Thank you! I will have to add my own post one of these days.



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