Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things I Noticed About Flying While Not-So-Fat

There are roughly a billion and a half reasons that life is better when you’re not so overweight, but sitting on an airplane has to crack the “Top Ten”.

Here’s what I noticed while jetting across the country last week…
  • Not having to grab a meal at the airport saves approximately $200

  • Though still unlikely, admittance to Mile High Club is now at least a theoretical possibility

  • No longer have to listen to pilot on loudspeaker say that flights delayed because technicians are double checking plane's structural integrity

  • Stewardess no longer points out special exit exclusively for me during pre-flight instructions

  • No more seat belt extenders for the seat belt extenders

  • No longer have people weep openly when I tell them my seat is next to them

  • Have stopped daydreaming about cotton candy when I gaze out the window

  • No longer member of KFC "Frequent Frier" Club

  • Stewardess now asks if I want the whole can of soda instead of the entire beverage card

  • Never noticed there was an armrest between the seats before


  1. When I was a consultant, I flew a lot!

    Now I've flown a few times since getting to goal weight and it doesn't bother me when I don't get the exit row.

    That was my usual objective...exit row or upgrade. Anything else was a travelling nightmare.


  2. i want the billion and a half reasons post....please ?

  3. Wait, if you didn't know there was an armrest that means it was... um... hiding right?

  4. lol. armrest! that cracked me up!

  5. I've been flirting with the almost-need for the seat belt extension. So far I've not needed it but I think I'd be humiliated if I had to ask for it.

  6. I get to fly to see a friend at the end of September, and I cannot wait to see what 20 or 30 pounds gone feels like in an airplane seat.

    And shoot...I think I missed my opportunity to join the mile high club back in college when I flew to Ireland with some classmates. If only I had known then what I know now...I would have taken him up on the offer. ;)

  7. What about not needing that sleep apnea machine? That could be embarrassing on those trans Pacific flights.

  8. Don't forget about the lack of people asking to change their seat assignment when they overhear the attendant tell you yours. :)

  9. "•Though still unlikely, admittance to Mile High Club is now at least a theatrical possibility"

    Good one! Haha

  10. LOL frickin hilarious! I think I'll still daydream about cotton candy clouds when I get skinnier though...mmmm...cotton candy.

  11. Hmmm... cotton candy. Haven't had it in years but I'll even be satisfied with the smell. Or feeling that soft sticky ..

    wait.. what were we talking about?

    vee at

  12. I love the not having to wait a few days for the indent of the arm rest to go away from my flank.

  13. What about the food tray? I am sure you could fit a cat under yours and it would still sit flat.

    I was on the train last year in business class and I was dreading meal time. The train attendant??? was quicker than I was though. Just before the meal started, she brought me a tray that was attached to some sort of bean bag contraption and it sat on your lap.

    I will be thrilled when my tray can go flat!!!

  14. you laugh...but I had no idea our local movie theatres armrests moved up and down till the last year.

  15. Airplanes are still cramped even tho I've shrunk. And I'm pretty small.

    My brother, who is not over weight, is 6' 8" and he won't fly. He just don't fit.

  16. Yeah, flights are uncomfortable enough being thin, I couldn't imagine them being overweight. And The Mile High Club is so stupid. I can barely sit down on the toilet. HOW do people have sex?!

  17. Love your blog, thanks for the laughs!

  18. WOW that's funny and sad all at the same time.
    Obesity really is difficult in every aspect of your life.

    I would love to have you as a follower on my blog.

    I am fight kidney disease and if I don't lose 90 pounds soon I could go into renal failure or even die like my mother did. I was told there is no cure but health if I lose the weight my might be able to prolong my life even live to be very old. Although I know the clock is ticking and I am desperate for help. I started writing a book to help other people going through the same. I already talk at conferences to 150 people or more about marketing and design. So I feel good I can motivate others at meetings about health once I win this battle. Anyway I hope you will stop by and follow me as my Google Friend. I LOVE your blog!

  19. Fabulous post! Hilarious.

  20. On our vacation last month I was really thankful I lost those 50 pounds. Actually got to sinch up the seat belt instead of having to let it out to the farthest point. The little things thrill me anymore. Good post.



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