Monday, July 5, 2010

Five Word Fitness

I love my Twitter buddies.

Whenever I throw something out there, I get the most amazing responses.

This was a spur-of-the-moment request for folks to give me their best weight loss/fitness/healthy living advice in five words exactly. I know that my readers have absurdly short attention spans, so I wanted some boiled-down messages… and that’s exactly what I got.


@tisfan: French fries are NOT vegetables!
@unlikelytonyne: Eat less, get off ass.
@amerrylife: I want some bacon, please. (Mary didn't get the gist of the exercise...)
@jnonis: Really care about your future.
@nomorebacon: Believe. Believe. Believe. Believe. Believe.
@loosing_it: Stay positive with yourself daily.
@katdoesdiets: Run like someone's chasing you.
@katdoesdiets: Cookie Diet is for squares.
@SuziStorm: Beer makes you run faster.
@danitaylor615: There's never a quick fix.
@skinnyemmie: You never regret the gym.
@tidbits_of_tara: Dig deep then dig deeper .
@colbdog: Eat less and exercise more.
@jumpthedock: Weights are for girls, too!
@tidbits_of_tara: Never stop moving forward.
@katdoesdiets: Do it the hard way.
@KCLAnderson: Love and accept yourself completely
@nomorebacon: CAUTION: Bacon causes ass swelling.
@MelGetsFit: Put down the damn fork!
@CPAMom: Eat less. Work out. Water.
@chrispugh: Work hard every day, go.
@katdoesdiets: Get off your butt daily
@loosing_it: Join Twitter for healthy support.
@carlossguzman: "Shake, shake" that booty baby!
@MizFitOnline: Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.
@tjstestkitchen: Write it if you bite it.
@SaraGetsSkinny: Sex burns 300 calories/hr.
@ewies84: Off your ass and move!
@MelGetsFit: Food only solves hunger problems.
@SuziStorm: Sh*t, I forgot to diet.
@honoringhealth: Always listen to your body.
@chrispugh: Being healthy is a choice.
@loosing_it: Weigh. Measure. Track. Move. Repeat!
@SassySmolak: Don't whine; just do it.
@frankmcs: Go to Weight Watcher meetings.
@skinnyemmie: Remember: run your own race.
@SuziStorm: Don’t whine just drink wine.
@dorameulman: You are what you eat.
@empireofbliss: Just keep doing it, dammit!
@AHealthyDad: Don't give up on yourself.
@AHealthyDad: There is no “quick fix.”
@eternallizdom: Once you start, don't stop.
@jenniferlt: calories in < calories out.
@healthyeveryday: Get moving! Luv your body!
@InBalanceSortOf: Stop eating crappy processed food.
@tidbits_of_tara: I believe in you, move.
@secretstolosing: Don't f*ck it up, please.
@gourmetmama: Eating healthy and sweating hard .
@kmae1028: Eat. Sweat. Blog. Sleep. Repeat.
@mindfullyeating: Lifelong habits–no quick fixes.
@jeninRL: Consistency. Persistence. NEVER GIVE UP!
@foodandtherapy: Eat less and move more.
@foodandtherapy: Don't sweat the small stuff.
@mesohongry: Don't wear clothes when weighing.
@AHealthyDad: It is never too late.
@jeninRL: Run. Walk. Crawl. Just finish.
@dorameulman: Just get off your ass.
@dorameulman: You are what you eat.
@royannadawn: Stop sitting and move, dumbass.
@RonisWeigh: Live consciously and keep moving.
@amerrylife: Just go do something NOW.
@SkinnySushi: Get off of the couch.
@AHealthyDad: It is never too late.
@AnaBlackstad: Put down the damned remote.
@davesoucy: Stop eating crap. Exercise regularly.
@invincible_tara: Don't ever give up. Ever.
@foodandtherapy: Forgive yourself when you err.
@therevivalofme: Your mind is a muscle.
@foodiemcbody: Be mindful and don't suffer.
@SuziStorm: Don’t believe what JackSh*t says.
@FeedMeImCranky1: Accept it's hard. Move on.
@FeedMeImCranky1: Believe you are worth it.
@FeedMeImCranky1: Make like Darwin and evolve.
@gourmetwithme: Gym is my best friend.
@chasingthenow: Looking HOT/confident requires work.
@SouthernILPhoto: Eat less and move more.
@RetroMimi: Eat more Knox gelatin molds! (it worked in the '70's)
@BethanyBurrough: Diet soda doesn't equal healthy.
@katalisfood: Stop thinking and start doing.
@joeriddell: Don't eat donuts. Run more.
@chymerikaen: Think before you eat that.
@spamlamb: Eating's not a valid hobby.

What's YOUR best #5wordfitness advice?


  1. Consitency; patience; find your way!

    Great post JS!

  2. Put down the cookie, NOW.

    Moving is the best way.

    C25K is my best friend.

  3. Workout joyfully, vigorously, and often.

  4. Scalpel - slice fat - thanks Doc :)

    I am joking, but I wouldn't mind a fat-sucking genie to grant me three wishes. Wouldn't we all...? :)

  5. make it your day today!

    Great post Jack, you have some wise readers ;-)


  7. Challenging body equals changing body.

    This is something I'm beginning to comprehend right now. Loved all the entries!

  8. Dietary fat is your FRIEND!

    Natural dietary fat enhances SATIETY!

    It's NOT the bacon, stupid.

  9. Watch the Fat Head movie.

  10. wow people went to town with it.
    i like it.

  11. I loved the last one: Eating's not a valid hobby. So true!

  12. If you're gonna start, finish.

  13. I'm sorry...I got stuck on the whole french fries not a veggie thing...I seriously just googled that. Ha!

  14. Do it now, not later!

  15. fave was "Eating's not a valid hobby"

  16. awww I must've missed this. bummer. I love all the responses!

  17. Choose to live deliberately, daily.

  18. Quality not quantity. Enjoy! Smile!


  19. I'll add these:

    The kitchen is now closed.
    It looks good - so what?
    You've eaten that before, no?
    What was my goal again?
    Be the best I can.

  20. 1. Know when you are full.
    2. Honor your body's hunger signals.

  21. This isn't 5 words, but it's one of my favs (works for me):
    "Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels."



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