Monday, February 27, 2012

The World Is Flat

Before the smart people figured out that the world was globey, map-makers designated the edges of their flat world with the image of horrible sea monsters.

The crafty cartographers were simply using a graphic representation for the unknown; however,  cautious sailors kept on the lookout for giant dragons on the horizon.

Boundry-guarding serpents have been on my mind lately because my world is flat, oh so very, very flat.

When I exercise too much, I find my appetites stoked to no end.

No exercise, and I eat away my frustrations and lack of energy.

I know that balance is what I'm searching for, but some days it seems so easy to lose my bearings.

And as this site has gained a larger readership, I find myself spending more and more time creating content for it. Sometimes at the expense of doing something that might involve less sitting on my tailbone.

And while they should shock me back toward the center of my flat world, sometimes disappointing results send me spiraling closer to the edge.

My world is flat, the edges patrolled by vicious monsters, but I am once again trying to situate myself.

Safely in the center.


  1. Did you start this blog for you or the general public? You need to take care of you. Get back to center my friend.

  2. I hate that you are struggling Jack. Watching you lose weight and reach Onederland was a big inspiration to me. You made the choice to get in shape come hell or high water once can do it again.

  3. We cannot transmit something we haven't got. When we do not have out balance we are warped. (even more so than normal). We have to have the balance to help ourselves before we can help anyone else. Your humor has kept people coming back but no one is laughing if you cannot find your own well-point. Take the care and time to use the resources you need to get balanced. People are here, there, everywhere to help you.

  4. Maybe you should back up a step or ten and re-evaluate everything you are doing. I recently wrote a post about seeing a dietician because I thought I was doing everything right and wads gaining instead of losing. It was an eye opener!! Turns out I don't know as much as I thought. Find your center Jack... we will all be here for you.

  5. You know how women's hormones get out of balance at certain times in their lives? And how it creates all kinds of havoc? It happens with men too. It might be worth going to see a naturopath (yes...I know I beat that drum pretty loudly, but both my husband and I see one and it helped us both immensely!) Once she addressed some stuff with me, my insatiable appetite and cravings calmed right down. Also? to me, "balance" is some sort of utopian perfection (is that redundant?) that we strive for and like other forms of perfection, when we strive for it and can't reach it, we're frustrated and beat ourselves up. I think the key is not so much "balance" as it is not letting the pendulum swing too far in any one direction...

  6. Great post my friend. Hang in there.

  7. I think most of us that read your posts have gone through the same thing. You are not alone, my friend. Do whatever you need to do to get back on track. You have inspired and entertained us for a long time now, and we are here for you.

  8. Overweight people strive to be "normal", but a lot of us have a skewed view of what that is. Normal people go through weeks and months of not making their health top priority. As an overweight person, I know when I start turning to food that there are issues I'm not confronting. And the less time I spend on self-reflection, the more I turn to food. You'll get your mojo back. You are not your weight.

  9. You are definitely not alone Jack. I think going back to the basics is a good place to start. Honestly though it's the emotional stuff that makes us head to the edge so you know me and suggesting therapy. You'll find your way again if you just keep at it.

  10. Hey may need to pull back for a bit...just a week or two, to figure out what you want to do. YOu deserve your own best. We will all be here, or at least those of us who care more about your health than you keeping us entertained. I know I will be here. I have been worried about that sidebars upward climb for a while. I did it myself...10 to 15 pounds worth, and getting it back off is a witch, but we can do it. Hang in there bud.

  11. I hear monster slaying burns major calories.

  12. I think it's flat enough... but yeah - it's like a flat tire (but upside down)..
    It's only flat on the bottom!
    The rest of it is just fine. Just waiting for a pump up!

  13. It's refreshing to read an honest post from you. I would love more of it. Blog it out, tell how you feel, talk about the struggles. I would rather read that than adjusted song lyrics or poems.

  14. Hang in there Jack. So many bumps in the road. I say for me, I am a work in progress always & always more to learn. Find your own balance - only you can find what is right & works for you... BUT IF NEED BE, I can come & work the sh*t out of you! ;-)

    Really - don't stress yourself out. One day at a time & acknowledge how far you have come vs. looking at what you did wrong.

  15. I think one of the hardest things to do is start back at the beginning. Because no matter how in the zone we are when we are losing weight or how proud we are once we do it successfully or how our focus changes to I DID IT! we all know, in the back of our minds, how damn hard it is. It is really fricken hard.

    You know a journey of minus 50 lbs or so starts with a single step away from the fridge.

  16. "When I exercise too much, I find my appetites stoked to no end.

    No exercise, and I eat away my frustrations and lack of energy."

    Finally! I found someone who has one of the same big problems I have. Working out leaves me ravenous; while not exercising I find myself eating all night long, and even if the portions are smaller, they're more numerous.

    It's driving me crazy. I'm about ready to go to bed at 8 pm, as soon as I get home from the gym.

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