Sunday, February 19, 2012

6 Month Check-Up

Weekly weigh-in: 251.4
Loss: +1.o

Total loss: -4o.1

Emotion: Craptastic

It’s crazy, but for a while there I was actually looking forward to going to the dentist.

Each time I went, everyone at the dental office kicked up a fuss about how much weight I had lost.

Even when you’re successful, it’s sometimes difficult for friends, family and co-workers to notice the slow and steady changes you’re making in yourself. But for folks that see you once every six months, it’s different.

Six months ago, I realized that nobody was complimenting my progress. I told myself, “Next time it’s gonna be different.”

Only next time came kind of swiftly, and that same disappointment washed over me as I entered the office.

No cavities.

No progress.

It’s time to open wide and say “AYYYYYYHHHHHHHHHHH!”


  1. It is so hard for us to open wide and say anything when we are stuffing our mouths with food. Great thing about the dentist - I cannot eat there and they never offer me candy.

  2. That's why I enjoyed going to the eye doctor. They don't see me that often and they noticed the big change. When I went last month though they didn't say a word. Then I realized I looked the same as last time (hadn't gained, hadn't lost)so what's to talk about?
    Just keep up the good work Jack - and let's not see any more of those plus signs. I'm watching you.

  3. Jack - is it the food you are having probs with - can't keep that consistent? The food is such a big part of weight loss.

  4. It's our minds we have to fix or maybe we just need our jaws wired shut lol.

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