Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winners, Winners Everywhere!

If you missed my Cheesy Giveaway post the other day, I can't begin to tell you how much you suck.

Besides sucking, you missed out on the chance to win free cheese coupons by simply giving yourself a cheese-inspired name like these folks did...

Untypically Brie(a) (Untipically Jia)
(Vee Getting Healthy)
Colby “Jack”
Angela P-Edam
(Angela Pea)
Liver alone Cheese a Terra
Outdoor MOMzerella
(Outdoor Mom)
John is Feta
(John is Fit)

Winners, contact me with your address and I'll send your cheese coupon out to you via ChedEx (that's a pretty weak joke, but I'll do cheddar next time).

Speaking of prizes, I'm still trying to track down the winner of my DirectLife activity monitor giveaway. I'm looking for the "Jessica" that left this comment:

Dear Directlife Junior Market Intelligence Analyst Antonio Galvan Puente-
I am a nurse. Let me clarify I am a fat emergency room nurse. Do you know how hard it is to help someone change their life when they are looking at you thinking "Yeah I'll quit smoking those cigs when you lose some weight tubby". Plus I don't get to pee during my 12 hour shift let alone figure out how much physical activity I am doing. I know lots of nurses secretly wonder how many calories we are burning giving shots in the butt. Just think not only would you be helping me but maybe hundreds no thousands of people. They will look at at that healthy fit nurse giving them discharge instructions and think "Maybe if she can do it so can I". 

Thanks to everyone who participated in both giveaways, and special thanks to the marketing professionals who got fired for sending me stuff to do giveaway posts. Your sacrifice has not been in vain (well, yeah, it pretty much was, come to think of it...)


  1. yippeee to the winners for being so cheeeezyyy

  2. I love winning. It's way better than losing.

  3. its me its me the fat nurse. My email is drezdaminder@gmail.com. I can't believe it because tubby and never getting to pee finally pays off!

  4. I won I won I won! I never win anything! Woohoo! E-Mail coming your way, Jack!

    Vee (VelVEEta) at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  5. oh this is so exciting!! horray and thanks :-)

  6. I'm heading out to the store with Feta cheese coupon in hand - thanks Jack!



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