Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ways to Give Your Weigh-in More Pizzazz

  • Do it in the nude. At the mall.
  • Call a local radio station and do it live on the air.
  • Buy the world’s largest scale.
  • Weigh in carrying a baby monkey, then weigh the monkey and subtract that amount from the original weigh-in.
  • Sparklers!
  • Each week, do weigh-in in different country.
  • Levitate a few inches off the scale for a few seconds.
  • Pretend that you’re a famous celebrity weighing themselves.
  • Hire drumming drummer to drum drumroll.
  • Put the results on the internet!
  • Weigh yourself in stones, kilometers, pounds and milligrams.
  • Weigh yourself on the moon and then multiply result by 6.
  • Wear a funny (but light) hat.
  • Hire that “Let’s get ready to r-r-r-r-rummmmble!” guy to announce weight.
  • Sing a show tune.
  • Write weight on forehead with Sharpee.
  • If you show a gain, stick your foot up scale’s tight white ass!
  • Pretend you and scale are guests on “Hee Haw”.
  • Lose some damn weight!



  1. Wait, you're not supposed to weigh yourself in the nude at the mall? Damn, I did it wrong again!

  2. Seems like that last one might work! :-)

  3. what about a balloon bouquet? I always think it'd be fun to carry one in to the Dr.'s office but then I remember she probably has the authority to commit me to an asylum.

  4. Too funny, by the way that kid in the picture is adorable. Gracie

  5. I liked the last one. Lose some damn weight!

    Yeah. Like that's gonna happen right now!

    Vee at

  6. Milligrams could be cool. You'd need a pretty damn big food scale though right?

  7. Baby Monkey? Baby MONKEY?!?

  8. I want a scale that tells me, when I step on it, which celebrity weighs the same amount as I do. Wouldn't that be glamorous!

  9. I loved hee haw....hey grampa what's for dinner.

  10. Do you think they'd let me borrow a baby monkey from the zoo? What about the new baby elephant?!



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