Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New You

I'm sorry, Frank Sinatra

Start eating less food, beginning today.
That’s gotta be a big part of it - new you, new you.
Keep pointing your shoes, far from the buffet.
Get to the very heart of it - new you, new you.

You wanna wake up in a body that doesn’t creak.
And find you’re king of the scale – in tip-top physique

These stubborn ol’ pounds, are melting away.
You’ve made a brand new start of it – a whole new you.
If you can’t make it now, keep trying anyhow,
Cuz it’s up to you - new you, new you.

New you, new you!
You want to wake up to future that doesn’t suck
And find you’re physically fit, looking so great, energy-filled, at your goal weight.

So keep writing that blog, keep melting away.
You’re gonna make a brand new start of it – a whole
new you.
And if you can make it here, I’ll spring for you a
Light beer

It up to you - new you new you

New you.



  1. Very appropo for me right now. And I LOVE Frankie! Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  2. Giggle. Oh how I've missed reading you. I'm lame.

    That acknowledged...this is the first time I've actually played the song while reading the (new) lyrics and I will admit with embarrassment I actually sang the new ones.

    You rock...as always.

  3. So clever and true! Jack, when is this song going to be available with you singing it on iTunes? Can't wait to see you perform it at MTV's VMA's next year. :)

  4. New you for sure & each day I try to make a newer me no matter what it is... ;-)

  5. Those are words of inspiration! I have to bookmark that blog post sometime!

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